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Friday, July 10, 2020

Ricky Rubio Attempts the Dougie But Looks Like He’s Combing His Hair (Video)

Being that this is Ricky Rubio’s first year playing basketball in the United States, his teammates have no choice but to subject him to a little rookie hazing.  The Timberwolves had a 10-minute scrimmage on Monday and decided to have a little fun with their new point guard after it was over.  According to the Pioneer Press, they wanted Rubio to sing the National Anthem but he didn’t know all the words.  That’s when they decided to force him to sing Happy Birthday to a fan (which you see to the right) and then dance to America’s second-favorite song of 2011.  Check out this Ricky Rubio Dougie video:

And he thought the NBA schedule was difficult? Apparently Rubio thinks the Dougie is some sort of ritual during which you comb your hair, which I guess isn’t all that far from the truth.  The good news is his Dougie wasn’t even as bad as Drew Stanton’s and it definitely wasn’t as creepy as John Wall’s. Fortunately for Rubio, 2011 is almost over.  When 2012 hits we hope expect the Dougie to never been spoken of again.

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