Ricky Rubio Attempts the Dougie But Looks Like He’s Combing His Hair (Video)

Being that this is Ricky Rubio’s first year playing basketball in the United States, his teammates have no choice but to subject him to a little rookie hazing.  The Timberwolves had a 10-minute scrimmage on Monday and decided to have a little fun with their new point guard after it was over.  According to the Pioneer Press, they wanted Rubio to sing the National Anthem but he didn’t know all the words.  That’s when they decided to force him to sing Happy Birthday to a fan (which you see to the right) and then dance to America’s second-favorite song of 2011.  Check out this Ricky Rubio Dougie video:

And he thought the NBA schedule was difficult? Apparently Rubio thinks the Dougie is some sort of ritual during which you comb your hair, which I guess isn’t all that far from the truth.  The good news is his Dougie wasn’t even as bad as Drew Stanton’s and it definitely wasn’t as creepy as John Wall’s. Fortunately for Rubio, 2011 is almost over.  When 2012 hits we hope expect the Dougie to never been spoken of again.

Renaldo Woolridge aka Swiperboy Makes ‘Teach Me How to Dooley’ Rap Video

Renaldo Woolridge is a member of the University of Tennessee men’s basketball team.  He’s also apparently an aspiring rap artist that goes by the name Swiperboy.  Renaldo recently decided he’s not ready to let the Dougie sensation die out just yet.  Guys like Spencer Hawes, John Wall, and Drew Stanton did their best to keep the Dougie going over the last year but it has since died out a bit.  Swiperboy has decided Tennessee coach Derek Dooley deserves his own song, so here it is.  Check out the Renaldo Woolridge “Teach Me How to Dooley” video, courtesy of Outkick the Coverage:

Considering Dooley is a coach who gave his players a Shakespeare speech I doubt he’s a big fan of the Dougie.  It’s important for me to admit that I don’t understand anything that’s going on in this movie.  We just thought you guys might find it entertaining.

Spencer Hawes Dougie (Video) and Ranking the Rest

Over the past year, the Dougie has somehow become the thing to do for athletes all over the country.  It’s the standard celebration.  It’s something you do when you’re out having a good time.  It’s something you do to get a few laughs from your teammates.  Today, we’ve decided to show you the newest athlete Dougie video and then rank the rest.  I must say for a guy who is over 7 feet tall, Spencer Hawes’ Dougie isn’t that bad.  Check out the video, courtesy of The 700 Level and be sure to keep reading for the other Dougie rankings.

Now for the rest:

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U.S. Soccer Players Teal Bunbury and Juan Agudelo Do The Dougie (Video)

In 2010, we saw The Dougie take over as the dance of choice for professional athletes. Braylon Edwards gave us a pretty good rendition, but John Wall’s had to be the most memorable of the year, while Drew Stanton and Reid Brignac were less-than-impressive in their attempts. We can now add U.S. Soccer players Teal Bunbury and Juan Agudelo to the list of athletes who would have been better off skipping The Dougie. After Bunbury scored on a penalty kick in the National Team’s friendly against Chile, he and Teal did one of the worst versions of the dance to date:

I guess trying has to count for something, but maybe next time they should just slide head first or river dance or whatever it is soccer players usually do to celebrate.

Thanks to flashboy2010 for the video.

Drew Stanton Does the Dougie (Video)

Drew Stanton’s rushing touchdown against the Chicago Bears on Sunday may have been the first of his career, but he looked like a seasoned 2010 veteran with his celebration antics.  By that, I mean he knew enough to do The Dougie.  The Dougie has been the thing to do this year when you make a big play or are just looking to entertain.  Braylon Edwards Dougied on Darius Butler earlier in the season.  The Oregon Duck busted it out when Oregon played Stanford.  John Wall Dougied for way too long at the Wizards home opener and Reid Brignac made everyone feel uncomfortable when he did the dance in the Rays’ locker room after Tampa Bay clinched a playoff berth.

The Lions lost to the Bears, but Stanton had his moment in the first quarter when he put Detroit up early.  It wasn’t pretty, but we’re glad he’s finding a way to have fun.  That’s not an easy thing to do when you play for the Lions.  You can check out the Drew Stanton Dougie video here.

John Wall’s Dougie at Wizards’ Home Opener Was Kind of Awkward (Video)

When someone does the Dougie Dance either in celebration or just for fun, it usually begins and ends rather quickly.  That was the case with the legendary Dougies of Braylon Edwards, Reid Brignac, and the Oregon Duck.  For some reason it seemed awkward when John Wall broke out the Dougie during the pregame introductions of Tuesday night’s Wizards-Sixers game.  It could be because he did it for like 20 seconds.  It also could be because it was the Wizards’ home opener, yet you could hear a pin drop at the Verizon Center while the No. 1 overall draft pick was being introduced.  In any event, I think Wall should stick to his own dance from now on.  Here’s the John Wall Dougie video:

Video Credit: YouTube user Born2WinMai

Oregon Duck Does the Dougie (Video)

If you’re sick of the Dougie Dance like a lot of people seem to be, don’t bother watching this video.  If Braylon Edwards doing the Dougie on Darius Butler or Reid Brignac doing it in the Rays locker room wasn’t enough to give you your fix of this contagious phenomenon, the Oregon Duck has you covered.  Here’s a video of the Oregon Duck doing the Dougie, courtesy of YouTube user Airicster2588:

I don’t know what you think, but I say enough’s enough.