Ryan Fitzpatrick: Brandon spikes is a punk

New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes is not a very well-liked player in the Buffalo Bills locker room. The first time the two teams met this season, Spikes laid a vicious block on tight end Scott Chandler that many of the Bills felt was uncalled for. During New England’s victory on Sunday, Spikes was flagged for roughing the passer after another heavy hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Bills signal-caller was not pleased.

Fitzpatrick stood up and appeared to curse at Spikes following the play, and reporters asked him about it after the game.

“We’re not going to back down from anybody,” Fitzpatrick said according to the Boston Globe. “Spikes is an emotional player. I think he’s a punk at times. He took a cheap shot at Scott in the first game, and he was doing a lot of jabbering and talking and getting out there.

“Not one of my favorite players. Not high on my list.”

Buffalo center Eric Wood agreed with Fitzpatrick, calling Spikes a head-hunter and accusing him of trying to knock the quarterback out of the game.

Spikes was fined $21,000 for his block on Chandler earlier in the year. During his college days at Florida, there was an incident in which it appeared he intentionally tried gouging an opponent’s eyes after the whistle had blown (video here). Spikes is a bruiser and dishes out plenty of clean hits that force turnovers, but calling him a dirty player is not totally unprecedented.

Brandon Spikes rips replacement refs after Patriots lose to Ravens

Sunday night’s game between the Ravens and Patriots was one of the most poorly-officiated games the NFL has ever hosted — for both sides. New England should not use the replacement refs as an excuse for why they lost the game since the officiating was atrocious all around. There were 24 accepted penalties throughout the course of the game, and an NFL record 13 of those resulted in first downs. After the game, Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes had some harsh words for the officiating crew on Twitter.

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Depressed Brandon Spikes tweets he was suicidal after Super Bowl loss

How down was Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes after his team’s loss? Feeling badly enough to tweet “suicidal thoughts.” There isn’t much commentary to add here, but it just shows the obvious pain some of the players were feeling. Some people will argue that this is what the Patriots deserved. I liked Spikes a lot more when he was rocking his happy pink suit.

Helmet knock to Deadspin

Brandon Spikes Breaks Out the Lucky Pink Suit for Super Bowl Send-Off (Picture)

The Patriots held their Super Bowl send-off party at Gillette Stadium on Sunday morning, and most of the players were dressed to kill.  It was fun to see Vince Wilfork break out his super-sized suit, but the real star of the afternoon was linebacker Brandon Spikes.  As Gators fans would remember, Spikes rocked a pink suit before Florida won their national championships in college.  Now that the Patriots are playing for a championship, he decided to steal the show by breaking it out again.  Here is a picture of the swag Spikes was rocking on Sunday:

It takes a confident man to step in front of the camera wearing that bad boy.  For Spikes, there was really no other option.  It’s his lucky suit.

“Brought the lucky suit out again!” Spikes wrote on Twitter Sunday morning.  He also responded “only for championship games” when a fan told him they remembered it from his Florida days.

New England’s defense is hoping the pink suit holds some magical powers.

Brandon Spikes Tebows After Patriots Beat Broncos, Former Teammate (Picture)

The photo above is one that Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes shared on his Twitter account after the Patriots handled the Broncos in Denver on Sunday.  As most of you know, Spikes and Tim Tebow were teammates at Florida.  Like seemingly everyone else who played alongside Tebow during college, Spikes said he has a great relationship with him.

“I love Timmy to death but today I’m on the HomeTeam!!!! #GetThePicture,” Spikes also wrote after the game.

The concept of Tebowing has obviously taken on a life of its own, but I’m sure Tebow himself loves it.  Whether it’s an opponent mocking him after a sack or a teammate joining in on the fun, people are paying tribute to Tebow’s religion by Tebowing.  At the end of the day it’s just another way he’s been able to spread his faith.

Brandon Spikes Tested Positive for ADHD Medicine, Possibly Adderall

You might want to save the “Patriots are cheaters” talk for now.  New England linebacker Brandon Spikes was suspended for the final four regular season games on Friday for testing positive for banned substances.  According to Patriots’ insider Tom E. Curran of CSN New England, that banned substance is ADHD medication.  As most you probably know, ADHD is a common medical condition known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

In a statement on Friday, Spikes acknowledged that the substance he was taking was probably one that he should have cleared through the league and that he understood the NFL’s ruling.  If you’re wondering why he wouldn’t appeal the suspension, the reason is that it would be too risky with the playoffs right around the corner. Rather than risk having his appeal denied and having to serve a suspension in the postseason, Spikes has chosen to accept the penalty to assure he’s eligible for the playoffs.

Adderall, one of the most common drugs used to treat ADHD, contains amphetamines, which are listed as a performance enhancer under the NFL’s substance abuse policy.  Sure they help you concentrate, but let’s be serious — if Curran’s report is true this hardly sounds like a big deal.  I’m not sure a drug that helps you concentrate a little better would give a football player a significant competitive advantage.  Spikes could easily receive a prescription for such a medication if he hadn’t already, so his only mistake was not being careful.

Brandon Spikes Will Gouge Your Eyes

Brandon Spikes has been making it in the news quite a bit this weekend. Two of his noteworthy moments were positive, but the third was negative. First it got reported that Spikes and Tebow got into it during the Mississippi State game but they ended up bonding to help lead the team to victory. Then there was a positive moment for Spikes in the easy win over Georgia where he returned an interception for a touchdown in what ended up being Florida’s final score. His other noteworthy play however, was nowhere near as positive. Spikes was caught gouging the eyes of an opponent on national TV Saturday. Let’s go to the video:

I understand that foul and dirty play happens at the bottom of piles all the time. Fingers are broken, body parts are scratched, pinched, bit, pulled — anything you can think of probably happens, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK. I also believe that intentionally sticking your fingers in someones face mask with the purpose of poking them in the eye is an offense that belongs in a separate category; you don’t mess with something as delicate as another person’s vision. Just ask Willis McGahee about that — he’ll tell you.