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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Articles tagged: Frank Martin

Here’s what Frank Martin did to earn a 1-game suspension (GIF)

I’m sure you’re just shocked — shocked I say! — to find out that Frank Martin has been suspended a game for cussing out one of his players. Martin was caught on camera cussing out freshman guard Duane Notice during South Carolina’s loss to Florida on Tuesday. “The one-game suspension is a result of inappropriate…Read More

Frank Martin Stands up for Jacob Pullen on Twitter After Draft Snub

The 2011 NBA Draft was full of surprises, starting with the Cavaliers’ selection of Tristan Thompson at No. 4 overall, and the Knicks’ pick of former bench warmer Josh Harrelson 45th overall. One player who didn’t get drafted was Kansas State guard Jacob Pullen. That outcome was to be expected because Pullen wasn’t considered a…Read More

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