Jason Day’s wife Ellie Harvey says husband happy Tiger is in tournament

Jason Ellie DayJason Day’s wife Ellie Day (formerly Ellie Harvey) says her husband is happy that Tiger Woods was not disqualified from the Masters.

Woods was believed to be facing disqualification Saturday morning after he admitted to taking a drop a few yards behind where he was supposed on the par-3 15th hole Friday. Woods said he didn’t know his drop was illegal, so he escaped with just a two-shot penalty. The situation was heavily debated and some people thought Woods should have withdrawn for signing an incorrect scorecard.

Day, who was the leader after two rounds, apparently wanted Woods in the tournament.

Ellie Day responded to a tweet from AP golf writer Benjamin Everill, who said he was wondering what Day thought of the situation. Ellie said that her husband would want Tiger in the tournament.

Ellie Day also wrote on Twitter, “We would like to win with [Tiger] in the field.”

Credit to her and Jason for wanting to beat the best.

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Jason Day’s Wife Ellie Harvey Captures Audience at Masters

Much like Rory McIlroy’s girlfriend, Ellie Harvey, the wife of golfer Jason Day, got a lot of attention from fans watching the Masters on CBS.

Ellie Harvey and Jason Day were married in the fall of 2009, and there’s a great story about Day nailing a hole-in-one at her request in 2008. Day is Australian while Harvey is from Ohio, but the two met through Day’s coach and caddie, Col Swatton, according to the PGA’s site. Jason Sobel has more info on the couple, saying “they met five years ago when she was waitressing at a restaurant in Twinsburg, Ohio, but didn’t start seriously dating until coincidentally running into each other a few years later.”

Even though Day came up short in the Masters, there is little doubt many fans now have a new favorite golfer, thanks to his wife, Ellie Day. Day is the latest addition to the long list of our smokin hot sports girlfriends, go here to see them all.