James Harrison having a ball over the heat on Roger Goodell

James-Harrison-Says-Kyle-Orton-Talks-TrashJames Harrison was once the most-fined players in the NFL. Roger Goodell was his constant nemesis. Now that Goodell finds himself in the middle of a scandal with nothing but negative attention on him, the former Steelers linebacker is loving how the tables have turned.

Check out some of the tweets Harrison sent on Wednesday:

Harrison then went on to say that the league’s Collective Bargaining Agreement gave Goodell too much power and that’s why his Steelers didn’t approve it.

Rest assured that Harrison isn’t the only one enjoying the heat on the commish. Here’s 49ers lineman Anthony Davis:

James Harrison flips the bird to ‘Hard Knocks’ cameras

The first episode of HBO’s “Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cincinnati Bengals” debuted on Tuesday, and one thing stood out immediately: James Harrison is not a fan of the show. Rather, Harrison is not a fan of having a camera follow him around to record everything he does while he’s busy working.

See, Harrison played his entire career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, a traditional organization that would never have the type of nonsense and distraction that comes with turning your football team into a reality TV show. It’s obvious he still holds that mentality, because nobody treated the “Hard Knocks” cameramen with more disdain than him.

Each time Harrison was shown on camera — whether it was doing media interviews or participating in team meetings — he turned his back to the camera. He even went out of his way to flip the bird to the camera.

One time, he walked straight up to the camera recording the team in a meeting room and put up his middle finger (seen below):

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James Harrison signs with Cincinnati Bengals

James HarrisonToo bad I already wrote up my list of the best revenge games on the 2013 NFL schedule, because James Harrison returning to Pittsburgh will definitely be intense.

Harrison signed a two-year deal with the Cincinnati Bengals on Friday, ending a week-long process of negotiations.

The 2008 NFL Defensive Player of the Year is psyched about going to his new team:

Though Harrison is turning 35 in May and had knee surgery before last season, he was still effective. Harrison had 70 tackles, six sacks, and two forced fumbles in 13 games last season. This is a great addition for the Bengals, and you better believe Harrison will be motivated to prove the Steelers wrong.

The Bengals visit Pittsburgh in Week 15.

James Harrison: I hit opponents in the knees now, even though it’s no safer

James Harrison has had an extremely quiet season with the Pittsburgh Steelers, by James Harrison’s standards. His sack numbers are down, but he has also kept his name free of talk about concussions and illegal hits. The Pro Bowl linebacker says that is because he has been aiming a lot lower.

“I’ve really lowered my target area to where it’s down around the knees,” Harrison told Mike and Mike on Friday morning, via Pro Football Talk. “Situations come along where you could tackle the guy high. I don’t do that anymore. I tackle the guy low.”

Of course, Harrison didn’t have an epiphany and wake up one morning seeing things Roger Goodell’s way. Instead, it sounds like he had an agenda in explaining his new style of tackling. He then went into a discussion about how he strained Denver Broncos receiver Eric Decker’s MCL in the playoffs last year.

“I could have tackled him high, but if I had hit him high, I probably would have gotten a helmet-to-helmet or something and gotten fined,” Harrison said. “So I hit him low and strained his MCL. … They’re saying it’s a life-threatening injury to hit a guy in the head and he gets a concussion and so on and so forth, but I think a life-threatening injury is to go low on a guy and blow out his ACL or whatever, and he’s not able to come back the way he was before. Now he can’t make a living, he can’t feed his family, he can’t do what he does. That’s life-threatening to me.”

You can certainly make the argument that targeting an opponent’s knees is just as dangerous for their career, and I understand where Harrison is coming from. However, the NFL is trying to avoid lawsuits from players who suffer from long-term brain damage. A player’s quality of life after football is less likely to be affected by a leg injury than a head injury.

All we can do now is wait and see if hits like this one and this one have been put in Harrison’s past.

James Harrison doesn’t know who Ken Stabler is

Players who compete in the NFL are required to be good at football. They are not required to have any knowledge of the history of the game, but it’s nice when they do. You wouldn’t exactly have to search high and low to find an NFL player who knows who former Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler is. But if your search started with James Harrison it would not end there.

Stabler is leading a concussion lawsuit against the NFL that was filed earlier this week. The lawsuit mentions the NFL’s commercial during Super Bowl 46 which highlighted the NFL timeline and how the rules in the league have changed over the years. Stabler and others take issue with the fact that the commercial did not point out “how recidivist violators like James Harrison are allowed to continue to play the game.” Harrison does not care what Stabler thinks, because he claims to have no idea who he is.

During an interview with Tim Benz of WXDX radio on Thursday, Harrison claimed he was not aware of the lawsuit or that it mentioned his name. When Benz told him that it was brought forth by Ken Stabler and other former NFL players, Harrison gave the following response.

“Who is — Ken who?” he asked before being reminded that he was a former Raiders quarterback. “Who is that? Never heard of him. His opinion doesn’t matter to me.”

Stabler isn’t exactly one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game, but he did win a Super Bowl, play on four Pro Bowl teams and win a league MVP award in 1974. I guess it’s somewhat possible that Harrison has never heard of him, but given James’ track record of acting like an a-hole he probably wouldn’t admit it if he did.

James Harrison is not a fan of the Steelers 1932 throwback jerseys

The idea behind wearing throwback jerseys is usually less about fashion and more about preserving history. Based on our modern standards of fashion, most of them are hideous. No one actually thinks the navy blue and gold “Titans” jerseys that the Jets wear once or twice a year look good, but the team does it to make a statement about its history. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that it happens to be another way to boost merchandise sales, but I’m sure no teams think about money when they do it. In any event, the Steelers recently unveiled their 80th anniversary jerseys that they will wear this season, and James Harrison is not a fan.

Considering Harrison has a history of using his Twitter account to complain about everything, this isn’t a surprise. Of course the uniforms are ugly — they’re from 1932. I’m sure he won’t mind the extra cash in his pocket when he sees these jerseys walking around with a No. 92 on the back of them.

James Harrison on Patriots losing: ‘Cheaters never win’

James Harrison admitted he was looking for a reaction with his post-Super Bowl comments, and he’s getting one. The Steelers linebacker tweeted shortly after the Patriots’ loss to the Giants that cheaters never win.

His teammate Ryan Clark tweeted similar thoughts, saying “0-2 post spy gate! Just saying!!”

What they said doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. New England still has won plenty since being busted for filming opposing teams’ signals. The only thing they haven’t done is win a Super Bowl.

Former Giants receiver Amani Toomer said before the game that if the Pats lost, their three Super Bowls deserved asterisks. We questioned his logic; suspicion about three previous Super Bowl wins is independent of the team’s Super Bowl success or failure now.

The Patriots filmed opposing teams because it obviously gave them an edge. But we believe they’re no longer cheating, yet they’re still having winning seasons, and they still have reached two Super Bowls since then. I don’t think they lost this game because they didn’t have the Giants’ signals on film. I firmly believe they were two drops away from winning two more Super Bowls.

If there is some sort of Super Bowl karma for unsportsmanlike conduct, then it doesn’t explain how the dirtiest player in the NFL won a ring in 2008.