Bubba Watson goes ‘Happy Gilmore’ during first tee shot at Ryder Cup (Video)

The Ryder Cup is one of the most unique events in sports, and many people agree that it is the most exciting event in golf. In a sport that is typically dominated by individual play, the best golfers in the world get a chance to come together every other year and represent their countries in a team event. Playing in his first Ryder Cup on U.S. soil, Bubba Watson got swept up in the moment on Friday afternoon as he approached the first tee for his fourball match.

Golfers usually like total silence when they’re approaching a shot, but Bubba decided to go “Happy Gilmore” before his drive at the first tee. He let the crowd make as much noise as they wanted during his swing, and the ball ended up only a few steps off the fairway and in decent position. If someone tossed a “mashed potatoes!” in there the moment would have been picture perfect.

Bubba Watson pranks golf writer Alex Miceli during interview (Video)

Bubba Watson was at it again this week. The noted joker happened to see golf writer Alex Miceli filming a live segment for Golf Channel’s “On the Range” show ahead of The Barclays when he decided to have some fun.

Watson began with a routine videobomb before progressing to some pantomiming behind Miceli. He began shaking his head, pretending like he was falling asleep, and he looked at his watch as if he were bored. The Masters champion even pretended to take a phone call behind Miceli.

Miceli continued talking with a serious face for over 20 seconds, and it wasn’t until he stopped talking that he realized Watson was behind him.

I’d say I was surprised by the amusing video, but this is the same guy who bought the General Lee vehicle from “The Dukes of Hazzard,” and performed in a hilarious boy band video. This is pretty typical behavior for Watson, who obviously likes to keep it loose.

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Bubba Watson’s infant son Caleb now has his own green jacket (Photo)

During Bubba Watson’s Masters run a few weeks back, one of the story lines often brought up was how Watson was a new father. Watson’s wife Angie watched from home with their newly adopted son Caleb as Watson came from behind in the final round to claim the green jacket. Now Caleb has his own adorable replica green jacket, complete with replicas of the shirt and pants his dad wore when he won the tournament. The Masters champ tweeted out the above photo along with the message, “Caleb has matching Sunday outfit! #awesome.” So, does this mean miniature pink golf clubs are the next order of business?

Bubba Watson says the only phone call he took after he won the Masters was from Justin Bieber (Video)

Since winning the Masters back on April 8, Bubba Watson has been a popular man. In between appearances on David Letterman and interviews with sports writers and gossip reporters, he has undoubtedly been flooded with congratulatory calls from friends and family. At some point, you just have to shut off your phone and deal with it later — especially when you have a wife and a one-month old son at home. Before he did that, however, Bubba says he fielded one important phone call.

As you can see around the 1:05 mark of the video above that Geoff Shackleford passed along, Watson claims the only phone call he answered the night he won the green jacket was from Justin Bieber. Based on the conversation, it sounds like Bubba and Biebs are tight. Be jealous, Cam Newton. Be very jealous.

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Ping making Bubba Watson’s G20 pink driver available for purchase

The demand for Bubba Watson’s G20 pink driver is so high now that he’s won the Masters, Ping is responding by making 5,000 limited-edition versions of the club available for purchase.

The drivers sell for $430 and will be available in golf shops nationwide beginning June 1. Ping says it will donate 5 percent to a fundraising campaign called “Bubba Long in Pink. Driven by Ping.”

As we told you on Monday, Watson uses the pink driver to help raise money for his “Drive to a Million” charity project, so this will double the efforts.

The demand for his pink driver was so high Ping’s website was unavailable most of the last two days. Clearly it took no time for Watson, who already had some devoted fans, to become even more popular.

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Bubba Watson uses pink driver to raise money for Phoenix charities

What exactly is it that makes Bubba Watson one of the most likeable golfers on the PGA tour? For starters, he just won the Masters. Bubba defeated Louis Oosthuizen on Sunday on the second hole of a playoff thanks in large part to one of the best golf shots you will ever see. Aside from that, he’s just different. The 33-year-olf Watson is a lefty, often wears white from head to toe, and buttons his golf shirts all the way up. He’s the longest hitter on the tour with an average of 313.1 yards per drive and can draw and fade shots better than anyone, yet he has never taken a golf lesson or watched film of his swing in his life. And then there’s the pink driver.

Watson uses a pink Ping driver as part of a fundraising effort he has in place for the 2012 season. According to his personal website, Bubba has started the Drive to a Million project in hopes of raising $1 million for charity this season. By using the pink driver, Bubba has gotten Ping to agree to make a donation of $300 to Phoenix charities for the first 300 drives that he hits longer than 300 yards in 2012. With the way he’s playing, that $90,000 should take no time to raise.

If unique is your thing, Bubba is your guy. Not only does he march to the beat of his own drum, but Watson seems to be one of the genuine good guys in professional sports today. This guy with his crazy tattoo may have been ahead of the curve, but Sunday gave us all a great opportunity to meet one of the strangest golfers the game has ever seen. And I mean that in the best way possible.

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Denny Hamlin will caddy for Bubba Watson at Masters par-3 tournament

When Bubba Watson decided to buy the Dukes of Hazard General Lee car for $100,000 a few weeks ago, he bridged the gap between the world of golf and the world of racing. Not only did he get himself a sweet ride, he also entered into an agreement with his good buddy Denny Hamlin. According to From the Marbles, Hamlin agreed to get Watson a fire suit and helmet to match the General Lee. In return, Watson had to let Denny caddy for him at Augusta. Looks like it’s happening.

Of course, Bubba will need his real caddy for the actual Masters tournament. I don’t know if any of you follow golf, but that’s kind of an important event and Watson may need some advice that a NASCAR driver wouldn’t be able to provide. Or maybe Hamlin is more of a golf genius than I am giving him credit for. You never know. Either way, he’ll only be holding Watson’s bag for the par-3 tourney earlier in the week.

“He’s going to let me hit a shot,” Hamlin, who has never been to Augusta, said with excitement. “How nervous do you think I’m going to be?”

Hamlin’s handicap is somewhere in the mid-teens, which is solid for a casual golfer. Depending on how things go, Bubba may decide to ditch his caddy for the main event and bring Denny on board. Stranger things have happened at Augusta. No, you’re right — they haven’t.