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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: civilian heroes

Daniel Bryan stopped burglar at his home with rear naked choke

Daniel Bryan is the people’s champion for good reason: he is a badass. Bryan thwarted a robbery attempt at his home by chasing away two burglars on Thursday and catching one of them. Bryan and wife Brie Bella were coming home after Brie picked her husband up from the airport. Upon arriving at their home,…Read More

Ex-UFC fighter James McSweeney thwarts armed robbery attempt

James McSweeney may only be slightly above average as an MMA fighter, but he’s a superstar when it comes to stopping robberies. The 31-year-old Muay Thai expert thwarted an armed robbery attempt at a convenience store in Las Vegas on Wednesday, and even tweeted about the incident (presumably using the hand that wasn’t holding down…Read More

Video: Store Clerk Knocks Out Robber with Solid Left Hook

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, robbers getting KTFO have become one of my favorite stories here at LBS. Last month, there was a guy whose attempted motel robbery was thwarted by a couple of MMA experts. Then a few weeks ago, there was the mugger who tried to hold up a…Read More

Mugger Tries to Rob UFC Fighter, Ends Up in Hospital

If you’re going to pick somebody to rob, make sure it’s not an MMA expert. Otherwise you’re liable to have your face pounded like this purple-faced clown. The dude pictured is 24-year-old Anthony Miranda. He’s already done time for two burglary cases in 2005, and he was out on parole. It’s pretty obvious the dude…Read More

Delgado Sisters Use Wrestling Moves to Take Down Hit-and-Run Suspect

One man who allegedly tried to flee the scene of an accident picked the wrong car to hit. Sisters Brittany (pictured) and Brienna Delgado, who are members of the Oklahoma City University wrestling team, were driving with their grandmother when they collided with a car last weekend. They noticed the other driver trying to flee…Read More

Jon Bones Jones Subdued a Robber Before Beating Shogun Rua

To say Jon Bones Jones had a nice little Saturday would be an enormous understatement. We’re not talking Bed Bath and Beyond or Home Depot, either.  On Saturday night, Jones defeated Shogun Rua in the third round to claim the light heavyweight championship and prove his confidence was warranted.  Hours before the fight, Jones was…Read More

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