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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Articles tagged: Derek Anderson

Derek Anderson shown laughing during blowout (Video)

ESPN must really hate Derek Anderson. Four years ago, ESPN showed Anderson smiling on the sidelines while his Cardinals were getting crushed by the 49ers during a Monday night game. Anderson’s ill-timed moment of happiness became a national story, especially after he blew up on a reporter who asked about it after the game. Four…Read More

John Skelton Makes Debut for Cardinals Replacing Max Hall, Derek Anderson

The way the Cardinals went through quarterbacks Sunday against the Rams, you would have thought they were working guys out at the combine. Arizona let “You think this is funny?!” quarterback Derek Anderson start the game. He proceeded to play like Derek Anderson and go 7/20 for 93 yards and an interception. Apparently losing six…Read More

Dwight Howard Makes Fun of Derek Anderson’s Rant (Video)

Poor Derek Anderson.  Not only is he the quarterback of a 3-8 team and a guy who had to answer questions about smiling while he team was getting smacked around — he’s now the center of jokes across the sporting world.  Following a 90-79 Magic win over the Pistons on Tuesday night, Dwight Howard decided…Read More

Derek Anderson Tirade Video Dropping S-Bombs on Kent Somers After Loss

Following Arizona Republic reporter Kent Somers on twitter, you could tell he had something brewing for the postgame press conference on Monday night. The Cardinals got spanked at home 27-6, losing their 6th straight game. Quarterback Derek Anderson was his typical below average self, going 16/35 for 196 yards and an interception. Making matters even…Read More

Cardinals Don’t Seem Comfortable With Quarterback Situation

As we inch closer and closer to training camp and NFL rosters start shaping up, we get a better sense of teams’ needs — or at least their perceptions of their needs.  At this point in the off-season, it would appear the Arizona Cardinals aren’t exactly feeling confident with the quarterbacks they currently have on…Read More

Derek Anderson Crushes Browns Fans

There was no doubt that the Browns would cut Derek Anderson before paying him the $2.5 million roster bonus they owed him for the upcoming season. The only question was when. Tuesday was that day and the one-time Browns Pro Bowler wasted no time sharing his thoughts on the Browns and more specifically, their fanbase:…Read More

Derek Anderson Is Playing Like a Star

As much as I’ve verbally dry-humped Randy Moss, the Patriots, and a few other players this year, there’s one man to whom I’ve devoted a tremendous amount of praise. If you saw my week 10 picks, you would know that it’s none other than Browns QB Derek Anderson. A few weeks ago, I proclaimed that…Read More

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