Hope Solo 911 tapes released from night of altercation involving Jerramy Stevens

Jerramy-Stevens-mug-shotThe 911 tapes from the night of the altercation at Hope Solo’s home in November have been released. The call, which was placed by Solo’s brother Marcus Solo, helps paint a better picture of how confusing the situation was and why it led to Jerramy Stevens avoiding a domestic violence charge.

Toward the beginning of the 911 call, Marcus Solo explains to the dispatcher that there was a physical altercation inside the home and that a woman was thrown to the ground and may have injured her hip. He also said that a stun gun was used during the melee and that an “innocent bystander” was hurt. When the dispatcher began asking Marcus for names and specifics, he would not comply.

“Who was the person who was the instigator?” the dispatcher asked.

“We won’t go there,” Marcus replied. “Please get here.”

Toward the end of the phone call, Hope Solo can be heard lecturing her brother about how her husband (Stevens) is going to go to jail because he’s on probation. When police arrived at Solo’s house, they said Stevens “appeared to be hiding” upstairs. They also found Hope with a bloody elbow and Marcus with injuries to his head, eye and knees.

Kirkland Police have completed their domestic violence investigation and sent the case to prosecutors, who are still trying to determine if Stevens will be charged. After the incident, Solo told the media that she has never been hit before and that her life is great. While it’s tough to tell exactly what happened at her house in November, it’s obvious her brother did not help matters by being so vague.

Jerramy Stevens arrested for violating probation

Jerramy Stevens was arrested on Wednesday in Florida for violation of his probation, Larry Brown Sports has confirmed.

A rep at the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office told LBS that the Florida Department of Corrections issued a warrant for Stevens’ arrest for violation of his probation. LBS was informed that Stevens’ arrest by the Kirkland Police Department on Nov. 12 for an alleged fourth-degree domestic violence assault is what violated the terms of his probation.

Stevens is on probation until October 2013 for an Oct. 2010 marijuana possession charge, and we are told he was arrested by his probation officer.

The arrest occurred around 10:00 am per the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s website and Stevens was booked just over an hour later.

The former Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Seattle Seahawks tight end was in court on Nov. 13 to fight the alleged domestic violence charge the day of his wedding. He is married to soccer player Hope Solo, who denied being hit.

News of Stevens’ latest arrest was first passed along by Pro Football Talk.

Jerramy Stevens avoids domestic violence charge day he was to marry Hope Solo

Minutes before LBS was set to publish a report saying Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens were scheduled to be married on Tuesday, we received confirmation about their relationship and marital plans in one of the weirdest ways possible.

Stevens was in court on Tuesday for an alleged domestic violence charge on Solo. He was arrested for alleged fourth-degree assault early on Monday morning.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer says Hope’s brother Marcus called police to a house in Kirkland, Washington, because there were unwanted men trying to get into a party at the house early Monday morning. He reportedly used a stun gun while allegedly fighting them.

Police found Hope Solo with blood on her elbow, and they reportedly found Stevens laying on the floor of an upstairs bedroom where he claimed he was asleep, though officers believed he was hiding. He had dried blood on his shirt and reportedly had no answer for how it got there.

Police must make arrests on domestic violence calls, so they arrested Stevens on suspicion of fourth-degree assault because of the blood. He was in court on Tuesday for the alleged charge but was released after the judge found no evidence that domestic violence occurred.

King TV reporter Chris Daniels adds many more details to the story. Daniels reports that police said Solo and Stevens were arguing over whether they would live in Florida or Washington after they got married on Tuesday. He says court documents list Stevens and Solo’s fiance, and that they have been together for two months.

Being in court is nothing new for Stevens. We listed his legal problems at the bottom of this article. This 2009 Post Intelligencer article also details how bad of a guy he is. You honestly have to question Solo’s sanity for her to be with him.

Here are photos via Chris Daniels of both Solo and Stevens in court:

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Hope Solo and Jerramy Stevens reportedly getting married

Bad news, fellas: It looks like Hope Solo is taken. And she appears to be taken by an ex-football player with whom you’re probably familiar.

Solo and former NFL tight end Jerramy Stevens reportedly are a couple, and they are said to be getting married on Tuesday.

The rumors about the two were mentioned online last month, and they picked up more steam over the past two days. We’ll do our best to piece together the information and tell you what is going on.

The first mention of Solo and Stevens together seemed to come from a tweet by Celebrity TV on Friday Oct. 19:

The next week, The Chicago Tribune confirmed that Solo was at 50/50 watching her Seattle Seahawks play the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday Oct. 18. They mentioned that Stevens was also there, though they didn’t describe him as being together with Solo. Solo was in town for a soccer game on Saturday the 20th against Germany.

This photo, which seemed to have been posted to Instagram, shows Solo and Stevens together. It was posted to a message board on Oct. 23:

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