Vernon Davis, Niners accuse Lions of playing dirty after the whistle

The Lions are no strangers to being accused of dirty play. In particular, many players around the league have said that Ndamukong Suh plays dirty after the whistle and tries to injure people. When you see plays like this one it’s tough to defend Suh, but according to the Niners Suh isn’t the only problem.

“I think it was key for our front offensive line to handle it tonight because they like to be cheap after the play and they think that makes them physical,” tackle Joe Staley said after the game, via MLive.com.

Vernon Davis had to sit out briefly at one point during the Niners win after being poked in the eye, and he says he’s not sure if the poke was intentional or an accident.

“I got poked in my eyes,” Davis said. “Since I got poked I had to sit down. I do not know if it was intentional by (Cliff) Avril. I am just not sure.”

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OL Joe Staley to 49ers Fans: Stop Doing the Wave While We’re on Offense

I absolutely despise when fans do the Wave at sporting events. Doing the wave is a sign of boredom. I can understand 120,000 people doing it at a NASCAR race, because the cars are going in a circle for five hours. Sometimes you need something to help pass the time. And at a baseball game when your team is ahead or losing by 15 runs? Alright, maybe. But the Wave should never make its way inside a football stadium, especially when your team is trying to run its offense.

With the 49ers leading the Rams by a comfortable margin and on their way to clinching a division title at Candlestick Park on Sunday, San Francisco fans felt the need to celebrate with the Wave. Alex Smith was sacked on a 3rd-and-nine play while it was going on, and according to SFGate.com, offensive lineman Joe Staley left the field screaming in anger. Here’s why.

“Thanks to the fans for being so supportive and great this year so far,” Staley tweeted after the game. “Keep it up. Just don’t start the wave anymore when we are on offense”

Niners fans are obviously overjoyed with the fact that their team is somehow 10-2 and headed for a first-round playoff bye, but when the stadium scoreboard reads, “Quiet please. Offense at work” that goes for doing the Wave as well.  Whether you’re up 50-0 or in a tight game, Alex Smith could use the extra reps to prepare for the postseason.  He’s not quite good enough that fans need to test him with distractions.