Rex Ryan supported Eric Decker missing OTA to be with wife Jessie James

Eric Decker wife pregnant

Rex Ryan knows how the old mantra goes: a happy wife is a happy life. That’s why the New York Jets head coach completely supported wide receiver Eric Decker missing a Wednesday OTA practice to be with his wife, Jessie James, to present at the Country Music Television Awards in Nashville Wednesday night.

Though Rex was proud of the team’s near-perfect attendance at the voluntary OTAs, he was in favor of Decker going to the event.

“Well, speaking as a married guy, (I) absolutely recommended that you would go to that, OK? So that would be recommended,” Ryan said via Newsday. “You ask for their support, you need to support them too.

“But this is really voluntary camp,” he added. “Things like this pop up. This is the time to do it. It’s not like it happened during the season. But again, certainly we support Eric and things, and he’d be treated no different than any other teammate regardless of how much they’re making.”

Decker’s wife is a country singer who has performed at Denver Broncos games in the past. She released an album in April, a month after she gave birth to the couple’s first child.

But the best part about her is her sense of humor:

That’s the real reason Rex let Eric go. That, and because she must have nice feet.

Jessie James Decker teased Jets fans before husband signed

Jessie James pregnant

The New York Jets signed Eric Decker to a five-year, $36.25 million contract on Wednesday night. In doing so, they addressed their biggest need by adding the best wide receiver available. Jets fans would have been furious if their team did not end up with Decker. Fans in New York had already envisioned him in green, especially if they read his wife’s tweets.

Shortly after 10 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Jessie James Decker sent the following tweet.

Everyone assumed the tweet meant Eric had signed a new contract, and the Jets were the favorites to land him. However, nothing had been announced yet and Jessie had to do a little backpedaling a few minutes later.

An appointment with a doctor at 10:21 at night? Come on now. Fortunately, Decker ended up signing with the Jets. After seeing what the Patriots did just a few hours earlier, Jets fans would have blown a gasket if Jessie got them excited over nothing.

Eric Decker got good luck butt squeeze on wife Jessie James

Eric Decker wife Jessie James butt

Eric Decker is going into the Super Bowl with an advantage over everyone: he has good karma from his wife, Jessie James.

Jessie James Decker posted the above picture on her Instagram account Saturday, the day before the Super Bowl, of her husband Eric grabbing her butt as part of a massive hug at MetLife Stadium in the Meadowlands. We love her clothes, too.

She’s wearing a great sweatshirt that says “Mrs Decker” on the back, and she has some Denver Broncos-colored socks on under her boots.

Jessie James Mrs Decker

Jessie James is a singer and has her own career in music, in addition to being the wife of the Broncos’ receiver. The two were married last year and have a reality TV show on E! where their goal is to show that reality TV couples can actually work and be drama-free. But they are about to have some drama this offseason — Jessie is pregnant with the couple’s first child, and Eric is likely to end up with a different team because he’ll be a free agent.

As long as Decker gets to take wife Jessie with him wherever he goes, we have a feeling that he’ll be pretty happy. I mean who wouldn’t love a wife who’s cool with her hubby grabbing a handful of the butt and then posting that pic online?

Photo: Instagram/Jessie James

Eric Decker and pregnant wife Jessie do GQ photoshoot

Eric Decker wife pregnant

Eric Decker have almost replaced Tom Brady and Gisele as the most photographed — and photogenic — couple in the NFL. The Denver Broncos wide receiver and his country singer wife were featured in the “Love, Sex & Madness” February issue of GQ, even though Jessie is pregnant with the couple’s first child.

The photoshoot seems to be mostly an advertisement for denim jeans as each slide on the GQ site advertises the clothes they’re wearing in each photo, but there are a few quotes from the couple. For instance, there’s this about their reality show on E! called “Eric & Jessie: Game On.”

“Before we agreed, it was really important for us to clarify: If you’re looking for drama or couples fighting, you’re signing on with the wrong people,” James told GQ.

Jessie has articulated that stance before. In fact, she said she wanted to prove that reality TV show couples can work and get along, and that’s why they were doing the show.

Anyway, you have to be a pretty special couple to be photographed when you’re expecting a baby, and that they definitely are.

Eric Decker wife pregnant

Photo Credit: Ben Watts/GQ

Jessie James is Eric Decker’s ‘thug wife’

Jessie James Thug wife

Jessie James and Eric Decker remain America’s most fun celebrity couple.

James and Decker got married in June and had a reality TV show on E! come out shortly thereafter. Right around the time of their wedding, they must have conceived, because James is currently 5-6 months pregnant with what will be their first child. She’s also definitely showing a nice baby bump now that she’s getting further along in the process.

James shared this photo on Instagram last week:

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Eric Decker does not mind if you want his wife Jessie James

Jessie James pregnant Eric Decker

Do you want a piece of Eric Decker’s hot wife Jessie James? If so, you’re not alone. And good news for you: Decker won’t take offense if you do. In fact, he views it as a compliment.

The Denver Broncos wide receiver and his wife did an interview with our buddy Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks to promote their reality show on E! In the interview, you get a sense of their humor and playfulness.

How loose is Decker? He says he doesn’t even mind if you show interest in his wife.

“I usually think it’s flattering,” Decker told Traina. “I’ve gotten tweets that say, ‘Can I —- your wife?’ I don’t get upset or get mad. If they said something about her character, I would get mad. But a lot of time, it’s something sexual, so it’s flattering.”

Well what do you think of that? He’s not exactly giving people permission to have fun with his wife like Freak Show in Harold and Kumar, but he does have a good attitude about it. I guess that’s just how you have to be when you have a smokeshow of a wife like James.

Traina also asked James about all the references on the show she makes to Decker’s ahem size, and she was blunt about it, too. That’s not a surprise based on the kinds of jokes she’s cracked on Twitter in the past while watching her husband play.

In related news, the two announced two weeks ago that James is pregnant with their first child. Congrats to them!

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Eric Decker and wife Jessie James are having a baby

Jessie James pregnant Eric Decker

It’s been a busy and exciting week for Eric Decker and wife Jessie James.

On Saturday, James announced via Twitter that she is pregnant and that they are having a baby.

“Excited to share some news with y’all. We are having a baby :)” she wrote, while posting the photo seen above.

James and Decker got married in June after dating for nearly two years. Based on the picture, James appears to be a few months along in her pregnancy.

Decker, who is in his fourth season with the Broncos, put Denver on the board against the Oakland Raiders Monday night with his first touchdown catch of the season. He has 23 career TD receptions.

James is famous in her own right. James is a country singer and even sang at a Broncos game two years ago. The two have a reality show on E! called “Eric & Jessie: Game On,” and Jessie said her goal for being on the show was to prove that reality TV couples could work.

Of course this couple can work. When you have a girl with a sense of humor like James, it’s easy to make it work.

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