Charles Tillman crying on sidelines after triceps injury

Charles Tillman crying

Charles Tillman left Sunday’s Chicago Bears-San Francisco 49ers game after suffering a triceps injury in the third quarter, and it didn’t take much to see how seriously hurt he was.

NBC put a camera on Peanut and showed the veteran cornerback with tears streaming down his left cheek.

Tillman, 33, missed half the season last year with a torn right triceps injury. He’s been one of the best corners in the league for a long time and has more forced fumbles than anyone since entering the league in 2003.

Tillman is a heck of a player and only signed for $2.25 million this season. We hope this isn’t the end of him.

Charles Tillman sends letter to school teacher who bashed Bears in math problem

Bears cornerback Charles Tillman was recently in a Chicago running store to promote his charitable foundation when a math problem was handed to him that he did not particularly care for. It was not the numbers that bothered Tillman, but instead the scenario that was presented by this particular math teacher. According to a detailed outline of a story on Reddit that Deadspin broke down for us, a teenaged girl whose father owned the running store approached Tillman to show him a math problem that read as follows:

“The Packers play the Bears 4 times in two seasons. The Packers, being a much better team have an 80% chance of winning each game. What is the probability that the Bears win all four games? What is the probability that the Bears win at least one game?”

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Tim Tebow Talks Trash? He Told Charles Tillman His Interception was ‘Lucky’

Part of the joy of having Tim Tebow in the NFL is that we hear something new almost every day. Whether it’s a new Tebow-themed beer that has been released or a Tebowism being officially recognized as a part of the English language, every day is an adventure.  But the latest piece of info that Pro Football Talk shared with us on Thursday could be the most surprising of all?  Tebow — the Tim Tebow — talks smack on the field?  It can’t be.

Apparently it can. When talking to reporters last weekend, Tebow praised Bears cornerback Charles Tillman for the acrobatic interception he made during the Broncos’ overtime win. His thoughts about the play were different during the game, when Tebow was wearing an NFL Network microphone. Here is some of what he said after the play.

“You’re lucky,” Tebow told Tillman during the game. “You’re lucky to get one.”

“What did you say?” Tillman fired back.

“I said you’re lucky, man,” Tebow reiterated. “Lucky, lucky. You know that too, man.”

Say it isn’t so! Tillman has been one of the most consistent defensive backs in the league over the past several years and is having a terrific season.  A lucky interception is one that a quarterback throws directly to a defensive player without even realizing he was standing there.  You could also call an interception off a tipped pass good fortune, but Tillman made an outstanding play on the ball as you can see from the photo above.  I’m sure Tebow was simply frustrated he made a mistake, but I still feel like I have to go take a cold shower and wash out my ear canals.  I never thought I’d see the day where the man they call Jesus is caught almost insulting someone.