The time Donald Sterling tried to wreck Chris Paul’s marriage

Donald SterlingDonald Sterling is such a repugnant being, he once tried to publicly ruin Chris Paul’s marriage.

ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne has a pretty incredible piece on Sterling that is full of incredible details and insight about the man and his character. We really recommend you read the entire thing.

One of the notable nuggets mentioned in the lengthy story concerns a party Sterling threw in 2012 to celebrate the Clippers making the playoffs. The whole story about the party is pretty funny, so we’ll include it below. The stuff about CP3′s marriage is just plain sad.

From Shelburne’s story:

In 2012, [Sterling] hired Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin impersonators for a party to celebrate the Clippers’ playoff berth. The Marilyn impersonator tried and failed to coax Blake Griffin and Chris Paul up on stage with her before seductively serenading then-coach Vinny Del Negro while everyone in the room watched. “It was awkward, to put it nicely,” Griffin says. “Vinny ended up biting the bullet for us there.”

Later, Sterling brought Paul up on stage with him. He asked for a round of applause for the point guard who had elevated the franchise to a new level, then joked, “Why is this guy married? Look at all the beautiful women in L.A.” Paul’s wife was in the audience. He smiled uncomfortably and said, “Because I love my wife.”

That’s Sterling in a nutshell for you. Not only is the guy doing his best to encourage CP3 to divorce his wife, but his lack of awareness just shines through. He has no idea about how terribly he comes off for trying to make such a suggestion. And who does that at a formal event full of wives and families?

Below are CP3 and his wife, Jada:

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Chris Paul got signed picture from Kelly Kapowski for his birthday


Chris Paul turned 29 earlier this month. He was probably hoping he would have to hold off on celebrating until the middle of June when the NBA Finals were over, but the Los Angeles Clippers were unable to get by the Oklahoma City Thunder. One benefit of that is CP3 got to enjoy his autographed photo of Kelly Kapowski a bit sooner.

“This is easily one of the best Bday gifts I’ve ever received in my 29yrs on this Earth!!!” Paul wrote on Instagram along with the photo you see above. “#KellyKapowski #My1stLove #WeWereTogether #SheJustDidntKnowIt #CuzImSavedByTheBell.”

If you’re somewhere in your mid-20s to early-30s, I know you can relate to this. Kelly Kapowski, the “Saved By the Bell” beauty played by Tiffani Thiessen, had many of us under a spell during our adolescent years. Everyone knows she was the hottest girl at Bayside High. I still wonder how Zack Morris locked that down.

Good for you, CP3. Good for you.

Doc Rivers slips up, calls Chris Paul ‘Cliff’ (Video)

The folks at State Farm are going to be very proud.

Cliff Paul State FarmDuring his postgame press conference following the Clippers’ 98-96 win over the Warriors in Game 3 of their playoff series on Thursday night, coach Doc Rivers slipped and accidentally called Chris Paul “Cliff.”

Rivers quickly corrected himself, but the fact that CP3′s State Farm alias crept into his mind is pretty funny.

I wonder if the team calls Chris by that name just to mess with him. I mean, the man was definitely born to assist:

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Chris Paul not called for foul on Steph Curry’s last shot (Video)

Chris Paul got away with what many felt was a foul on Steph Curry on the final play of the Clippers’ 98-96 win over the Warriors at Oracle Arena on Thursday night.

Golden State had 7.8 seconds left and sent the ball in to Curry who was in iso against CP3. Curry pushed off to free himself, then went for the step-back 3-pointer. Paul appeared to make contact with Curry on the elbow, but the real contact was down lower where CP3 pushed Curry with his left forearm.

Chris Paul Steph Curry foul

“Chris did a good job of putting his hands on [Curry]. When he went up for the shot, you’re supposed to be able to come down,” Warriors coach Mark Jackson said after the game via SI’s Ben Golliver.

There was definitely contact there from both players. Curry pushed off, and Paul nudged Curry backwards during the shot. But was that enough to warrant a foul call? I didn’t think so.

Here’s the pushoff by Steph that many are conveniently omitting from the conversation:

Steph Curry CP3 pushoff

That’s also a slick veteran move by CP3. While everyone’s looking up at the shot, hit ‘em down low. That’s a classic magician’s deception move right there.

Chris Paul practices shot in Staples Center after bad night (Video)

Chris Paul shotChris Paul had a solid game against the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday night. He scored 16 points and added 12 assists and 8 rebounds along with 3 steals. He nearly recorded a triple-double. The Clippers also won their 9th game in a row.

You figure CP3 would be pretty happy after the win, but instead he was more focused on his 5-for-15 shooting performance.

Dissatisfied with his shot, Paul went back onto the Staples Center court after the game to work on his skills. Wearing a compression undershirt, he was seen shooting from the corner, working on pull-up jumpers and set jump shots

Since the All-Star break, CP3 is just 5-for-22 (23 percent) from 3-point range. Looks like he’s trying to get that shot right and make the Clippers even scarier as a team.

Blake Griffin throws down two windmill alley-oops from Chris Paul (Video)

Blake-Griffin-windmillThe Los Angeles Clippers blew out the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday night, and Lob City was out in full force. At one point in the second quarter, Blake Griffin threw down windmill dunks on alley-oops from Chris Paul on back-to-back possessions.

Griffin’s two monster slams gave the Clippers a 41-point lead with just under five minutes remaining in the first half. LA had 69 points by halftime and ended up winning 123-78, which was the largest margin of victory in the NBA this season.

And Griffin tries to tell us that Lob City doesn’t exist anymore? My eyes can’t fool me.

DeMarcus Cousins on Chris Paul: ‘I don’t respect a cheater’

DeMarcus-Cousins-Team-USADeMarcus Cousins does not like Chris Paul. We realized that earlier this year when Cousins refused to let teammate Isaiah Thomas shake Paul’s hand after the Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Sacramento Kings. What we don’t really understand is why Cousins holds so much animosity toward CP3.

In a recent feature written by Grantland’s Jonathan Abrams, Cousins explained himself — sort of.

“It’s just, some players I don’t respect,” Cousins said when asked about Paul. “Just their playing style of basketball. I don’t respect it. I feel like it’s basically cheating and I don’t respect a cheater. If that’s your tactic to winning, I don’t respect you.”

While Cousins (or Abrams) did not go into specifics, he may have been referring to Paul’s tendency to flop for calls. CP3 brought us one of the most pathetic flop attempts of the season last year, and he was trying to draw a foul on Cousins when he did it.

Thomas also gave his account of the incident that took place earlier this season.

“It was [him being competitive],” Thomas said. “At the same time, I told him, ‘Everyone looks at everything that you do. So they may take it a different way than what you were trying to do. You’re mad we lost. You don’t want to shake hands with them, but you didn’t have to pull me away to make it something that it wasn’t.’”

Cousins was obviously mad about more than just losing the game, especially if he feels that Paul is a “cheater.” That said, he also snubbed JJ Redick when Redick tried to shake his hand in another game. Incidents like that explain why people never give the former Kentucky standout the benefit of the doubt.

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