Kobe Bryant says Blake Griffin should ‘smack the f*** out of somebody’

Blake Griffin has taken a beating this season, and it has hardly gone unnoticed. Brutal fouls like this one have inspired Griffin to speak out against the way opponents are defending him, and you can’t blame him for wanting the referees to do a better job of protecting him. While Griffin’s Clippers teammates have vowed to protect him going forward, Kobe Bryant says he would handle things differently if he was getting pummeled the way Griffin has been.

“I’d smack the f*** out of somebody,” Bryant told ESPNLosAngeles.com on Wednesday. “I’ve known him for a while and he’s a really nice guy so I don’t know if he’d want to do that. But I would. I would’ve done it early in the year.

“At some point, you have to protect yourself. I’ve had to do it many times in my career. I’ve seen Shaq do it many times, too. Some guys you just don’t mess with. I saw Shaq crack somebody his first year. I did it my first few years. Sometimes people feel like they can take advantage of you, they hit you and this, that, and the other.

“Sometimes you have to say, ‘Look, you’re not going to do this to me. I’ll take two games but you’re not going to put my health at risk by injuring me potentially. It’s not going to happen.’”

Now that the regular season has ended and the Clippers are hoping to make a playoff push, it would be in Griffin’s best interest to not take Kobe’s advice until next season. The last thing L.A. needs is to lose their best player for a playoff game or two. But in theory, Kobe could be right. If the league isn’t going to do enough to protect Blake going forward, it might benefit him to show a little more fight and stand up for himself on the court.

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Clippers say they’ll protect Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin said he’s “sick” of the hard fouls he’s been taking. Notably, there was Jason Smith’s leveling hit on Griffin. More recently, Robin Lopez was ejected Thursday for a hard shot he delivered on Griffin. There’s also a bunch more examples.

The constant beating Griffin’s been getting has led some in the national media to criticize the Clippers for not protecting one of their superstars. It’s an opinion that Vinny Del Negro doesn’t understand.

“What do all these people think we should do? Do they know the rules?” Del Negro said, according to the Orange County Register. “…Of course, we’re going to do whatever we can to protect Blake or any player, but there’s also a time and place to do it. You can only get so many technical fouls. …It’s up to the league to step in to put enough suspensions and fines on people when it happens.”

Of the players who have rung Griffin’s bell, Smith has been the only one slapped with a suspension. Meanwhile, DeAndre Jordan vowed to invalidate the assessment that pundits such as Charles Barkley have given his team.

“If [Griffin] gets fouled, I can’t go punch somebody in the nose. I can’t do that,” Jordan said. “But throughout the course of the game, other fouls happen to other players on the other team. If they happen to be hard fouls, they happen to be hard fouls.

“We’re going to protect our teammates, no matter who it is.”

The hard fouling may come from the fact that Griffin attacks the basket with some much power. Sometimes a hard foul is the only thing that can stop him. There’s another notion, which I tend to agree with more, that suggests the fouls come from players being sick and tired of Griffin’s over-the-top theatrics after dunks and constant flopping. Either way, all of this could likely be avoided if he wasn’t such an abysmal free-throw shooter.

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Blake Griffin is ‘sick of taking hard hits’

Derrick Rose isn’t the only All-Star sick of the beating he’s been taking during games — Blake Griffin is, too. Speaking after the Clippers’ shootaround on Monday, Griffin told reporters he’s fed up taking hits from opposing players.

“I’m definitely sick of taking hard hits,” Griffin said, per the Orange County Register. “…There’s a point, I can’t remember what game it was, in my mind where I thought this is kind of ridiculous. I’m sick of it, but it’s going to keep on happening.

“It’s affected me this year a lot, especially with the referees,” he said. “I’m just getting frustrated and getting my self in trouble with officials.”

Griffin gets hacked quite a bit down low because he’s so powerful. He also has been subjected to dirty plays like the one from Jason Smith. Griffin thinks he’s fouled hard a lot like Derrick Rose because they both attack the rim, but he acknowledged if he were a better free throw shooter, teams might be more reluctant to send him to the line. At least he recognizes he can do something to improve the situation.

Meanwhile, DeMarcus Cousins is laughing at Griffin’s comments.

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Blake Griffin misses open dunk (Video)

Blake Griffin makes highlight reels because of his prodigious dunks, not his JaVale McGee-like moments. But Griffin made an embarrassing blunder in the first quarter of the Clippers-Timberwolves game on Thursday that he’d like to forget. Griffin got a touch pass on a fast break and literally bricked a wide open dunk late in the first quarter. This wasn’t the first missed dunk from Griffin we’ve highlighted this season, nor was it his most embarrassing play. But clanking a dunk is simply unacceptable, especially for someone whose place on the list of greatest dunkers is being questioned.

DeMarcus Cousins on Blake Griffin: ‘He’s an actor’ (Video)

In a match-up between two of the NBA’s budding big men, Blake Griffin got the better of DeMarcus Cousins. And then some.

He didn’t bang home any ferocious dunks and had a meager night by his standards (14 points and 9 rebounds), but Griffin hit three straight jumpers in the closing moments to help the Clippers secure a 93-85 victory over the Kings on Thursday. He also managed to ruffle Cousins’ feathers in physical battle that Kings coach Keith Smart likened to a “football game.”

Cousins wasn’t able to do much on the offensive end, with foul trouble limiting him to only 18 minutes on the court. He was set off when he was whistled for his fifth foul after apparently making contact with the face of Griffin, a known flopper, on a reach-in. (Talk about a bad night of officiating for teams called the “Kings.”) Bottom line, it was a frustrating game for Cousins, who posted only eight points and three boards, and those frustrations boiled over after the game. It was classic DeMarcus:

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Blake Griffin dunks over Pau Gasol on thunderous follow (Video)

Blake Griffin was at it again Wednesday doing what he does best: throwing down ridiculously fierce dunks. He scored the Clippers’ first points in their game against the Lakers by following a Randy Foye missed three with a dunk over Pau Gasol.

As if that dunk wasn’t enough, Griffin threw down on Gasol AGAIN. Here was his monster dunk from the third quarter:

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Blake Griffin dunks hard on Channing Frye (Video)

The fourth quarter of the Clippers-Suns game Wednesday became a dunking clinic for Blake Griffin. The Clippers All-Star forward threw down a monstrous jam off a pick and roll pass from Chris Paul and just buried Channing Frye late in the game. It wasn’t as powerful as Blake’s dunk on Kendrick Perkins, but it was easily one of the better dunks in his career. Griffin finished with 27 and 14 in the 103-86 win.