Josh Reddick has a massive beard and wants people to stop telling him to shave it


Josh Reddick plays for the Oakland Athletics. Unlike the New York Yankees, the A’s do not have a strict policy when it comes to facial hair and grooming. Reddick has decided to take full advantage of that. He has begun the 2013 season with one of the grizzliest caveman beards you will ever see, and he has no intention of shaving it. So stop telling him to.

A certain Pittsburgh Steelers player may have had the best beard in sports, but now it’s gone. Hopefully Reddick will be able to raise money for charity if he ever decides to part ways with his mane, but it doesn’t sound like that time is coming in the near future.

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Brett Keisel shaves his beard (Picture)


Before this week, Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Brett Keisel had one of the most radical beards in the NFL, and maybe all of sports. While we’re sad to see his grizzly collection of facial hair go, we’re happy to see that Keisel said goodbye to his beard as part of the “Sheer Da Beard” promotion to benefit the cancer programs at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh at UPMC.

“This is what makes Pittsburgh special,” Keisel said Thursday, via the Steelers official website. “It’s awesome to see Pittsburgh come out again in such droves to support such a great cause. They have grasped on to this idea and really made it what it is today. If the fans didn’t respond to it the way they did, I wouldn’t do it.

“Obviously I enjoy the beard, but knowing at the end of every season how much good it can do, how much help it can create for these kids is special. Going there and seeing them and how brave and strong they are fills me with pride knowing something good is coming from this mane of mine.”

Keisel had been growing his beard for a very, very long time and it even inspired one fan to get this insane tattoo. But at the end of the day, it’s only facial hair. As former MLB star Keith Hernandez and his naked upper lip would tell you, potentially saving a life makes it easier to undo years of hard work and avoiding razors.

Photos via Twitter/Brett Keisel
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Kevin Love shaved his mustache and beard and looks like a little kid (Picture)

When Kevin Love shaved the beard last week and left nothing but the mustache, you had to wonder how long he was going to keep the look. The answer is less than a few days.

Love showed up at practice on Saturday with the mustache shaved, startling his teammates and the media that covers the team.

“Ok, he doesn’t look like a mexican anymore but I think he looks even worst… Here is our superstar,” Ricky Rubio wrote, in a fairly racist tweet.

“He looks like he’s about 12 years old,” coach Rick Adelman said. “I don’t think anybody recognized him.”

So why did Love decide to shave the ‘stache?

“I was going to keep it, but I couldn’t look in the mirror and see my dad every time,” Love said.

Congrats Kevin, and now you can look forward to getting carded at every bar and club you go to the next few months.

Photo via Ricky Rubio

Kevin Love shaves beard, leaves mustache (Picture)

Are we looking at Kevin Love 2.0? The Timberwolves forward slimmed down over the summer and showed up for the season with a completely new look. Not only had he lost plenty of weight, but he also was sporting a beard. Well it looks Love is changing up his look. He tweeted the above picture on Thursday from a barber’s chair asking fans “What do you think of my new haircut?”

If by “new haircut,” he means “totally awesome mustache,” then the answer is I think it’s tremendous. Good luck, Love.

James Harden’s mom has had enough of his beard

As scraggly and grotesque as James Harden‘s beard has become, you’ve got to admit it’d be weird to see him without it. Even he has developed a cosmetic attachment to it. But much like any mom, Harden’s mother is hardly a fan of her son’s facial sweater.

“It’s been over a year. I’m scared to touch it,” Harden explained to ESPN Radio’s Doug Gottlieb. “That’s the sad part about it. I’m scared to touch it because I’m scared to see what I look like without my beard. I’ve gotten accustomed to it and used to it, even though my mom wants me to cut it bad. She keeps telling me to cut it or trim it down a little bit. But I keep telling her no.

“It’s tough cause it’s your mom, so you don’t want to tell her no. But at the same time, it’s like, this is who I am now. It’s The Beard. Everybody knows me by my beard now. It’s tough to tell her no, but mom has to know this is who I am.”

It’s not easy to defy your mom’s wishes. I say good for Harden. He’s a great player, but not a household name. Without it, he risks becoming just another guy on the Thunder not named Westbrook or Durant. But with it, he becomes “that homeless-looking guy.” He’s right: The beard is his identity now.

Harden’s mom should learn embrace her son’s look. In the end, he’s still an otherwise normal person who just happens to have a beard of a comical proportions. And at least he’s not like that other weirdo known for a beard.

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Photo credit: Richard Rowe, US Presswire

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says Matt Kenseth Owes Him $2,500 From Facial Hair Bet

If Matt Kenseth is a man of his word, he had better get Dale Earnhardt Jr. the $2,500 he owes him sometime in the near future.  The two drivers recently agreed upon one of the manliest man bets you can think of.  According to the L.A. Times, Kenseth showed up to Earnhardt Jr.’s 70s-themed New Year’s Eve party rocking a beard.  Apparently Dale Jr. saw the beard and had to bet Kenseth $2,500 that he wouldn’t keep it until the Daytona 500 test sessions.  The first of those test laps took place on Thursday.

“We actually sent a few texts back and forth to confirm the bet, and he shaved his beard,” Earnhardt said. “I told him to go to the bank, but maybe he forgot. I want my $2,500.”

Kenseth downplayed the bet, saying he would have kept the beard if not for all the photo shoots and interviews he was told he had to do this week.  Well isn’t he just a celebrity?

“(I was told) you’ve got to do a photo here and you’ve got to do this interview and do a photo shoot there,” Kenseth explained. “So I guess I lost. I’ll try to scrounge (the money) up somewhere, I guess.”

The bottom line is Dale Jr. is still rocking a burly man beard, so if there was a gentleman’s wager Kenseth needs to square up.  If there are two things men don’t screw around with, they are gambling and facial hair.

Wes Welker Is Breaking Out the Playoff Mustache (Picture)

It’s been said (by absolutely no one) that a man’s worth is measured by the length of his mustache. With that in mind, Patriots receiver Wes Welker has spent the past few weeks growing a mustache.

Welker just started a Twitter account a few weeks ago and it’s been extremely entertaining. When he’s not sharing pictures of himself serving his girlfriend breakfast in bed, he’s been tweeting about staches. He announced his plans to grow a straight Foxboro cop ‘stache recently and the stubble above is the product thus far. Maybe in a couple of weeks he’ll be able to match Aaron Rodgers.

Picture Credit: Wes Welker on Twitter