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Thursday, December 13, 2018

13-Year-Old David Sills and Lane Kiffin Are Perfect, Cheating Fit

Back in February, we introduced you to 13-year-old David Sills, a middle school quarterback out of Delaware who had committed to play football for Lane Kiffin at USC. The joke at the time, aside from Kiffin going so young, was that he wouldn’t even be around by the time Sills was ready for college. With 30 scholarships being taken away over the next three years, I’m guessing Kiffin will be gone by the time young David is ready for college. It’s really just a shame because based on a report in the Wilmington News Journal, the two are a perfect fit. LBS tipster Blackjack notes that Sills’ school, Red Lion Christian, is under heavy investigation for, you guessed it, recruiting violations! Here’s more:

In March, the Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association launched an official investigation into whether Red Lion Christian, a private school, used an ineligible player and improperly recruited players. The DIAA probe was prompted by complaints from within the Red Lion and high school sports communities.

Kevin Charles, executive director of the DIAA for five years, says the allegations are among the most serious he has ever encountered. Charges include: recruiting students for athletic purposes; providing scholarship money and housing for incoming players; practicing out of season; playing too many middle school football games in a season and in a week; and using ineligible players.

They pretty much covered every possible issue I can think of in that list of allegations. About the only thing they’re missing is a mansion for one of the player’s family and hundreds of thousands of dollars taken. Seriously though, when you’re getting that carried away with athletics at such a young age it really does set a poor precedent. You’re sending the message that exceptions can be made for good athletes and that they are held to different standards. If the recruiting process begins when boys are in middle school, then how else do you think they get that invincible mentality later on?

If you’re wondering where Sills fits in, well, his father seems to have been created in the eye of Kiffin. The elder David Sills founded a financial aid program that has provided assistance for many of the football players. His contracting company also built the school’s gym and wrestling facility. He also runs a football training program out of the wrestling facility, and the training program pays some of the football coaches. Yes, it all adds up to David Sills being an enormous booster to the Red Lion Christian football factory, bankrolling most of the operation. No wonder their family fit so well with Lane Kiffin.

Red Lion Christian’s costly crusade [Wilmington News Journal]

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