Jimmy Kimmel catches people lying about Landon Donovan at World Cup (Video)

Landon Donovan Jimmy KimmelThe latest edition of “Lie Witness News” from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on ABC shows people on Hollywood Blvd. in Los Angeles being asked about Landon Donovan’s performance at the World Cup.

Of course, Donovan was notoriously cut by coach Jurgen Klinsmann before the World Cup and was not a member of the US team. The only thing he did in relation to the World Cup was serve as a commentator for ESPN.

Those being interviewed apparently missed that whole part, because they got him confused with Clint Dempsey, Luis Suarez, and who knows who else. Enjoy the great video.

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Metta World Peace pranked by Jimmy Kimmel Show, ends up calling 911 (Video)

This is so sooo soooo soooooo good.

The Jimmy Kimmel Show teamed up with Amar’e Stoudemire to prank Metta World Peace, and the results were fantastic.

Metta World Peace KimmelAmar’e, who played with Metta on the New York Knicks, got his ex-teammate to speak at a charity event that did not exist. Amar’e and Kimmel sent a limo to pick up Metta and his assistant, and the driver just so happened to be Cousin Sal from Kimmel’s show.

Cousin Sal proceeds to just mess with Metta in every way possible, leading to a nightmare situation for Metta, who is stuck in a car with a super-annoying driver.

Before the prank was revealed, Metta was so irritated he ended up calling 911!

Watch from start to finish, and you won’t be let down.

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The Sochi Olympics wolf was another classic Jimmy Kimmel hoax (Video)

Sochi-Olympics-wolfYou know that video we shared with you on Thursday of what appeared to be a wolf wandering the hallways of one of the Olympic Village dormitories in Sochi? As it turns out, it was indeed a real wolf and not a husky or some other kind of stray dog. The video, on the other hand, was fake. You can thank Jimmy Kimmel for that.

Earlier this week, US luger Kate Hansen agreed to help Kimmel execute his latest internet hoax. Kimmel pulled a similar viral prank months ago with that girl everyone thought accidentally caught on fire while twerking.

“There was a little more backlash than I thought there would be,” Hansen said on Kimmel’s show. “But it was all worth it in the end.”

Kimmel’s crew actually built an exact replica of Hansen’s Olympic dorm hallway to pull off the prank. They then hired a real wolf and took control of Hansen’s Twitter account (with her permission) to set the internet on fire.

“I started hearing people talk around the building,” Hansen said. “Security started freaking out because that technically was a breach within athlete safety. It kind of went a little crazy over here, but we handled it.”

Russian officials, who have had enough problems to deal with before and during the Games, likely did not appreciate the joke. We certainly did.

Yeezus Tour commercial airs on Jimmy Kimmel; Beef with Kanye likely staged

Yeezus Tour Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel that media mastermind is at it again.

A few weeks after the “twerking girl sets herself on fire” video was revealed to be a Kimmel hoax, the late-night TV host was back at it with another prank for publicity.

Kimmel was the target of an angry Twitter tirade from Kanye West on Thursday. Yeezus went off on Kimmel on Twitter, calling the TV host names and seemingly getting upset with the comedian for mocking him in a bit. It didn’t make sense that Kanye would be upset over such a small thing, but this is Kanye we’re talking about, so there’s no telling what could make that powder keg explode.

Kimmel played along with Kanye over Twitter, and then teased everyone by saying he had a phone call with West and that you would have to tune into his show to find out what they discussed. Great marketing, right?

Well if you tuned into Kimmel, you sat through his excellent monologue and had to wait through the first commercial break to find out the Kanye story. Kimmel came back from break and explained what happened, but there really wasn’t much to explain. He didn’t have many details about their supposed phone conversation, except that Kanye was calling himself “Pac” as in late rapper 2Pac. So with viewers dissatisfied over the lack of explanation for the supposed beef, the real reason behind their issue seemed to become clear in the next commercial break — it was all a marketing ploy.

A brief commercial promoting Kanye’s Yeezus Tour aired after Kimmel explained the beef, making it seem obvious that the two collaborated on the bit to get some publicity and headlines.

The commercial was just a few different messages in black and white:

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Kanye West goes on massive all-caps Twitter tirade on Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West went on a massive Twitter tirade against Jimmy Kimmel in response to the comedian mocking him with a spoof on his late-night TV show.

First Kimmel mocked Kanye for the music star’s hour-long interview with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe on Monday. Kimmel jabbed the rapper/entertainer for being his own hype guy and even asking what planet Kanye’s on. Kimmel then played a spoof (seen at the top) of two children recreating the interview. The whole thing was hilarious, but clearly Kanye didn’t find it very funny.

Kanye went on a massive Twitter rant against Kimmel, using all caps the entire time. Below is his rant:

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Jimmy Kimmel was behind video of twerking girl Daphne Avalon catching fire

Last week a video of one of the most epic twerking fails of all time went viral. The video featured a beautiful girl twerking inside her office and then falling onto a coffee table and catching fire after getting knocked over by someone who entered the room.

Daphne Avalon twerkLike Jimmy Traina at SI Hot Clicks, I thought the video was fake because it was a little too scripted. As soon as the girl started twerking up against the wall on the door, you knew something bad was going to happen. But that doesn’t mean the video wasn’t hilarious and fantastic and totally deserving of the 9.4 million YouTube views it received. And it’s quite fitting that the geniuses at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” were behind it, which is what Kimmel revealed in a new YouTube video uploaded on Monday.

Here was the about description of the original YouTube video, which was uploaded by user “Caitlin Heller.”

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Jimmy Kimmel hilariously embarrasses bandwagon Miami Heat fans (Video)

Jimmy-Kimmel-Miami-Heat-fansJimmy Kimmel ran a special NBA Finals edition of his hilarious segment “Lie Witness News” this week with the intention of embarrassing Miami Heat fans. He succeeded. Kimmel’s correspondent interviewed people from South Beach who identified themselves as big Heat fans, and the results were hilarious.

The highlight of the segment had to be the guy who gave his take on Librarius Booker.

It’s one thing to pretend you know a player that doesn’t exist. It’s another to use the person’s name three times and commend them for being a part of what you think is a championship team.

“At the end of the day, Librarius Booker’s gonna have a ring. A lot of people aren’t gonna have a ring at the end of the day, you know what I’m saying? Carmelo’s not gonna have a ring, but Librarius Booker is gonna have a ring.”

That’s all that matters. Whether you’re a superstar with a bruised vulva like LeBron James or a role player like Librarius Booker, the important thing is winning a title.

Kimmel truly is a master at screwing with people. Even Metta World Peace, who is also a master of trolling, could attest to that.

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