John Clayton takes classic picture with Slayer

A little over a year ago, ESPN aired one of the most hilarious “This is SportsCenter” commercials you will ever see. It featured NFL insider John Clayton wearing a Slayer shirt, eating Chinese food, rocking out to heavy metal and yelling to his mom. Need we say more?

Over the weekend, Clayton threw his Slayer shirt on once again and got a chance to meet the band. The end result was one of the most fantastic photos you will ever see, courtesy of Adam Schefter:


Game, set, match — Clayton.

ESPN kills it with hilarious John Clayton ponytail commercial (Video)

Say what you will about ESPN. They’re too mainstream. They steal people’s stuff without giving credit. They protect certain sports figures. Whether you agree with the complaints or not, you have probably heard them all. But don’t you dare try to say the most recent “This is SportsCenter” commercial that the World Wide Leader released isn’t solid gold.

Since he is almost always shown from a straight-on angle, very few people realize that John Clayton has a mullet/ponytail of sorts hanging from the back of his head. The man they call “The Professor” has a hairstyle that has been a running joke among the blogosphere for quite some time now, and ESPN finally decided to get in on the fun. Thank goodness for that. Anything less than a round of applause for John Clayton the headbanger would be a drastic injustice.

H/T The Big Lead

ESPN’s John Clayton Rides Zip Line in Indy, Cris Carter Chickens Out (Videos)

One of the attractions at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis this week has been the zip line. NFL.com reporter Jeff Darlington spent plenty of time this week goading ESPN reporter John Clayton and finally convinced “The Professor” to take a ride. That went down on Wednesday. Unfortunately Darlington’s video doesn’t contain any footage of Clayton going down the zip line, so we’ll take his word for it.

Now the video you won’t get to see is Cris Carter riding the zip line. Wanna know why? Because he chickened out. Observe:

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