DeMarcus Ware: 25 sacks in a season is possible

DeMarcus Ware is one of the premier sack artists in the NFL. He has amassed 99.5 sacks over his seven-year career, and his career-high is 20, which is 2.5 sacks shy of Michael Strahan’s single-season record.

Jared Allen had 22 sacks for the Vikings last season and recently said he thinks 25 sacks is possible. He even cited Ware as a player who could do it.

“With that coming from Jared Allen, who had 22 last year, the sky’s the limit,” Ware told Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News in response. “I’ll also flip it back on him, and say, he can do the same thing, and also, Jason Babin. They’re playing really well. But it’s all about how the season goes. If it’s more of a passing season, we’re probably going to have more sacks.”

More passing plays in the NFL has created more opportunities for sacks, but I still think 25 is going to be really difficult to reach unless the NFL goes to an 18-game season. Both Ware and Allen were on pace to break Strahan’s record midway through last season, but they each slowed down and finished short of the mark. As soon as a player starts tearing it up with a lot of sacks, opposing teams take notice and gameplan to stop that player more than before. That makes it more difficult to break the mark, even for a guy with skills like Lawrence Taylor.

DeMarcus Ware thinks the Cowboys could learn something from the Giants

Given the rivalry that has developed between the Giants and Cowboys over the years, you will rarely hear a player from one team complimenting the other. The two teams don’t like each other, and that is evident each time they square off in the regular season. However, DeMarcus Ware was recently asked what the Cowboys need to do in order to take the next step as a team, and he immediately brought up Dallas’ NFC East rival.

“I really don’t like to talk about the Giants, but their team camaraderie, where they had the adversity right at the beginning, and then all of a sudden, it really kicked in,” Ware said on NBC Sports Talk this week. “The last maybe eight games, the blood sweat and tears really kicked in, the guys started feeling it and they had that swagger about themselves.”

“It’s not on the coaches at all, it’s all about the players. It’s just being there for the man beside you.”

While Cowboys fans will likely cringe at the sound of one of their stars complimenting the G-Men, the truth of the matter is every team wants to be more like the Giants. They just won the Super Bowl, so whatever they did worked.

Moreover, leadership is clearly an issue within the Cowboys locker room. When players on your team can’t even name who the leaders are, something’s missing. The Cowboys can certainly take a page out of the Giants’ book when it comes to stepping up and leading your teammates on and off the field.

Wes Welker, DeMarcus Ware, Clay Matthews star in adult diaper commercial (Video)

When Rod Tidwell was hoping to make it big in the NFL, scoring an endorsement deal with Depends was not on his list of dreams. But that doesn’t mean some of today’s star players are too cool to endorse an adult diaper.

Wes Welker, DeMarcus Ware, and Clay Matthews all participated in a Depends commercial to promote the “Real Fit for men” diaper. Depends is running a “Great American Try-on” campaign, and as Adam Rank of NFL.com points out, the campaign is in support of the V Foundation.

It’s pretty cool that these guys are risking ridicule to endorse a product that is typically considered embarrassing. Now that these studs are wearing diapers, how could anyone be too embarrassed to give them a try?

DeMarcus Ware disagrees with Jason Hatcher, says Cowboys have leaders

The NFL regular season ended less than two months ago, but the most telling sign of the Cowboys’ offseason may have already come. Last week, defensive end Jason Hatcher spoke about how he wished Dallas had a true leader in their locker room. He said the Cowboys lack a player like Ray Lewis who everyone in the locker room listens to, which is obviously a problem for the team. DeMarcus Ware disagrees with Hatcher.

“The thing is on our team, there’s not a guy who is just a straight up, solitary leader,” Ware said according to the Dallas Morning News. “I think it comes as a whole. You got to look at it as we have (Tony) Romo, we have (Jason) Witten, you have me, Bradie James, Sean Lee. Everybody has their role and they take on that leadership role when it’s needed. Every team doesn’t need just a one-time guy who is like the leader of that team. If everybody is checking everybody, that’s all you need. There comes a time to step up when it’s time to step up and get the job done.”

Ware was one of the names that came to mind when I read Hatcher’s comments. The fact that a player on defense didn’t consider him to be a leader surprised me a bit. The guys DeMarcus mentioned may have leadership qualities, but Hatcher’s comments make it pretty obvious that the team lacks a true leader.

If a team has a leader, everybody knows about it. It’s not something that needs to be explained. If Hatcher says the team has no leaders, than the Cowboys have no leader who is vocal enough to make an impression. That’s a clear sign that someone needs to step up and fulfill that role in 2012.

DeMarcus Ware: Eli Manning Is Elite Like Peyton, Tom Brady

Before Eli Manning threw two touchdown passes in the final five minutes to lead the Giants to a comeback victory over the Cowboys Sunday, DeMarcus Ware had already praised the Giants quarterback. In an interview with Sunday Night Football, Ware called Eli a “sleeper” who is in the same category as Peyton and Tom Brady. The Cowboys linebacker feels like the only thing Eli is missing is the same hype.

“Eli Manning is a sleeper,” he told Michelle Tafoya. “He’s one of those guys where he’s up there with Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, he just doesn’t have that aura of those quarterbacks.

“When I was looking at the stats, he’s right up there with those quarterbacks. When it’s crunch time, the fourth quarter, that’s when he’s making his plays and getting his teams wins.

“He’s up there with those elite quarterbacks, they’re just not giving him his credit,” Ware said.

Ware’s comments foreshadowed Sunday’s finish. Eli made big plays in the fourth quarter to lead the Giants to a comeback win. I still don’t think Eli Manning is in the same class of quarterbacks as Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady, but he’s extremely capable, and he’s in a class below them, despite what he feels.

Here’s a video of the clip from the interview:

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DeMarcus Ware: Justin Tuck Wishes He Played for the Cowboys

Trash talk between the Cowboys and Giants is certainly not a new phenomenon. There is no love lost between the two teams, who always seem to put on a show when they get together during the season. One player who is particularly vocal about his hatred for the Cowboys is Justin Tuck. He has been known to trash the new Jerry Land and stress how much he hates Dallas. DeMarcus Ware has an interesting theory on why Tuck feels the need to do that.

“He says that because maybe he wants to play here,” Ware told reporters on Wednesday according to the NY Daily News. “Everybody wants to play for the Cowboys. If I wasn’t playing for the Cowboys I would call it that, too, because I want to play for them.”

I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with DeMarcus on this one.  Hating your rival is hating your rival.  When you play for the team that won a Super Bowl in 2007 and insist you hate the team that has not won one since the 1990s, envy probably isn’t the issue.

That being said, Dallas is certainly in a better position than New York at the moment.  The Giants are 6-6 and traveling to Dallas to take on the 7-5 Cowboys.  Having lost four straight, the G-Men would be able to write off the remainder of their season if they lose on Sunday night.

Chest bump to Pro Football Talk for the story.

Bill Parcells Motivated DeMarcus Ware, Told Him He Would Amount to Nothing

DeMarcus Ware is an absolute monster when it comes to getting after the quarterback. As a rookie in 2005, Ware had an impressive eight sacks. Since then, he has not recorded less than 11 sacks in a season and has played every game of his career. As he chases Michael Strahan’s single-season sack record, Ware said Bill Parcells deserves a lot of the credit for making him into the player he has become.  As you might expect, Parcells’ motivation did not come in the form of coddling.

During a recent podcast interview with Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, Ware said that in 2005 Parcells told him, “You’re going to amount to nothing.”  Ware was the 11th overall pick in the draft, so Parcells and company had to have seen something special in him.  That did not, however, stop the Dallas coach from making his new linebacker fetch him Gatorade — orange Gatorade in particular — and getting pissed if Ware came back with the purple kind.

“Every single day he would stay on you, even if you did something well, he wouldn’t even acknowledge it,” Ware explained. “He would just walk away.”

Ware also recalled Parcells nodding at him after he recorded his first career sack, which he said was enough to show him that his coach approved and believed in him.  DeMarcus has gone on to record 91 more sacks since he got the nod — no pun intended — from Parcells.  Ware said Parcells taught him how to prepare for opponents and the importance of bringing a new game plan every week.  Whatever it was that he said or did to him, I’d say it worked.

Helmet smack to The Dallas Morning News for passing along the interview.