Jayson Werth does not want your microphone in his face (Video)


The Washington Nationals lost a tough game to the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday, allowing their division rivals to take three out of four games against them and tighten the gap between second and third place in the NL East. Jayson Werth seemed like he was in no mood to answer questions after the game, but he did his best to be polite. That is, until someone touched the beard.

Werth’s beard has been featured on cupcakes and worshipped by MLB analysts during the playoffs, so it has kind of become a sacred symbol for Nats fans over the past few seasons. When a reporter touched it with a microphone on Thursday, he snapped and abruptly ended his interview. Check out the video:

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Jayson Werth using ‘Werewolves in London’ as at-bat music (Video)

Jayson-Werth-beardWashington Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth has one of the most recognizable beards in sports. If he ever signed a contract with the New York Yankees and had to shave, the amount of people who are able to identify Werth would probably decrease by at least 75%. That’s why the at-bat music he has been using during the Nats’ opening series of the year against the Miami Marlins is priceless.

As you can see from the video above that The Nats Enquirer shared with us, Werth strolled to the plate with Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves in London” blaring in the background on Wednesday. Dan Steinberg of DC Sports Bog pointed out that the music even led to some howling among Nationals fans on Opening Day.

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Bryce Harper’s first of two homers caught by Jayson Werth look-a-like (Picture)


How did opening day treat Bryce Harper? Put it this way: the 20-year-old phenom is on pace to hit 324 home runs this season. Harper hit a pair of home runs — in his first two at-bats of the season — and accounted for the only two RBIs of the game in the Washington Nationals’ 2-0 win over the Miami Marlins on Monday afternoon.

To make matters more exciting, a Jayson Werth look-a-like caught Harper’s first home run. As you can see from the photo above that DC Sports Bog passed along, the lucky fan was in full uniform and rocking the classic Werth beard and a pair of sunglasses. The MLB season may be only a day old, but we’ve already received a fantastic edition to our growing list of look-a-like fans.

As for the game itself, Nationals fans have to be thrilled with the way things played out. There is still a very, very long way to go, but Harper’s two home runs and Stephen Strasburg’s dominating seven innings of three-hit, no-run ball serve as a reminder that the franchise’s plan is coming to fruition. Assuming they can remain healthy, the Nats should be one of the most exciting teams in baseball all season long.

Photo via @jtannenwald

David Wells, news anchors rock Jayson Werth beards after walk-off homer (Pictures)

And just like that, Jayson Werth is a celebrity in the nation’s capital. Earlier today we showed you this fantastic cupcake that was designed in Werth’s honor on Thursday night. As you can see from the photo above that Lauren DeMarco of Fox 5 in Washington, D.C. tweeted, local bakers weren’t the only ones who caught Werth fever after his big walk-off homer in Game 4 against the St. Louis Cardinals, tying the NLDS at two games a piece.

The Fox 5 crew got ready for Game 5 on Friday by breaking out some big grizzly beards and going about their business.  They weren’t the only ones to pull the stunt on live television, as David Wells paid homage to Werth’s hair on Thursday night. Via Big League Stew:

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Jayson Werth is now a cupcake, beard and all (Picture)

With one swing of a bat, Jayson Werth transformed himself from frustrating $126 million man into postseason hero on Thursday night. The Nationals forced a Game 5 in the NLDS against the Cardinals thanks to Werth’s walk-off home run, which earned him the right to have himself turned into a cupcake.

As you can see from the photo above, Lara Stuckey from Fluffy Thoughts Cakes designed a fantastic Werth cupcake after watching his game-winning homer.

“We’ve been selling Nats cupcakes all week,” Stuckey told Sarah Kogod of D.C. Sports Bog. “But after last night, we knew that we had to make a special one just for Werth.”

Stuckey said the Werth cupcakes go for $5.00 each. Regular Nationals cupcakes sell for $2.50 and have been a huge hit. As we learned from works of art like this cake or this fruit arrangement that were modeled after Thunder star James Harden, popular players with beards can inspire people do some pretty amazing things.

Jayson Werth makes sweet unintentional bare-handed catch (Video)

Jayson Werth made highlight reels for a sweet bare-handed grab he made on Sunday — but the twist is he did it by accident. Chase Utley hit a fly ball to right and Werth ran toward the gap to make the catch. The announcer said the wind had moved the ball over, which makes sense, because Werth misplayed it and ended up catching the ball with his bare hand instead of his glove.

The play reminds us of the classic Kevin Mitchell bare-handed catch made when he misjudged an Ozzie Smith slicing fly ball down the line so badly he had to reach up with his throwing hand to snag the ball:

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Jayson Werth says Phillies fans yelled ‘you deserve it’ when he broke his wrist

For the second time in a week, fans from Philadelphia have been accused of cheering for an opponent’s injury. We know Sixers fans cheered when Joakim Noah went down during a game last Friday because we could hear it on the broadcast. According to Jayson Werth, Phillies fans pulled the same classless move on Sunday night when he broke his wrist at Nationals Park.

“After walking off the field feeling nauseous knowing my wrist was broke and hearing Philly fans yelling ‘You deserve it,’ and, ‘That’s what you get,’ I am motivated to get back quickly and see to it personally those people never walk down Broad Street in celebration again,” Werth wrote in an email to the Washington Post.

Whether Werth deserved the astronomical amount of money the Nationals gave him or not, you can’t fault him for taking it. Apparently some of the fans in Philadelphia do. Does it surprise us that they feel Werth deserved to break his wrist simply because he left via free agency? If we were talking about a fan base that didn’t have a history of making players’ fiancees cry or throwing beer at opponents, we might scratch our heads a little. Unfortunately, it’s just reaffirms what we already knew.

Photo credit: Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE