Doc Gooden reportedly being sued by his own divorce lawyers

Dwight-GoodenFormer MLB pitcher Doc Gooden has found himself in more trouble. Back in 2005, Doc’s wife Monique filed for divorce after three years of an ugly marriage. At one point, Gooden was accused of hitting Monique after she allegedly threw a cell phone at him.

The problem with the divorce proceedings is that Gooden didn’t pay his lawyer fees, or so his attorneys say. According to TMZ, Doc’s lawyers are suing him for money they allege he owes them. The lawsuit states that Gooden hired the lawyers for $325/hour and has since racked up $15,254 in unpaid bills.

Gooden has battled drug and alcohol abuse problems throughout his life, even missing his own team’s World Series parade in 1986 because of them. He made an appearance on the show “Celebrity Rehab” a few years back after being arrested several times following his retirement from baseball. Judging by his latest lawsuit, I’d say things still aren’t going all that well for the three-time World Series champion.

Doc Gooden Wants You to Know He’s Not Dating Bai Ling

Former Mets pitcher Doc Gooden and actress Bai Ling became close when they appeared on the show Celebrity Rehab. Some rumors said the two have been dating since wrapping the show. They didn’t help matters when they were photographed holding hands while walking through the streets of Manhattan Tuesday. Doc Gooden realized those rumors wouldn’t look good to his wife, so he denied them.

“A lot of rumors are going around about me & Bai Ling. She is my friend just like the other cast members from the show. I am happily married,” he wrote on Twitter Thursday.

Phew, thank god Doc cleared that up. I have no idea why anyone would get these ideas. I mean holding hands with someone who is not your wife is totally normal, right? Maybe it is in the Celebrity Rehab world where missing your team’s World Series parade is also the norm.

Pic via Doc Gooden