Grant Hill on Steve Nash joining Lakers: It’s like going from Carolina to Duke

Grant Hill left Phoenix for Los Angeles like his former Suns teammate Steve Nash, but they chose different teams. Hill signed with the Clippers while Nash was traded to the Lakers. When asked about Nash going from the Suns to a team he hated, Hill put it in college rivalry terms.

“That’s like transferring from Duke and going to Carolina,” Hill told Dan Bickley and Mike Jurecki during an interview on KGME-AM Monday.

Hill of course went to Duke and won two national championships there, so he never would have considered transferring to the Blue Devils’ biggest rival. And unlike Nash who asked to go to the Lakers, Hill chose the Clippers. The story of how he ended up with them is pretty interesting.

Hill indicated that he really only met with the Clippers as a favor to Vinny Del Negro.

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Bulls Fans Swears and Spits at Grant Hill

By now we all know at least something about the feud between Duke and Michigan that the documentary, The Fab Five, brought back into light.  In particular, Jalen Rose had plenty of not-so-nice things to say about Duke and the players they recruit.  Bobby Hurley fired back at Rose, but the real war of words emerged between Rose and Grant Hill, who took offense to Jalen calling black players that play for Duke “Uncle Toms.”

Rather than letting it grow into something ridiculous, Rose and Hill both decided to be professionals and settle their differences.  They took to Twitter and supposedly met face-to-face, concluding that they respect one another’s opinion and would let bygones be bygones.  Unfortunately, there are people who are still not over it.

On Wednesday, Pro Basketball Talk shared a story with us about a Chicago Bulls fan that swore at and attempted to spit on Hill.  Grant became understandably upset and had to be held back by a security guard.

“He said some profanity and spit in my direction,” Hill said. “I’m not going to let somebody spit at me. He knew he did wrong because he took off running.”

No fan should be acting like that toward any player, but it’s almost worse to do it to Grant Hill.  He’s known across the NBA for being a class act and is very well liked.  Not to mention, he has every right to be offended by Rose’s comments.  The security guard should have let Hill deck the guy.