Cal Ripken’s mom involved in attempted armed carjacking

Vi RipkenThe mother of Cal Ripken Jr., Vi, was involved in an attempted armed carjacking on Tuesday, but she escaped the situation unharmed and in possession of her car, according to reports.

According to police in Aberdeen, Md., Vi Ripken was leaving an NBRS bank when she was confronted by a man holding a gun who demanded her car. Ripken managed to hit the panic button for her car, which scared off the alleged assailant. She was uninjured and had nothing taken from her.

A few hours after the alleged incident, police arrested a man whom they believe was responsible for the attempted carjacking. They used a photo from an ATM camera to identify the person.

Last year, Vi Ripken was abducted from her home at gunpoint. She was driven around for hours before the suspect abandoned the car with Vi in it. The suspect in that case was never caught.

Cal Ripken Jr. reportedly a possibility to manage Nationals

Cal RipkenDavey Johnson will be out as manager of the Washington Nationals after the season, and Cal Ripken Jr. could be a possibility to replace him, according to a report.

Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan says Johnson is “not coming back” after two years on the job, which was the plan going back to November. Johnson led the Nats to their best season in franchise history — a 98-64 year in 2012 that included a playoff berth. But the team has been a disappointment this season and is currently 65-65. Despite the disappointing season, the Nats are loaded with talent and their managerial job is a desirable one. Passan says Ripken is one of the possibilities to become the team’s next manager.

Passan mentions former Arizona Diamondbacks teammates and current coaches Matt Williams and Jay Bell as possible replacements for Johnson. He also says a source told him not to count out Ripken, though he described the lifelong Baltimore Orioles shortstop as a “longshot.”

In an interview with CSN Chicago last week, Ripken said he was interested in managing.

“I have no idea [what it would be like to wear a jersey other than the Orioles],” Ripken told Chuck Garfien last week. “I’m sure that would be strange in some ways. I guess you almost can look at your career and say ‘my playing career represented this,’ and now maybe you look at the second opportunity differently. Ideally you’d want to do it with the Orioles, but you have to look at what the opportunities are and who might be interested you and who might not.”

Ripken says he has been asked to interview for managerial jobs many times in the past but turned them down. He would be open to managing now, though.

“I’ve been asked to interview for many manager jobs and I never said yes because I was never serious about it. I haven’t been asked by [the Nats].”

When asked if he would be willing to interview for the Nats job if asked, Ripken seemed open to it.

“I think I would be more curious at this stage in my life than I have been. It’s kind of a maybe.”

Ripken played 21 seasons with the Orioles and is the player most strongly identified with the team. But the O’s are doing very well under Buck Showalter and wouldn’t have a spot for him. If he wants in as a manager, Washington might just be a perfect spot.

Cal Ripken Jr. says baseball needs a secret replay umpire in a booth

With every blown call we witness in Major League Baseball comes outrage over the lack of instant replay. Many argue that it’s ridiculous to not take advantage of the technology we have in place, while others believe expanding instant replay in baseball removes the human element from the game. There is a growing list of people involved with the game who believe baseball is behind the times. One of the greatest players of all time can now be added to that list. Here is Cal Ripken Jr’s take on instant replay.

“I think the answer going forward is to have some sort of umpire in the booth,” Ripken said during an interview with the Sports Junkies according to D.C. Sports Bog. “And if you have the four guys down on the field, and it doesn’t even have to be sold that way. If somebody has the ability to watch the technology, and when Leyland comes out to argue or when somebody comes out, they huddle together.

“If you had the ability to communicate within that group, like if you were an umpire in a booth, and then while they’re getting together, asking for help, saying ‘Okay, I’m not sure about that,’ and then you have a chance to see a quick replay and say definitively, ‘Yeah, he caught that.’ If you could communicate that message to the group and nobody would know about it. You could just say ‘Hey, it was clear that he caught the ball.’ So then they come back as a group and say ‘Okay, the consensus is, yes he caught the ball in the air.’”

Bingo. I’m not sure that the replay official would need to be hidden, but Ripken’s idea makes sense in that no umpire would have to feel like they’re being undermined. The bottom line is that there are certain plays umpires miss or physically cannot see. That has always been the case, but we have not always had the technology to fix it. We do now, and people like Jim Leyland go on epic rants over blown calls but take a stance against instant replay. It makes absolutely no sense, so it’s refreshing to hear one of the game’s legends speak reasonably about it.

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Cal Ripken Jr. Rejected by Peter Angelos in Effort to Help Orioles

This should go well with Orioles fans — what’s left of them. Baltimore hasn’t had a winning season since 1997. They’ve lost eight in a row and they’re off to a 1-10 start. You would think a team like that would be looking for help wherever they can get it. That is unless you have an egotistical owner like Peter Angelos who has destroyed baseball in Baltimore and infuriated fans in the process. Ken Rosenthal of FOX reports that Angelos rejected Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr.’s attempt to help the club:

Ripken met with Andy MacPhail, the team’s president of baseball operations, about rejoining the organization, sources said. Angelos, however, nixed the idea in a separate conversation with Ripken, telling him, according to three sources, that he did not want Ripken to receive credit once the team returned to prominence.

Ripken did not discuss a specific role with MacPhail, one source said. However, another source said that Ripken wanted to work with young players such as catcher Matt Wieters and help them “finish off” their developments at the major-league level.

I really can’t think of a better coach or tutor for young Orioles players than Ripken. The dude was a consummate pro and holds one of the most respected records in all of athletics. How could his influence not be positive for the Orioles? I’m sure there are two sides to the story but any scenario in which Angelos rejected Ripken Jr. deserves criticism. The Orioles are a much better team than their 1-10 record indicates and their rebuilding efforts seemed strong, but for Angelos to decline Ripken’s efforts because he didn’t want to share the spotlight is ridiculous. It also seems to fall within character of what we know about Angelos.

Per ESPN, Angelos says he would love to talk to Ripken

O’s turned down Ripken for job [FOXSports]

Miguel Tejada Is Not Cal Ripken Jr.

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