Bill Romanowski blasts Randy Moss for having ‘alligator arms’ in Super Bowl

Randy-Moss-NinersSunday night may have been the last chance Randy Moss will have to capture a Super Bowl ring, and his team came up short once again. The San Francisco 49ers turned Super Bowl XLVII into a close game, but the Baltimore Ravens were in charge for most of the night. One of the most devastating plays for the Niners came in the second quarter, when Colin Kaepernick threw an interception with his team already trailing 14-3.

The pass was intended for Moss, and although it sailed a bit high you have to wonder if he could have at least gotten a hand on it by extending himself. Instead, he watched it sail over his head and into the arms of Ed Reed. This infuriated Bill Romanowski, who laced into Moss during the Niners’ postgame show on Comcast SportsNet.

“Randy Moss alligator armed it, he didn’t go up for the ball!” Romanowski said while gradually raising his voice, via CSNBayArea.com. “He said he was the best receiver in the DAMN world — ok, you hear me? OH GOD! That’s what pisses me off! You’re playing in the SUPER BOWL, guys!”

Video of the play can be seen here.

Just as a 60-yard touchdown down the middle of the field is vintage Moss, so too is giving up on a play. He may feel that he is the most skilled player to ever play the position, but Moss never had a chance at being the best of all time due to a lack of effort. Would he have changed the outcome of the game had he broken up the pass? Could he even have reached it? We’ll never know, but we wouldn’t have to ask these questions if he at least made an effort. That’s simply Randy being Randy, and it may be one of the many reasons he’ll likely never win a ring.

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Bill Romanowski thinks Broncos will regret replacing Tim Tebow with Peyton Manning

Most objective football fans and analysts believe the Broncos are improving by replacing Tim Tebow with free agent Peyton Manning. Even some Broncos players feel that way. But former Broncos linebacker Bill Romanowski is in the minority and believes Denver is making a mistake.

“I don’t see this as a huge positive for the Denver Broncos,” Romanowski told Craig Shemon on Yahoo! Sports Radio. “I don’t think you can just throw in a Peyton Manning, who to me is still broken down — he is not healthy yet — and think he is going to be the answer to getting you to the Super Bowl. To me, you had the answer and you just needed more talent around a guy like Tim Tebow.”

Romanowski likes that Tebow took a losing team and led them to a division title and playoff win last season. Even though Romanowski recognizes that not everything was perfect with Tebow, he believes Tebow is a winner.

“I don’t care where he ends up, cream rises to the top, and that [Tim Tebow's] beyond cream. He will rise and he will eventually do the same thing [he did for the Broncos] and probably better.”

Romanowski was around Tebow recently and says the quarterback’s attitude is that he’ll go elsewhere and have success.

Romanowski further explained what he has against the Manning signing.

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