Greg Gumbel confuses Archie Miller for brother Sean in awkward interview (Video)

Archie Miller has quickly become a household name as Dayton charges through the NCAA Tournament. The 11-seeded Flyers have advanced to the Sweet 16 after stunning both Ohio State and Syracuse. They may have to win one more game before Greg Gumbel stops confusing Archie with his brother.

Sean Miller, Archie’s brother, coaches Arizona. Gumbel’s first mistake was calling Archie “Sean” multiple times. He then made the mistake of saying both Dayton and Arizona are in the Sweet 16.

“Sean, I sure hope you’re happier on the inside than you appear to be on the outside, because you and your brother are going to the Sweet 16,” Gumbel said.

The Wildcats will take on Gonzaga in the Round of 32 on Sunday evening, so they aren’t quite there yet. Archie obviously had no idea how to respond to the gibberish Gumbel had just thrown at him, and things got awkward in a hurry. Gumbel muttered something else before the network seemingly decided to cut the interview off.


It certainly wasn’t Greg’s brightest moment. I’d never confuse Archie for Sean because I’m kind of in love with Archie’s wife at the moment. Gumbel must not have taken a look at her yet.

Video via @cjzero

Greg Gumbel Calls CBS ESPN (Video)

During March Madness, a lot of broadcasters do some double dipping — especially with the new, brilliant coverage schedule.  Guys like Charles Barkley have strayed away from their normal duties to cover college basketball.  This is not the case for Greg Gumbel, who has worked for CBS and covered professional football and college basketball since 1988.  That didn’t stop him from having a brain fart on Sunday and calling his employer of 20-plus years ESPN.  Check out the Greg Gumbel ESPN screw-up video, courtesy of Mocksession:

Tisk, tisk.  Had Gumbel said something like, “we bring you more NFL action after this,” it would have been excusable.  Reverting to his Sportscenter anchor days was completely random.  If not for YouTube and sports blogs, he probably would have gotten away with it.  Glad we could help.