David Sills reportedly decommits from USC

David SillsDavid Sills has reportedly decommitted from USC a little more than four years after he made national news for committing to the football program as a 13-year-old.

Scout’s Brian Dohn reported news of Sills’ decommitment on Saturday.

Sills was 13 and in eighth grade when he committed to Lane Kiffin’s program. Sills was a pupil of quarterback coach Steve Clarkson, who also trained Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley, so Kiffin probably felt very comfortable offering the youngster at the time.

LBS tipster JS reminds us that almost exactly four years ago, we predicted Kiffin wouldn’t even be around at USC by the time Sills would be ready for college.

The joke at the time, aside from Kiffin going so young, was that he wouldn’t even be around by the time Sills was ready for college. With 30 scholarships being taken away over the next three years, I’m guessing Kiffin will be gone by the time young David is ready for college.

We were right on that call.

Kiffin is now the offensive coordinator under Nick Saban at Alabama after being fired midway through last season, Kiffin’s fourth at USC. Steve Sarkisian replaced Kiffin at USC and received a commitment from St. Bonaventure’s Ricky Town, who is one of the top quarterbacks in the 2015 class. Ironically, Town was previously committed to Bama and reversed after Kiffin was hired.

Sills is entering his senior season at Eastern Christian Academy, which is a new, small private school in Elkton, Maryland. They traveled to multiple states and played many powerhouse programs last season, but they only played three games in 2012 because many schools dropped them from their schedule after Maryland did not sanction them. Sills is still considered one of the better quarterback prospects in the 2015 class, and now he will likely be available again for recruiting. There is no word on where he may choose to go.

Below is his highlight reel from the 2013 season:

Auburn Interested in 14-Year-Old Quarterback David Sills

You remember David Sills? Of course you do. He’s the 13-year-old kid about whom we wrote a year ago when it was announced he had already committed to play for Lane Kiffin at USC. The young boy had an absolutely ridiculous highlight video (watch it if you haven’t), and he’s tutored by widely respected quarterback coach Steve Clarkson.

More news was made on Monday when the LA Times reported that Auburn had already offered Sills a scholarship. Clarkson said that was the case, but Sills’ father denied it, though he confirmed that Auburn liked Sills and have joked with him.

No matter how you look at things, it’s absolutely absurd that colleges are offering a 13 or 14-year-old child an athletic scholarship in football. In basketball, you can tell if someone is a prodigy at that age. In football, so much can happen in between that it’s just a joke to make such a move. I’m guessing the schools are doing this mainly to be close to Clarkson who holds the key to many young quarterbacks in the country. Whatever the reason, it’s just another example of how absurd recruiting can be.

At least we do know that Auburn and Sills do have one thing in common.

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13-Year-Old David Sills and Lane Kiffin Are Perfect, Cheating Fit

Back in February, we introduced you to 13-year-old David Sills, a middle school quarterback out of Delaware who had committed to play football for Lane Kiffin at USC. The joke at the time, aside from Kiffin going so young, was that he wouldn’t even be around by the time Sills was ready for college. With 30 scholarships being taken away over the next three years, I’m guessing Kiffin will be gone by the time young David is ready for college. It’s really just a shame because based on a report in the Wilmington News Journal, the two are a perfect fit. LBS tipster Blackjack notes that Sills’ school, Red Lion Christian, is under heavy investigation for, you guessed it, recruiting violations! Here’s more:

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Video Highlights of 13-Year-Old David Sills, Future USC Quarterback

13-year-old David Sills committed to play quarterback for Lane Kiffin at USC. Of course when you hear such a story and read about a prodigy, naturally you want to see what the kid looks like. Well thankfully we live in a day ripe with YouTube and self-promotion, so there is no shortage of video on David Sills. This vid shows Sills making pretty much all the throws and I’m not even embarrassed to say he has a stronger arm than I do. Here it is:

Sure, the kid looked pretty sharp in that video but let’s be real here — he’s only 13-years-old! Think about how far off he is from playing with actual competition! How can you actually judge a guy until you see him play at a higher level against some real players? This stuff is unbelievable. Dare I say we now have another Bryce Harper overhype publicity story on our hands? Sadly, yes.

13-Year-Old David Sills Commits to Lane Kiffin, USC

I thought it was crazy two years ago when Kentucky basketball got an 8th grader, Michael Avery, to commit to their school. At least that was basketball where you can have an idea at an early age of someone’s potential dominance. Football however, is an entirely different story where physical growth is crucial. Still, that didn’t stop USC newcomer Lane Kiffin to offer a 13-year-old quarterback prospect from Delaware a scholarship. And the kid, David Sills, accepted. From the News Journal in Delaware:

I’m very excited but I was very, very nervous,” Sills said tonight about talking to Kiffin over the phone. “It was very cool [to talk to Kiffin] but my heart was beating so fast, and I was scared. But after it was over, I was so excited and pumped.”

I’ve always imagined in my dreams going to USC,” he said. “But I never really detailed it to the phone call. All I imagined was playing in the Coliseum. But this is so crazy and out of nowhere.”

Yes, this is the same kid that won’t be able to sign a letter of intent until 2015. Good luck with that. USC can’t even lock up Seantrel Henderson who verbally committed to them but they’re trying to lock up an 8th grader. Lane Kiffin must also be doing some serious ass-kissing here if you’re wondering how he came about his decision. Kiffin apparently made the offer after being swayed by renowned quarterback coach, Steve Clarkson, who trains Matt Leinart and Matt Barkley amongst others. I guess Lane is trying to keep it all in the family. Or maybe he needs a new QB coach.

Also check out Dennis Dodd’s feature on Sills and young QBs that was written a year ago.