Dirk Nowitzki Shafted by NBA 2K12’s Player Ratings

Many player ratings for the popular basketball video game NBA 2K12 were revealed Tuesday. We already knew that LeBron James was ranked higher than Kobe Bryant, but we didn’t know that reigning Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki got the shaft.

Pasta Padre posted the ratings for any player who got higher than an 80. It was disturbing how far down the list one had to go before finding Dirk.

Dirk Nowitzki was tied for 14th in the ratings. He received an 85, tying him with Blake Griffin, Andre Iguodala, Manu Ginobili, and Rajon Rondo. Rudy Gay and Pau Gasol were somehow rated higher than Dirk.

The reasoning for Dirk’s low score makes little sense.

“Our overall rating formulas are position specific, weighting attributes that are more relevant for that type of player. For example, passing and speed are weighted more for point guards, where rebounding and shot blocking are factored heavily for centers,” the game’s development team told Ball Don’t Lie.

Sounds like a pretty poor reason, right? All it would take is one look at the list to know there’s something wrong with the system. How can you possible have Rudy Gay rated higher than Dirk Nowitzki? I don’t care what adjustment they make, but some tweaking is needed for the ratings to reflect reality. Dirk Nowitzki is a top-five player in the NBA and should be rated that way based on any metric.

Muhammad Ali Gave Dirk Nowitzki Boxing Glove Signed ‘You Are the Greatest’

Like any team would do in their situation, the Dallas Mavericks enjoyed plenty of special moments after winning their first NBA title in franchise history last month. Dirk and the boys went on a drinking binge that was quite the opposite of the one they subjected themselves to five years ago.  Mark Cuban treated his players to a $100,000 celebration in South Beach and took the Larry O’Brien Trophy with him everywhere he went — no, really.

Amidst all the partying and sleepless nights, Dirk Nowitzki received probably the most humbling gift an athlete in any sport could ever receive.  According to I Am GM via Spiegel, Muhammad Ali sent Dirk a boxing glove with the inscription: “You are the greatest.”  Although Dirk asked that he not be pressured into explaining the political meaning of the gift, it is easy to understand why something like that would be so special.

From Larry Legend saying he was honored to be compared to Dirk to the most conceited athlete of all-time calling him the greatest, I think it’s safe to say the Hall of Famer has reached the highest point in his sensational career.  People can argue until their blue in the face about LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan, but as far as we’re concerned the debate has been put to rest by Cassius Clay.

Dirk Nowitzki Says He Went on Three-Week Drinking Binge After Losing ’06 Finals

The Dallas Mavericks partied hard after winning the NBA title this year, dropping over $100,000 at the club on drinks. Dirk Nowitzki seemed to enjoy himself based on the pictures, even posing for a shot with rapper Lil’ Wayne. Though he did get his drink on somewhat, Dirk seemed to be reserved. He says it’s because he’s changed as he’s gotten older. In an interview with KCTK, he said he went on a three-week drinking binge after losing in ’06.

Here’s a transcription from his interview thanks to The Dallas Morning News via IamaGM.com:

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Dirk Nowitzki Throws Out First Pitch at Rangers Game (Video)

Dirk Nowitzki threw out the first pitch of Friday’s Rangers-Mets game, and let’s just say he’s no Nolan Ryan

At least he was better than John Wall. But hey, when someone’s tattooing your face on their butt because of your basketball prowess, how you throw a baseball hardly matters.

Cleveland Radio Host Cherise Navidad to Name Son Dirk After Mavs Win

First thing’s first: Cherise Navidad?  Is that a stage name?  Navidad is the host of a Saturday night radio show on Cleveland’s Q104, and if I hadn’t taken four-plus years of Spanish before college I would probably think someone was wishing me a merry Christmas every time I heard her say, “you’re back with Cherise Navidad on Q104…”

Like so many other Clevelanders and fans all across America, Navidad was blown away by how arrogant LeBron James was in leaving Cleveland via “The Decision.”  She took it one step further.  Navidad was so desperate for someone to make sure LeBron didn’t win a title that she made a promise on Twitter to name her unborn son “Dirk” if the Mavericks were able to stop Miami.  We all know how that turned out.  More specifically, we all know how dominant Dirk was along the way.

According to the NY Daily News, Navidad is going to cash in on her promise.  She said it was her job to name their first son which means it is her husbands turn this time around, but Dirk will be used as the child’s middle name if necessary.

“When you want someone to beat LeBron so badly, you will do anything,” Navidad explained. “(I’ll tell my son) exactly that this is how silly your mom is. This is what we did, and Twitter is a binding contract.”

With the way Nowitzki played in the postseason, I might legally switch my own name to Dirk.

Dirk Nowitzki, Rick Carlisle Want Ring Over Mark Cuban’s Bracelet Idea

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said after his team won the NBA title that championship rings are done and that he wanted to take the tradition to the next level. We’ve seen plenty of ideas ranging from statues to private islands, but our personal favorite is mini-giraffes. And if Cuban is planning to take it to the next level, he better be going exotic with his idea. As it stands, the notion that he’s just going to get the team bracelets is pretty weak.

Speaking on PTI Tuesday, Dirk Nowitzki agreed. “I’m an old school guy and when he brought that idea up I think the whole team was a little dumbfounded,” Nowitzki said. “I don’t think the last word has been spoken there. I think he was thinking about a bracelet or something but the ring is just so classic and everybody I think wants a ring.”

In separate yet related comments, Dirk said “I’m a man, I don’t know how I’d feel about a bracelet.”

Coach Rick Carlisle expressed a similar sentiment saying “It’s got to be rings. I don’t know what [Cuban's] thinking. You win an NBA championship, you gotta have a ring. If he wants to give guys something else (in addition to) a ring, that’s great.”

I’m in agreement with what Carlisle said. Cuban can get his team something else, but he should also get them rings. And if he’s making this big of a deal over bracelets as Dirk intimated, then I’d be really disappointed. That’s not next level, that’s poker stuff. When we think of Mark Cuban and next level, we think of private islands, customized cars, and heck even NBA franchises. There’s no way he’s going to do bracelets, so the suspense is mounting.

How the Dallas Mavericks Mounted the World and Became 2011 Champs

It’s over now, the journey that led the Mavericks through heartbreak and frustration and, finally, redemption. They won the title Sunday. They beat the Heat and bathed in champagne, 250 bottles worth apparently.

After 13 seasons, Dirk Nowitzki and Mark Cuban finally became champions. They made their mark. They partied with Lil Wayne.

Dallas was the unexpected contender. Few expected them to get out of the first round, much less win it all. They kept coming, though. Kept coming like a tidal wave, Hurricane Dirk crashing on the shores of Portland, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Miami. Hurricanes Terry and Barea crashing intermittently behind. Rick Carlisle orchestrating the whole thing like Poseidon, a crafty, Grinch-looking sea wizard.

The Mavs were resolute. They didn’t complain when they lost, didn’t brag when they won. They were a team of destiny. They defied setbacks and challenges, including Dirk’s illness and the injury to Brendan Haywood. Like Khal Drogo they aimed to mount the world, and they did. Few of them did it beside a woman as hot as Daenerys, though. And by few I mean J.J. Barea. Lucky jerk.

Ultimately, the Mavs stunned LeBron James and Dwyane Wade and won their first title in franchise history.

How did they pull it off?  Here were three keys to Dallas’ 2011 Finals victory:

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