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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Articles tagged: facial hair

Brett Keisel shaves his beard (Picture)

Before this week, Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel had one of the most radical beards in the NFL, and maybe all of sports. While we’re sad to see his grizzly collection of facial hair go, we’re happy to see that Keisel said goodbye to his beard as part of the “Sheer Da Beard” promotion…Read More

Kevin Love shaves beard, leaves mustache (Picture)

Are we looking at Kevin Love 2.0? The Timberwolves forward slimmed down over the summer and showed up for the season with a completely new look. Not only had he lost plenty of weight, but he also was sporting a beard. Well it looks Love is changing up his look. He tweeted the above picture…Read More

James Harden’s mom has had enough of his beard

As scraggly and grotesque as James Harden‘s beard has become, you’ve got to admit it’d be weird to see him without it. Even he has developed a cosmetic attachment to it. But much like any mom, Harden’s mother is hardly a fan of her son’s facial sweater. “It’s been over a year. I’m scared to…Read More

Wes Welker Is Breaking Out the Playoff Mustache (Picture)

It’s been said (by absolutely no one) that a man’s worth is measured by the length of his mustache. With that in mind, Patriots receiver Wes Welker has spent the past few weeks growing a mustache. Welker just started a Twitter account a few weeks ago and it’s been extremely entertaining. When he’s not sharing…Read More

Todd Haley is Rocking a Grizzly Week 8 Playoff Beard (Pictures)

After turning in an impressive 2010 campaign, most of us knew the Chiefs were somewhat of a pretender. Very few expected Kansas City to come out this season and enjoy the type of success they had a year ago. When Jamaal Charles went down with a season-ending injury, common sense would tell you the Chiefs…Read More

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