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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Braylon Edwards Dougies After Big Touchdown on DUI Night

After sitting out the first quarter following his punishment for getting a DUI during the week, Braylon Edwards made an impact on the Jets/Dolphins game.

The Jets receiver caught a routine out from quarterback Mark Sanchez in the third quarter and took it 67 yards for the touchdown. Cornerback Jason Allen slipped and fell as he was closing on Edwards to make the tackle. Because Edwards was the only one on the left side of the field and being single-covered, he had nothing but open field in front of him once Allen fell.

Braylon scored the touchdown and promptly went into the “Dougie Dance” to celebrate the touchdown. Edwards also Dougied on Darius Butler in week two against the Patriots, but he only did it briefly. This time, Edwards had plenty of time in the end zone and made it last much longer.

Tony Dungy said he would have deactivated Braylon for the game following the DUI arrest, but after seeing that touchdown it’s easy to see why Rex Ryan was reluctant to make such an extreme move. And with one huge play, #17 may have earned his way back into the good graces of the Jets’ fanbase.

UPDATE: Edwards had a huge catch to convert a big 3rd and 10 late in the game, clearing the way for the Jets to run off more clock. He owned Jason Allen in the game who also got flagged for a pass interference call in the end zone. Huge game for Edwards, he was one of their heroes in the second half.

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