Chicago Cubs, White Sox somehow hosted games in this fog (Video)


The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox hosted games in some unusual weather elements on Monday night. Rain delays are common throughout the MLB season, but very rarely does fog invade a city to the point where player safety comes into question.

The screenshot you see above is not one from a low quality camera or a broken lens. The reason you can hardly make out Cincinnati Reds left fielder Xavier Paul is because the fog was so thick as he camped under a fly ball that cameras nearly lost sight of him. The Reds won 6-2 at Wrigley Field in a game that was somehow not delayed. The White Sox defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 10-6, but their game was delayed for about an hour in the third.

Here is a video that shows how bad the fog in the Windy City got at certain points during the night:

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Umpires badly blow two calls in Twins-White Sox game

The umpiring crew for the Minnesota Twins-Chicago White Sox game on Tuesday night badly blew a pair of calls in Chicago’s 4-2 win at Target Field.

Justin Morneau tag

The first blown call occurred with two outs in the bottom of the fifth. Justin Morneau was on second when Oswaldo Arcia singled to right field. Morneau tried to score on the play, but Alex Rios’ throw clearly beat him. Morneau tried to do a hook slide to avoid catcher Tyler Flowers. Morneau slid around Flowers and tried to reach back to touch the plate, but Flowers tagged him while he was sliding by. Believing Morneau was out, Flowers pretty much gave up after that. However, home plate umpire Jordan Baker missed the tag and instead gave credit to Morneau for reaching over and touching the plate after he was tagged. That bad call literally gave Minnesota a run and made the score 2-1 White Sox.

It’s understandable how Baker missed the call from his angle, so that’s why it would have been great for him to review it.

The next blown call was much worse.

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New White Sox GM Rick Hahn’s first move: Trade Kenny Williams Jr.

On Thursday, Rick Hahn made his first notable transaction since taking over as the general manager of the Chicago White Sox a week ago. Chicago traded Kenny Williams Jr. to the Colorado Rockies for first baseman Mark Tracy. Under any normal circumstances it would be considered a small move, but it is interesting to note that Williams Jr. is the son of former White Sox GM Ken Williams.

Williams Sr. is now the the White Sox executive VP. Chicago drafted his son in the sixth round in 2008, a move that contributed to the former GM’s relationship with former manager Ozzie Guillen becoming strained. Guillen thought his son, Ozney, should have been drafted higher in a later draft.

Both Williams Jr. and Tracy played in the minors last season. Whether the move was the best one for the team or not, it has to hurt Williams Sr. that his son is now gone from the organization a mere week after he left his position as GM. I guess professional baseball truly is nothing more than a business.

White Sox wear ‘Caddyshack’ outfits before road trip (Pictures)

With Robin Ventura in his first season after replacing Ozzie Guillen and a roster that has a different look this year, nobody expected the White Sox to be in first place in the AL Central at the end of August. The division was supposed to belong to the Tigers, but Chicago has overachieved and currently leads Detroit by two games. From the look of it, they’re having fun along the way.

Before their trip to Baltimore Sunday night, the White Sox threw on their best “Caddyshack” golf attire, which included some spectacular sets of retro slacks. We’ve seen cowboy outfits, white outs, Nintendo costumes, hockey jerseys, tacky tuxedoes and more. What will they think of next?

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Picture: White Sox to Wear Red Retro Jerseys in 2012

Up until this point, MLB teams had be doing well with unveiling their retro uniforms for 2012. When your old jerseys look better than your current ones, going throwback for an entire season or on special occasions is a solid idea. That’s why I believe the Blue Jays made the right choice in going back to their old uniforms.  The same can be said for the Braves after their recent unveiling, but I’m not so hot on the uniforms the White Sox plan to wear during Sunday home games next season. Check out this picture that Big League Stew passed along:

Not a fan.  The fact that they are the same uniform as the current White Sox wear only red just doesn’t do it for me.  It certainly beats the baggy pants, early 20th century uniforms we see some teams bust out, but I think the Sox could have done better. They would have done well leaving their 1970s uniforms in the 1970s.

White Sox Believed Blue Jays Were Stealing Signs on April 13th, 2010

ESPN published a report Wednesday detailing accusations that the Toronto Blue Jays were stealing signs. They cited four players who told them about the Blue Jays’ methods for stealing signs. According to the players, the Jays had a man dressed in all white sitting in the center field seats. The man would put his hands on his head when the pitch was something other than a fastball. Having this information would eliminate some of the guess work that goes into hitting at the Major League level and provide an advantage at the plate.

Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopolous dismissed the claims saying they’re stupid and that there is no truth to it. Catcher J.P. Arencibia and former CF Vernon Wells laughed off the report. Right fielder Jose Bautista dismissed the report and confirmed it was the White Sox who had made the accusations detailed by ESPN.

Thanks to the detective work of Steal of Home, we are confident the game in question has been identified. On April 13th, 2010, the Chicago White Sox believed the Toronto Blue Jays were stealing signs. Here’s what happened that game.

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White Sox Pitching Coach Don Cooper Hangs Up on Radio Show (Audio)

The 2011 Chicago White Sox season has been immersed in questions since almost day one. Chicago was already loaded with veterans and power hitters heading into the season, yet they still decided to add Adam Dunn to their lineup. Currently toting a record of 47-51 — good for 4.5 games out of first place in the AL Central — the White Sox have absolutely nothing to show for the money spent in the offseason.

Manager Ozzie Guillen has done his best to take pressure off his squad, but things seem to be getting worse.  For starters, Dunn and Alex Rios — two of the team’s premier names — are currently two of the worst hitters in the league.  With an average of .212, Rios is somehow hitting significantly higher than Dunn’s .158.  Jake Peavy’s health has also been an issue, as surprising as that may seem.

The level of frustration has clearly taken its toll on the entire Chicago coaching staff, as pitching coach Don Cooper showcased on Thursday when he hung up on The Mulley and Hanley Show on WSCR-AM 670 in Chicago.  Here’s how the conversation went prior to Cooper cutting it short, courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:

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