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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Articles tagged: David Stern

Friends urging David Stern to run for mayor of NYC

From NBA commissioner to Mayor of New York City? That’s what some friends are hoping will happen with David Stern. The New York Post is reporting that friends are pushing the former NBA commissioner to run for mayor of the city. A friend cites Stern’s toughness, popularity, and background as a native New Yorker as…Read More

David Stern presents top 10 on Letterman (Video)

David Stern is stepping down as NBA commissioner on Saturday after 30 years on the job. So how is Stern going out? With a bang! The commish presented the top 10 on “Late Show with David Letterman” Wednesday night, doing his best to crack some jokes. Stern was definitely Johnny stiffguy and his delivery could…Read More

David Stern calls Hurricane Sandy Hurricane Katrina

David Stern may have had a senior moment on Tuesday night. Speaking before the Heat and Celtics tipped off in their first game of the new NBA season, the commissioner offered his thoughts to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. The only problem? He mistakenly called it “Hurricane Katrina.” “Before we begin, I know that everyone…Read More

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