Dominic Raiola allegedly made obscene remarks toward Wisconsin band

Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola is one of the more outspoken people in football. His mouth has been known to get him into trouble over the years, but the accusations made against him in the wake of the Detroit Lions’ game against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday are worse than anything we have ever heard about the 34-year-old veteran.

Raiola has been accused by multiple people of making obscene remarks toward the Wisconsin band during pregame warmups at Lambeau Field. One of the band’s tuba players reportedly told NFL blogger Tom Melton that Raiola called several members of the band “fat motherf—ers” and told them they “sucked.” The band was supposedly preparing to play the National Anthem and did not provoke Raiola in any way.

The stories get worse. Melton said another band member told him one of his fellow female members tried to get Raiola’s attention and he responded by calling her “the c-word.” Additional members of the band claimed Raiola made comments about one instrument player’s sexuality, calling him a “fag” and saying he was going to “take his trumpet and shove it up his sister’s p—y.”

One of the Wisconsin band members, Zach York, also posted the following on his Facebook page on Sunday:

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Dominic Raiola: Ndamukong Suh is clean in practice

Ryan-Grant-Ndamukong-Suh-Suspension-AbsurdWe already knew Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh has a tendency to throw cheap shots during games. Over the weekend, word surfaced that he does the same to his own teammates during practice and that the Lions are becoming frustrated with him. Detroit center Dominic Raiola insists that report from FOX Sports’ Jay Glazer simply isn’t true.

“Well, tell me the guys (who said it),” Raiola said Tuesday, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “Those guys can be addressed because I’ve never seen it. I’ve been here with him since he was a rookie, since his first day on the practice field. And he practices hard like a professional, like how a pro should practice.”

To help make his point, Raiola pointed to the fact that Suh is a team captain.

“And I see no problem with the way he practices,” he continued. “I don’t think he’d be our captain right now if all that being said is true. I don’t think there’s one ounce of truth to that at all. It’s evident on Sunday the way he plays. He produces on Sunday and he makes a big difference.”

[Video: Ndamukong Suh kicks Matt Schaub in the groin]

For what it’s worth, Raiola has been known to rip his own teammates in the past. The Lions would be wise to avoid turning into the New York Jets of 2013. Last season, another anonymous teammate supposedly ripped Suh for costing the team by losing his cool. If reporters are making things up (and we don’t think they are), there’s little the Lions can do about it. If anonymous players really are bashing their teammates, they should probably knock it off.

Dominic Raiola on Bears’ Henry Melton: ‘He’s a clown’

Chicago Bears defensive tackle Henry Melton had some choice words for the Detroit Lions on Wednesday, calling them a dirty team both on offense and defense. In particular, Melton said Detroit’s offensive linemen talk trash and throw cheap shots. He singled out Lions center Dominic Raiola, calling him “old” and accusing him of using cuss words and playing dirty. Needless to say, the comments did not sit well with Raiola.

“Who? Who?” Raiola said Thursday according to the Detroit Free Press. “Exactly. You got a defense full of superstars, and you don’t hear from the guys that carry weight in my book. (Brian) Urlacher, (Lance) Briggs, (Charles) Tillman, (Israel) Idonije, older guys. (Julius) Peppers. The guys that have been there. We’re talking about guys who carry weight. This guy? Not in my book.”

Melton is in his fourth NFL season and was recently named to the NFC Pro Bowl roster. He may not have as much pull in the locker room as some of the aforementioned veterans, but he’s obviously recognized as one of the better defensive tackles in the NFC. Raiola doesn’t see it that way.

“I mean, this guy, he made it to the Pro Bowl?” Raiola asked. “This guy made the Pro Bowl? (Over) Kevin Williams, who worked through injuries all year? (Over Nadmukong) Suh, who’s a better player than this guy? Come on.

“It’s tiresome, especially from a guy like this, a guy that didn’t even play the past two weeks. … I don’t know what to say anymore. In my book, he’s a clown. That’s all I got.”

As Bart Scott could tell you, Raiola does not like it when people talk about his team. Personally, I don’t feel as though there was a need for Melton to say anything. The Lions are 4-11 while the Bears are hunting for a playoff spot. The last thing Chicago needs to do is give its opponents something to play for.

Lions center Dominic Raiola: We have moved on from Titus Young

The Detroit Lions front office may not have reached their saturation point with second-year wide receiver Titus Young, but some of his teammates have. Young returned to practice earlier this week after serving punishment for his latest childish charade — intentionally lining up in the wrong spot on the field to express his frustration with the offense.

Lions center Dominic Raiola sounds like he wishes Young just stayed home.

“It’s not a distraction because we have moved on from him. If he wants to be a f—–g ass—-, let him be an ass—-,” Raiola told The Detroit News on Friday . “It’s not my problem. What we can control are the guys who want to be here. When you act like that, you don’t want to be here. What I want is people who want to be here, and I think everybody else wants the same thing.

“If you don’t want to be here, just f—–g leave.”

Young has acted like a child since the day he came into the NFL. Coaches have gotten into heated discussions on the sideline during games because of him. He has punched teammates and headbutted opponents. Yet, the Lions continue to hang onto him.

The coaching staff has been open about the fact that rookie Ryan Broyles and newly-acquired Mike Thomas are going to see expanded roles, but why is Young even on the roster at this point? He’s proven time and time again that he’s not going to buy in. What is Jim Schwartz waiting for? Cut him loose.

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Audio: Lions C Dominic Raiola Goes on Cursing Spree After Loss to Saints

After an extremely hot start, the Lions are in a bit of trouble. They still have control of the sixth playoff spot in the NFC, but Detroit has lost five of its last 7 games since beginning the season 5-0. They have played horrible defense over the last four games and have put themselves in extremely tough spots late in the game. For more in-depth analysis on what has gone wrong for the Lions as of late, here is what center Dominic Raiola told reporters after Sunday night’s loss to the Saints:

Sometimes the best analysis is given when a player steps back, takes a deep breath, and approaches reporters with a cool head.  That’s obviously what Raiola did here, and that’s why his explanation for the Lions’ struggles was so helpful.

All joking aside, Raiola is a microcosm for a team that looked like one of the NFC’s best to start the year but has cooled off significantly.  Losing Ndamukong Suh because of an undisciplined, bonehead mistake was not what this defense needed.  Detroit needs to win three of its last four games, and with Minnesota, Oakland, San Deigo, and Green Bay remaining on the schedule that is not going to be easy.  Maybe Raiola’s rant will help fire the team up.  It’s officially gut check time, so the Lions need a spark from someone.

Chest bump to Shutdown Corner for passing the story along.

Dominic Raiola Wants Lions Fans to Start Drinking Early, Too

Tom Brady got into a bit of trouble this week when he encouraged fans to start drinking early prior to the Patriots’ game against the Chargers. Brady wanted the fans to be rowdy, but given the recent rash of fan fights and safety issues, the team had to amend his words. The Pats said Brady wanted fans to be hydrated with lots of water, which of course everybody knows wasn’t what he meant. Lions center Dominic Raiola, who has never been one to follow societal conventions, agrees with Brady.

“I guess you have to be politically correct. Fans are going to do it anyway, so what’s wrong with saying it.

“Hell yeah,” Raiola said when asked for his thoughts on Brady’s comments. “(The Patriots) have a 4:15 p.m. game, right? Maybe Detroit should get started about 8:30 a.m.”

Coming from the guy who unapologetically flipped off his own fans, it’s no surprise to hear Raiola doesn’t want to be politically correct. It’s also completely understandable why the team was trying to protect Brady, but it clashes with the message of the league and the Pats. If they don’t want fans drinking, then why run beer commercials during games, and why sell alcohol at stadiums? A bit of a contradiction, don’t you think?

Bart Scott Calls Lions Dirty for Chop Blocks, Dominic Raiola Says Shut Up

It wouldn’t be an NFL Sunday without an accusation of dirty play. Sometimes it’s players complaining about having their nuts grabbed, other times it’s that there was dirty play on the field. That’s what Jets linebacker Bart Scott says happened Sunday against the Detroit Lions.

“They are a good football team but by far the dirtiest football team I’ve ever played against since I played the Tennessee Titans,” Scott said. “Some of the stuff they do out there I understand, but I’ll just be happy with the victory. I swear to God I hope I see them again in life.”

So Scott goes with the hyperbole that Detroit’s the dirtiest team he’s EVER played, but only since the Titans. What was it that had Scott so upset? Apparently it was the three penalties the Lions drew for chop blocks. Lions veteran center Dominic Raiola obviously didn’t like being called dirty and responded: “Bart Scott talks to much. He needs to shut up and play football,” Raiola said. “Him and Jason Taylor talk too much. I mean, a cut block in football, that’s football. When you get cut, you get cut. So my response to that is shut up and play football.”

I know players are always trying to protect their knees so it makes sense why the Jets players would be upset about the chop blocks. I’d have to see the plays before evaluating how dirty Detroit is, but one thing we can all agree on is who the dirtiest team in the league is.