Here’s what Frank Martin did to earn a 1-game suspension (GIF)

Frank MartinI’m sure you’re just shocked — shocked I say! — to find out that Frank Martin has been suspended a game for cussing out one of his players.

Martin was caught on camera cussing out freshman guard Duane Notice during South Carolina’s loss to Florida on Tuesday.

“The one-game suspension is a result of inappropriate verbal communication as it relates to the well-being of our student-athletes,” said athletic director Ray Tanner in a statement.

Martin is known for being a hothead and exploding on his players or being ticked off in interviews, so this is nothing new. It doesn’t take much in the way of lip-reading skills to figure out what he yelled at Notice, either.

Associate head coach Matt Figger will act as head coach on Saturday at Mississippi State.

I have to figure that he’s only being punished because he was caught on TV doing it. I mean Bob Knight wouldn’t have been eligible to coach a game if he were suspended for every time he cussed out a player.

Frank Martin rips South Carolina: I’ve never been more embarrassed to be a coach

Frank-Martin-South-CarolinaSouth Carolina basketball coach Frank Martin is not off to a great start in his first year with the program. The Gamecocks are currently 12-12, and almost all of their wins came before conference play began. They’ve lost nine of their last 11 games, and Thursday night’s 64-46 beat-down at the hands of LSU was the team’s fifth straight loss.

The loss infuriated Martin. To say that he bashed his team in his postgame press conference would be a legendary understatement.

“If you take (point guard) Bruce Ellington off our team, you’d probably have the 12 leading candidates for the starring roles in ‘The Return of the Living Dead,’ the zombie movie,” Martin said, via The Post and Courier. “If you took Bruce off our team, our guys would probably win an Academy (Award) for their performance in that movie. I’ve been doing this for 28 years, nine of which as a junior varsity high school coach. That means I’ve dealt with 14-year-olds. I’ve never been more embarrassed to call myself a basketball coach than I am today.

“If this was the NBA, we’d fine them, we’d take their money, we’d release them and say, ‘Good luck with ever finding another job.’ It’s not the NBA. So we’re in education. Somehow, some way, we have to reach them. It’s embarrassing.”

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A Pissed Off Frank Martin Just Wants His Team to Play a Little Defense (Video)

Frank Martin is an intense dude. The guy could kill you with a stare. Even Medusa turns to stone at the site of him. So you can only imagine how pissed he was when his team lost at home to Baylor 75-73 Tuesday.

When asked what his team needed to do to improve for the rest of the season, he gave one FOX Sports reporter the look of death. Watch the video, but be careful not to stare directly into Martin’s eyes:

Though his team shot 50%, they allowed Baylor to shoot 54%. We’re also guessing that Martin wasn’t too thrilled with his team’s 20 turnovers.

For our sake, I hope Kansas State continues to have some struggles because it leads to fantastic videos like that. Just nobody tell Frank I said that; I don’t want to end up dead.

Frank Martin Stands up for Jacob Pullen on Twitter After Draft Snub

The 2011 NBA Draft was full of surprises, starting with the Cavaliers’ selection of Tristan Thompson at No. 4 overall, and the Knicks’ pick of former bench warmer Josh Harrelson 45th overall. One player who didn’t get drafted was Kansas State guard Jacob Pullen. That outcome was to be expected because Pullen wasn’t considered a top prospect, but it didn’t make things any less disappointing for Kansas State coach Frank Martin. The fiery character objected to his star player getting the draft snub and sounded off on twitter as The Dagger pointed out:

I don’t work 4 the NBA nor do I understand the NBA but I do understand winning. Look back at Jacob Pullen’s record vs. The guys that got drafted. You will find that he won a lot and also had a better game from a matchup standpoint. Some people like team pictures I like winning so give me Jacob and Denis Clemente every time.”

A couple of things on Jacob, he led the Big 12 in scoring in league play, top 5 in assists, only player that was a unanimous pick 4 all def team. His team won over 50 games his last 2 yrs, his team finished in top 4 of Big 12 every yr. However he is 6′ not 6’3″ so he is not good enough. Give me a break..jacob stay strong and keep ur faith u will succeed. I’ve said the same things 2 Haslem and Barea. U r a winner.”

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