Jimmy Rollins told fan ‘shut the f— up’ after hitting walk-off homer (Video)

Jimmy-Rollins-fanAfter an offseason that was filled with turmoil, Jimmy Rollins is off to a hot start with the Philadelphia Phillies. The veteran shortstop has 10 hits in his last 28 at-bats and has driven in 10 runs in the nine games in which he has played. On Saturday night, Rollins hit a walk-off home run to lift the Phillies over the Miami Marlins in extra innings.

Prior to launching the homer, Rollins had apparently been hearing it from a fan in the stands at Citizens Bank Park. That’s why the 35-year-old turned around and yelled “shut the f— up” as he was trotting down the first base line.

“Some fan in the stands was popping off,” Rollins said, via Marc Narducci of the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I don’t know where he was, but it was right behind the dugout and was close enough to yell, and it [ticked] me off.

“I politely told him to shut the f— up.”

Rollins would not say what it was the fan yelled at him, just that it was a “dumb comment.” Perhaps the fan was unhappy with the way the 35-year-old handled the trade rumors surrounding him during the offseason or the comments Rollins made about spring training not being important. In any event, Jimmy got the last laugh on Saturday.

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Jimmy Rollins on trade rumors: ‘I can’t be traded, it doesn’t matter’

jimmy-rollins2Jimmy Rollins and the Philadelphia Phillies are having problems. The 35-year-old veteran is not off to a great start with manager Ryne Sandberg, and their issues went public when Sandberg benched him for a stretch of games last week. Now, there has been speculation that the Phillies could be looking to trade Rollins.

What does Jimmy think of all that? Considering he has played at least 10 seasons in the Major Leagues and has five seasons with his current team, Rollins automatically gets a no-trade clause. So, basically, he doesn’t care what the team wants.

“I can’t be traded,” Rollins told MLB.com’s Todd Zolecki. “It doesn’t matter. I don’t care which way it is tried to be twisted or said, or if it is exactly how it was said, or even if it was said, I can’t be traded. It doesn’t matter. If I was tradable it may have weight because that means I could be moving soon. But I am not tradable and so it doesn’t matter.”

Rollins made it clear that he has absolutely no intention of waiving his 10-and-5 rights. When asked if he is concerned that the organization is trying to force him out of town by making him look bad, Rollins had the following to say.

“It might be a little late for that,” he quipped. “That’s probably happened years ago. You’re persecuted long before the day you’re sentenced. You’re already found guilty or innocent by the people, so it’s a little late for that.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. has vehemently denied that the team is looking to move Rollins.

I understand Rollins’ point that he will make the final call on whether or not he is traded, but we all know it matters. It’s difficult to play in a place where you aren’t wanted, especially as you near the end of your career. The Phillies are in terrible shape and Rollins is not getting along with his manager. A trade might be a blessing at this point.

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Jimmy Rollins on being benched: Ryne Sandberg is obviously upset about something

jimmy-rollins2Jimmy Rollins and Philadelphia Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg appear to be wrapped up in some sort of spring training feud. Rollins claims he is perfectly healthy, yet he was inexplicably scratched from the lineup on Tuesday and Wednesday. He wasn’t penciled in for Thursday’s game against the New York Yankees, either.

It seems obvious that Sandberg has benched Rollins. On Wednesday, the 54-year-old manager praised youngster Freddy Galvis when asked about his play at shortstop. He offered “no comment” when asked about Rollins. As of Thursday morning, Rollins said he had no idea what was going on and that Sandberg hasn’t spoken to him about it.

“Obviously he’s upset about something,” Rollins said in a lengthy interview with Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia Daily News. “That doesn’t mean it’s over the course of spring training, it could have been one specific incident. but he’s upset about it. That’s something when he’s ready, he’ll let me know.”

Rollins added that Charlie Manuel would always tell a player if he had an issue with him, whether the player agreed with it or not. On Monday, Rollins was asked about the Phillies’ offense struggling in spring training and his response was “who cares?” Rollins would not rule out that Sandberg could be upset over that.

“Possibly. You got the point of the conversation, and it’s true. … It’s apples and oranges,” he told Lawrence. “No matter how much you want the orange to taste like an apple, it’s an orange. No matter what. No matter how much you want these games to count for something, when April comes around, people aren’t talking about this.”

Rollins continued to insist he had no idea why he has been removed from the lineup. He did, however, make it clear that he doesn’t agree with it.

“Everyone is allowed to have their opinion,” he said. “That doesn’t make it right.”

Sandberg is obviously setting a message, and I’m sure the “who cares?” comment has plenty to do with it. He’s in his first full season as manager of the team and is likely making an example out of Rollins, who is one of the team’s longest-tenured players.

Jimmy Rollins celebrates walk-off home run with epic crotch chop (GIF)

The Philadelphia Phillies beat the New York Mets 8-7 on Saturday thanks to a Kevin Frandsen pinch-hit, walk-off home run in the bottom of the ninth off Carlos Torres.

The best part about the walk-off win wasn’t Frandsen drilling a ball out of the park on the second pitch he saw, nor was it his sweet helmet toss and high five as he rounded third. Oh no. The best part was the gesture shortstop Jimmy Rollins had waiting for him as he headed toward home plate.

Yup, Rollins was all prepared to welcome Frandsen home with a nice DX crotch chop. His message was approved by Melky Cabrera.

Video of the home run is below:

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Giancarlo Stanton wows Mark Teixeira, Jimmy Rollins with power at WBC

Team USA held its first official workout on Monday in preparation for the World Baseball Classic, and Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton reportedly stole the show. The 23-year-old Stanton is one of the MLB’s brightest young stars. Comments from some of his Team USA teammates, who happen to be some of the game’s best players, reminded us of that.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Mark Teixeira said when asked about Stanton’s batting practice session, via Eye on Baseball. “I’ve played with a lot of guys headed for the Hall of Fame, but I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Stanton reportedly sent towering home runs into the parking lot behind the Arizona Diamondbacks’ spring training facility. The cars were parked well beyond the fence, but the slugger came close to hitting them.

“I think I was OK because my car is in Tampa,” Teixeira said. “Although, with the right wind, he still might be able to hit it.”

Jimmy Rollins was also amazed by the power Stanton displayed.

It’s one thing for the fans and media to talk about how incredible Stanton is, but these are MLB All-Stars who you would think are used to seeing balls fly out of the park. Apparently Stanton stands above all the rest, which isn’t exactly a surprise given his 37 home runs and .608 slugging percentage last year. What is a surprise is that he is only 23, meaning he could be one of the game’s elite players for well over a decade. The Marlins may be listening to offers for Stanton, but they might as well enjoy him while they can. It seems inevitable that he’s going to price his way out of Miami.

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Jimmy Rollins: NL East still goes through Phillies

The Philadelphia Phillies may have only finished third in the NL East with an 81-81 record last season, but that’s not stopping Jimmy Rollins from saying that the division still belongs to his club.

Rollins, who is no stranger to expressing confidence in his club, doesn’t care that the Washington Nationals were the class of the division last season.

“It still runs through Philly,” Rollins said at a benefit earlier this week, via The 700 Level. “[Washington] had one year to win it. It was just like when the Mets took it from Atlanta, it was still up for grabs. I’m sure Atlanta felt it was still theirs, but fortunately we were able to come in and take it the next five years.”

Rollins offered some fair reasoning. He says that the team was “on the mend,” and points out that guys like Roy Halladay will be back. For some reason, he also thinks Cliff Lee performed poorly last season. Someone should tell him that just because Lee couldn’t get a win until July (he finished 6-9) doesn’t mean he didn’t pitch well.

Rollins also said something that should make the fans optimistic about next season.

“Everyone’s a little angry,” Rollins said, “which is good to get a chip on your shoulder and just go back out there and prove that this is still our division, but not only that, but that we’re still World Champions.”

The Phillies are older and breaking down, but they did finish the season strongly. Cole Hamels, Halladay, and Lee in the rotation should keep them competitive, but they need hitting. Their offense has gone downhill and could use a boost.

Jimmy Rollins pulled for not hustling

Two weeks after a billboard went up in Philadelphia criticizing Jimmy Rollins for not hustling, the Phillies shortstop was pulled from a game for repeating the same offense. Rollins did not run hard after popping up in the sixth inning of Thursday’s Phillies-Mets game (pictured above), so he only made it to first instead of second when the ball dropped. He later was tagged out after making a poor decision on a fielder’s choice. The lack of hustle was enough to merit a benching from manager Charlie Manuel.

“I got two rules: Be on time and hustle. And hustle’s part of it,” Manuel said after the game. “Running balls out is definitely part of it.

“It’s a reflection on myself, it’s a reflection on whoever don’t do it, and things like that. It’s a reflection on our team, it’s a reflection on the organization. My frustration grows every time I see anyone not hustle,” said Manuel.

Rollins reacted defiantly when asked after the game if he planned to talk to about being pulled.

“Hell, no,” Rollins said, per Todd Zolecki. “[Charlie Manuel] already told you what happened. There you go.”

It’s about time Manuel addressed the matter. It doesn’t matter what is going on with a player — there is no excuse for not hustling and running out balls hard. Being a former MVP shouldn’t excuse Rollins from this basic expectation.

Below is a video of Charlie Manuel talking about the benching following Philly’s 3-2 win:

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