Amanda McCarthy got stuck in traffic on way to Brandon’s Yankees debut


Brandon McCarthy pitched very well in his New York Yankees debut on Saturday, allowing just six hits and one earned run over six innings to pick up a win over the Cincinnati Reds. Unfortunately, his lovely wife Amanda missed the start of the game.

Amanda probably thought she wouldn’t hit much traffic heading to a Saturday afternoon game, but the McCarthys live in New York now. Things in the Big Apple are much, much different from Arizona.

And stop telling Amanda she should take the subway to the game. She knows her approach is flawed — she doesn’t want to be reminded.

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Brandon McCarthy makes Seinfeld joke about Yankees retired numbers

Brandon-McCarthy-AsBrandon McCarthy is taking his tremendous sense of humor to New York, and the first thing he has to do before starting the next chapter of his career is pick a jersey number. Since the Yankees have retired 17 (No. 8 twice) of them, that is not always an easy task.

McCarthy wore No. 32 with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Oakland A’s. That number, which was worn by former Yankees catcher Elston Howard, was retired in 1984. Naturally, McCarthy turned his search for a new number into a well-timed Seinfeld joke.

The right-hander eventually settled on No. 38, but not without first reminding us of a phenomenal Kramer moment. Mr. McCarthy is just as much of a hoot as his wife.

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Brandon McCarthy rips MLB Network’s Mitch Williams after ridiculous comment

Brandon-McCarthy-AsArizona Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon McCarthy fell victim to one of the most frightening moments of the season last year when he took a line drive to the head while pitching for the Oakland A’s. The injury required brain surgery and left McCarthy with this gnarly scar, but fortunately he has been able to resume his MLB career.

On Wednesday night, Mitch Williams of the MLB Network decided to use McCarthy’s horrifying injury to make a ridiculous point. Basically, he said that getting hit in the head by a line drive was the result of the way McCarthy pitches.

McCarthy himself has cracked jokes about the injury, but that doesn’t mean it’s a laughing matter. Of course, McCarthy wasn’t going to let him get away with it. He sent Williams a tweet ripping him for the comment and then used it to start a hilarious meme.

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Brandon McCarthy’s scar after brain surgery (Picture)

Brandon McCarthy’s wife Amanda shared a photo on Twitter Wednesday that shows the scar on her husband’s head following brain surgery.

McCarthy was struck in the head by a line drive from Erick Aybar last week and went to the hospital to have surgery to relieve swelling in his brain. The 28-year-old pitcher was released from the hospital on Tuesday and immediately cracked a hilarious joke on Twitter, showing he still has a great sense of humor despite the injury.

McCarthy is now recovering at home, but according to Amanda, he went out on the streets of San Francisco Wednesday refusing to wear a hat. She added that nobody seemed bothered by his “two face” look, though she ended the night by saying her husband had completely shaved his head.

We and many others are hopeful that Brandon will make a full recovery and be back pitching for the A’s next season. And here’s to he and his wife continuing to entertain us with their tweets.

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Photo via Amanda McCarthy/Twitter

Brandon McCarthy got out of the hospital and asked his wife for a threesome

It’s great to know that Brandon McCarthy has maintained his excellent sense of humor despite his head injury.

The Oakland A’s pitcher was hit in the head by a line drive last Wednesday and was taken to the hospital for examination. He had surgery to relieve swelling in his brain after a CT scan revealed a skull fracture and brain contusion.

McCarthy was released from the hospital on Tuesday, and the affable pitcher cracked an excellent joke on Twitter:

McCarthy and his wife are known for exchanging zingers over Twitter, so this is nothing new, but it’s a great sign that his humor is still as strong as ever.

And he’s right, dammit, if returning home from the hospital after a brain injury isn’t the time to ask for a threesome, then when is?

Photo via Amanda McCarthy

Brandon McCarthy hit in head by Erick Aybar line drive (Video)

There was a scary moment in the fourth inning of the Angels-A’s game in Oakland on Wednesday when pitcher Brandon McCarthy was hit in the head by a line drive.

McCarthy threw Erick Aybar a 3-1 fastball that the shortstop tagged on a line. McCarthy tried turning to his left to avoid the liner, but he got clocked on the right side of his head.

McCarthy went down immediately and sat on the mound looking dazed. He was alert enough to move his arms and rub his head, and he’s lucky he was able to walk off the field.

There are no updates yet on his condition.

McCarthy is having another strong season for the A’s. He entered the game leading the team’s starters with a 3.10 ERA, and he had allowed three runs over 3.2 innings on Wednesday.

Brandon McCarthy’s wife asks if ExtenZe would result in a failed PED test

Exactly one week after the MLB announced that Melky Cabrera has been suspended 50 games for a positive drug test, A’s pitcher Bartolo Colon was handed the same punishment. Like Cabera, Colon tested positive for testosterone. Unlike Cabrera, whose posse reportedly created a fake website in an attempt to cover up the test, Colon released a statement apologizing to the fans and taking responsibility for his actions.

A’s starter Brandon McCarthy’s wife, Amanda, now wants to make sure that she won’t get Brandon in trouble with the MLB if she gets him a free trial ExtenZe:

For those of you who are somehow unaware, ExtenZe is a sexual enhancement drug that is supposed to add length to a man’s…well, you know. Amanda McCarthy obviously has a tremendous sense of humor, and I recommend following her if you’re looking for a good laugh — particularly at Brandon’s expense. As far as ExtenZe resulting in a positive drug test is concerned, I doubt it. But with the way things have gone over the last week or so, I probably wouldn’t risk it.

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