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Monday, November 30, 2015

Articles tagged: crazy soccer fans

Soccer fans console Timo Baumgartl after costly error (Video)

Soccer fans have a reputation for being some of the most ruthless and unreasonable people in the sports world, and there are many that fit that description. Lumping them all into that category, however, would be unfair to a group of Stuttgart fans in Germany. On Friday night, Stuttgart lost to Borussia Dortmund at home…Read More

Brazilian fan breaks TV while celebrating during shootout win (Video)

The penalty kick shootout between Brazil and Chile on Saturday featured many more missed shots and improbable saves than the one we watched Costa Rica defeat Greece with on Sunday. Alexis Sanchez was one of the players who missed the net for Chile, and his miscue excited a Brazilian fan so much that he broke…Read More

Diego Costa mooned by fan during penalty kick (Video)

Soccer fans really do know all the tricks. They may take it too far at times, but they get results. On Sunday, Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa blew a great opportunity when he telegraphed his penalty kick and the keeper made the save. Did Costa miss because of the full moon? As you can see, a…Read More

Audio: Manchester United fan calls police after loss to Sunderland

We all know that soccer fans have a tendency to do some incredibly irrational things, and Manchester United fans are some of the most dedicated in the world. On Wednesday, Manchester United was bounced from the Capital One Cup following a shocking shootout loss to Sunderland. One fan felt that the result constituted an emergency….Read More

Seattle Sounders fan gets Clint Dempsey’s face tattooed on his neck

Clint Dempsey made his Seattle Sounders debut on Saturday, and his new biggest fan may have already been established. The US soccer star came over from Tottenham and was a major signing for the MLS. Was the move big enough to warrant a neck tattoo? That’s debatable. There are athlete tribute tattoos and then there…Read More

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