Philadelphia Eagles OT Todd Herremans rocking haircut inspired by show ‘Vikings’


Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Todd Herremans showed up to training camp this week with a fantastic new haircut. The nine-year veteran told Martin Frank of the Delaware News Journal that the new look was inspired by “Vikings,” but he’s not talking about the ones in purple uniforms from Minnesota. Herremans is a big fan of the History Channel show “Vikings.”

Here’s another look at his unique hairstyle, which has created quite the buzz (no pun intended) early on:

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Fan shaved Kyrie Irving’s name into his hair

Kyrie Irving hair

Kyrie Irving’s fans in Australia seem to be just as passionate as any of the ones he has in the US.

Irving, who was born in Melbourne because his father was playing pro ball in Australia at the time, hosted a basketball camp in Melbourne this week. One of the campers impressed the 2012 NBA Rookie of the Year with a special haircut — the camper had Irving’s full name shaved into his hair:

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Rockies fan with the crazy mohawk goes Troy Tulowitzki this time (Picture)


Colorado Rockies mohawk dude is back for another season. This time, he is paying homage to All-Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki with his ridiculously high hair.

If you remember, this same fan was in attendance when the Rockies played the Arizona Diamondbacks in the playoffs last season. We also showed you several pictures that prove he uses his mohawk to support all of the other collegiate and professional sports teams in the Colorado area. This guy has found a unique way to show his fanhood and he keeps rolling with it. I ain’t mad at him for that.

Photo via Reddit

Kenjon Barner may have the best hair of any NFL Draft prospect

Kenjon Barner hair

Kenjon Barner spent the day at ESPN on Tuesday, and the former Oregon running back brought his swag with him.

Barner has been working on his new hairstyle for the past few months, and it was in peak form this week. Just look at it. Shaved on the sides, nice and curly and frizzy on top. He’s like halfway to “Coneheads.” It’s not quite a Kid from Kid ‘n Play, because his hair curves inward to form a trapezoid rather than going straight up to form the box for a flat-top. His hair is so neat and compact on top, it’s like at Benihana when the chef packs the rice into one of those bowls and flips it upside down before placing it on your plate. Yeah, I’m going to call this the Benihana hair.

Barner routinely ran a fast forty time at workouts and can be a speed back in the NFL. He is projected to be selected on the final day of the draft. His hair is projected to be a first-round pick.

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LeBron James’ sons have awesome Kid ‘n Play haircuts (Picture)

LeBron James' sons Kid 'N Play

The contest for best haircut on an athlete’s son is over. Everyone else can go home. LeBron James’ sons win.

James shared the photo you see above on his Instagram and Twitter accounts early Wednesday morning, captioning it, “New House Party movie coming soon! Starring Bronny and Bryce #aintgonehurtnobody.”

In case you’re unfamiliar, Kid ‘n Play (pictured on the right) are an early-90s hip-hop group known for their raps and dance moves. They were the main characters in three different versions of “House Party,” which James references. I was more of a “Class Act” guy — Doug E. Doug owned in that movie — but House Party was solid.

LeBron James Jr. aka “Bronny” needs about four more inches to match Kid’s famous hi-top fade, but we’ll give him credit for even rocking the classic ‘do in the first place. The big question is, can LeBron’s sons do the Funky Charleston?

Photo credit: Instagram/LeBron James

Nick Young gets a horrible haircut (Picture)


Philadelphia 76ers guard Nick Young has a very unique sense of fashion. His new haircut reminds us of that.

On Monday, Young shared a photo on Twitter of his new haircut. Much like a mullet, the new look is business in the front and a party in the back. Basically Young just had his head buzzed but left everything at the bottom of his hairline near his neck.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be. This is the same dude who decided it was a good idea to wear this horrible shirt to a press conference during the playoffs last year. Either he likes screwing with people, or Young just enjoys looking bad.

Coyotes goalie Mike Smith gets a haircut, now has a mean mullett (Picture)


Prior to this week, Phoenix Coyotes goalie Mike Smith had been growing out his hair for a very long time. As you can see from the photo above on the left, he had one of the raddest hairstyles in the NHL for all of last season and into this year. Many fans will be disappointed to hear that Smith recently cut his hair — until they see his new haircut.

The photo above on the right shows Smith’s new haircut, which is nothing shy of phenomenal. If you thought authentic mulletts became extinct in the 1980s, think again. Evander Kane may have decided to go modern with the rapper-influenced haircut he recently got, but Smith is here to keep things old school. Here is a straight-on shot that the Coyotes posted on Twitter:

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