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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather not bothering with trash talk for Canelo Alvarez

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a masterful self-promoter, but he is not necessarily known as a huge trash talker. Sure, he’ll trash talk plenty if it’s called for, but he has been pretty respectful of opponents in the past. Why is that? Because he hand picks his opponents and only fights guys he knows he can…Read More

WBC made solid gold belt for Mayweather-Alvarez winner

Boxing organizations such as the WBC are absolutely meaningless. They are b.s. organizations with b.s. rules, b.s. champions and b.s. contenders. Oh, and they’re all on the payroll of promoters, too. But we have to give credit where it’s due — the WBC did do something very cool for the Floyd Mayweather Jr.-Canelo Alvarez fight….Read More

Kobe Bryant has a Vino Club and there are only four members

If you thought the Skull and Bones or Illuminati were the most exclusive clubs in the country, you were wrong. That distinction belongs to “Vino Club,” which is a group of elite entertainers, whose membership is determined by Vino himself — Kobe Bryant. And Bryant inducted a new member on Thursday night. After watching Peyton…Read More

Floyd Mayweather only wears boxers once

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is nicknamed “Money” for very good reasons. The guy is always flossing his cash, showing off his jewelry and cars, partying, and living the VIP lifestyle. But there are some things he does that just shows his wealth is on another level. Tim Keown wrote an excellent profile on Mayweather for ESPN…Read More

Floyd Mayweather has new girlfriend from The Money Team?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has many women in his life, but it looks like he may have a new one that’s earning the top spot in his rotation. We told you earlier in the month that it looked like Money’s relationship with fiancee Shantel Jackson was over, and that still appears to be the case. That…Read More

Canelo Alvarez: Floyd Mayweather will bring out my best

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez are ramping up the promotion for their Sept. 14 fight in Las Vegas, and both hosted media workouts this week. The two fighters appear to be focused, training hard, and well prepared for their opponent. Canelo thinks he will be at his best for the fight, and a wise…Read More

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