Charles Barkley’s first pitch at Cubs game was just off the mark (Video)

Charles Barkley was one heck of a basketball player, but his talents on the court certainly did not transfer to the diamond.

Sir Charles threw out the first pitch before Tuesday’s Cubs-Reds game at Wrigley Field and his pitch was not one of the best we’ve seen. If a batter were in the box, the pitch probably would have hit him in the leg, not that it would have hurt at Chuck’s velocity.

Barkley later did an interview with FOX Sports and talked about the first pitch. He said he didn’t really play baseball growing up and said this was his first time throwing out a first pitch.

At least Chuck didn’t look completely “ridiculus” on his toss.

Charles Barkley first pitch

Charles Barkley explains rift with Michael Jordan

Charles-Barkley-Michael-Jordan-BobcatsMichael Jordan and Charles Barkley used to be close buddies but are no longer good friends. Barkley says that is due to MJ getting offended by Chuck’s criticism of the Charlotte Bobcats.

Barkley did an interview with Yahoo!’s Graham Bensinger and was asked about his friendship with Jordan, which dates back to their time together in the NBA, on the Dream Team and in the movie “Space Jam.” Barkley still has a lot of love for Jordan.

“Michael has always been like a brother to me,” Barkley said. “He’s been a great mentor to me in the business world and he’s been a great friend.”

When pressed about where things soured, Barkley said his criticism of MJ’s performance as owner of the Bobcats was upsetting to His Airness.

“I think that Michael was upset by some of the things I said about the Bobcats – which, number one, they were true. I told you earlier, I’m going to be honest, and I’m going to be fair,” said Barkley.

“First of all, he’s doing a much better job. But a couple years ago, I want to say three years ago, when they were vying for the worst record in NBA history, Michael had not done a good job. He took it personally.”

If any of this sounds familiar to you, it’s because we went through this in 2012. Back in March 2012, Barkley criticized some of Jordan’s draft picks. A few months later, Barkley said MJ was angry with him over that criticism. Apparently not much has changed in their relationship since then.

Barkley also addressed another urban legend concerning the two. The story always was that Jordan used to have meals or play golf with opponents in the playoffs to soften them up. Barkley downplayed that notion.

“That’s one of the biggest misconceptions ever,” Barkley told Bensinger. “I’ve heard that story. Me and Michael never played golf or had dinner during the Finals. We understand it was a competition.

“I’ve heard this before that Michael took me out and buttered me up on the golf course or at dinner. I would just kind of laugh at it. We would just laugh at it. We were friends during and we were friends after.”

But they are no longer close friends.

What’s even more interesting than that is the story of why Barkley and Tiger Woods are no longer friends.

H/T Pro Basketball Talk

Charles Barkley offers to pay for funeral of young church volunteers

Charles BarkleyCharles Barkley is known for being a goofball, but the man is also a humanitarian who uses his wealth for good causes.

The NBA legend and media personality offered to pay the funeral for three siblings who were killed Friday when a carjacking in the Tioga section of Philly went wrong, Philadelphia DA Seth Williams said, according to CSN Philly.

Here are the details on the victims of the crime:

Ten-year-old Joseph Thomas Reed, his 15-year-old sister Keiearra Williams and their 7-year-old brother Terrence Moore were struck and killed Friday when a carjacked SUV plowed into the church-run fruit stand where they were volunteering on a street corner in the Tioga section of the city.

The children’s mother, 34-year-old Keisha Williams, was critically injured, and their 65-year-old neighbor Thelma Brown broke an ankle.

The children were selling fruit as volunteers to raise money for a community park.

The only shred of positive news in the horrible story is that at least the suspects are in custody. Cornelius Crawford, 23, and Jonathan Rosa, 19, were charged Monday with second-degree murder, robbery, carjacking, sexual assault and other counts. Rosa’s attorney apparently said his client wanted to atone for his crimes.

We’ve seen superstars like Derrick Rose and Floyd Mayweather Jr. offer to pay for funerals in the past, and now it’s Barkley doing the same. It’s never not a nice thing to see someone like that offer to use their fortunes for good reasons.

Charles Barkley not friends with Tiger Woods anymore

Charles BarkleyOne of the odder friendships of the sporting world has ended, sadly.

Charles Barkley says he and Tiger Woods are no longer friends despite being fairly close during Woods’ run as a top golfer.

Barkley was co-hosting with Mike Missanelli on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philly on Friday and was asked by a caller if he’s still friends with Tiger.

“We’re not friends anymore,” Barkley answered.

Missanelli, who says he does not like Tiger, believes the golfer removes himself from society. Barkley then gave some insight about Tiger’s personality.

“Well I think that when you’re as great as he has been, and this probably is a negative at some point, like he was so consumed with being the greatest golfer ever, he wasn’t a very sociable guy. Even when was a friend of mine, he wasn’t a very sociable guy. He just had a one-track mind. He just wanted to break Jack Nicklaus’ record.”

[Previously - Charles Barkley: I wish I could put some of my blackness in Tiger Woods]

Barkley then explained what he thinks Tiger needs to consider.

“Golf is just a game. Your life don’t suck. … But I think when you put yourself in that situation where your whole life revolves around how you’re doing on a golf course, you’re gonna develop a negative attitude to a certain degree, instead of saying, ‘I’ve actually got it pretty good.’ It’s like people who say I never won a championship. I understand that. I accept that. But it ain’t like I’m sitting around saying, ‘Oh my God, my life sucks. This is so miserable.”

The friendship between Barkley and Tiger may have ended in 2009, around the time of Tiger’s sex scandal. In 2011, Chuck told Mike Lupica that he hadn’t spoken with Tiger in two years.

“You think you’re friends with a guy. You talk to him once a week for 15 years. You’re like, this dude is my friend, we do things, we have fun together,” Barkley said at the time. “I haven’t talked to him in two years and I’m wondering what the hell is going on.”

Barkley also dismissed the notion that he and Michael Jordan corrupted Tiger, saying that they had no idea Woods was cheating on his wife.

It may be old news that the two are no longer friends, but these comments sure were interesting. Now, whenever a Tiger fan laments his struggles since the sex scandal, you need to say that he’s not only missing all the women, but his good pals Chuck and MJ.

Transcription via Golf Channel

Charles Barkley calls Manu Ginobili’s dunk on Chris Bosh

There might not be a bigger fan in the media of Manu Ginobili than Charles Barkley. Everyone knows that Chuck goes nuts when Manu balls out. He always bellows “Ja-NOBE-LYYYYYY” when Manu does great things on the court. And Manu did something special in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

Ginobili set the tone for the entire game by dunking on Chris Bosh during the Spurs’ massive run in the second quarter. Our buddy CJ Zero decided that the Ginobili dunk had to be served justice by putting Chuck’s voice on it since TNT was not covering the Finals, meaning we wouldn’t get to hear Chuck go nuts over it. At least this replacement works.

As LB mentioned on Sunday, look at all the black jerseys that were around when the 6-foot-6 guard threw it down.

Manu Ginobili dunk Chris Bosh

You know everything’s going right when your guards are dunking on the opposition.

GIF via @cjzero

Charles Barkley tells San Antonio fans they suck (Video)

Charles Barkley teamcastTNT’s “Inside the NBA” had Danny Green on for an interview after the San Antonio Spurs’ Game 2 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night, but the focus of the interview instead turned into Charles Barkley’s ongoing spat with Spurs fans.

Barkley has long been sparring with Spurs fans — and many other fanbases for that matter — and has been insulting the women of San Antonio for years. His playful bickering with their fans heated up as TNT prepared for another Spurs playoff run this season. After the Spurs’ win Wednesday, San Antonio fans were giving Chuck a bunch of crap, telling him that he sucked, just like any proper fanbase would do.

How did Chuck respond? By giving it right back to them, as expected.

Typical Chuck, yet highly enjoyable as always.

Charles Barkley gets into it with ‘jerkoff’ radio host in hotel lobby (Video)

Charles Barkley teamcastCharles Barkley was approached in a hotel lobby by a couple of guys from a radio program called “The Billy Madison” show earlier this week, and he almost ended up whoopin’ somebody’s ass because of it.

Barkley was minding his business on his way to the hotel bar to get a drink when a dude came up to him and started asking why he hates on fat women.

“Did you get, like, a bad taste from a big woman?” the obnoxious-sounding guy asked.

“No, dude,” Barkley said. “I’m just joking, I’m on TV.”

Barkley then called someone over to “get rid of these son of a bitches for me,” but motormouth kept talking.

“You’re gonna get your ass whooped if you don’t get out of my face,” Barkley said. “James, get this motherf—er off of me please.”

We get it. Everyone has a job to do and Barkley brought this on himself by repeatedly dogging on the fat women of San Antonio. Tim Duncan’s girlfriend even wore a T-shirt calling Barkley out, and I’m sure he loved every second of it.

I don’t know if it was the tone of this guy’s voice or his “what did I do?” attitude, but he could not have been more annoying. I don’t blame Barkley for getting upset.

Eventually, a hotel manager came over and asked the radio guys to leave. For whatever reason, they still seemed to think what they did was awesome. They must be one hotel interview away from being TMZ.

Video via The Big Lead