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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Articles tagged: John Kruk

Chris Berman and John Kruk might not want to stand up 2 cancer (Video)

The first thing you’re taught when you get into broadcasting is to always be careful whenever a microphone is around. You just never know who many be listening or recording what you’re saying. Chris Berman and John Kruk apparently forgot that lesson. Berman and Kruk were victims of a “hot mic” Monday during ESPN’s broadcast…Read More

John Kruk not a fan of the 4-run home run

John Kruk wasn’t a big fan of the approach the Oakland A’s took at the plate against the Detroit Tigers in Game 4. In fact, he criticized them on “Baseball Tonight” for taking big hacks in key spots late in the game instead of just trying to deliver an RBI with the team down 5-4….Read More

John Kruk taken to hospital on stretcher prior to game

John Kruk was taken to a hospital on a stretcher prior to the Los Angeles Dodgers-Boston Red Sox game on Sunday. The ESPN analyst was preparing to broadcast the game on “Sunday Night Baseball.” “John left the booth feeling dizzy and was diagnosed with dehydration,” ESPN said in a statement. “His vital signs are stable…Read More

John Kruk reveals how Matt Moore is tipping his pitches

Rays pitcher Matt Moore is tipping his pitches, and that could explain why the Yankees hit him harder than any team had in two months. Former All-Star first baseman and current ESPN analyst John Kruk figured out Moore’s tell and revealed it on “Baseball Tonight” Wednesday. Moore’s tell is pretty simple: When he taps the…Read More

Jim Fregosi Wanted John Kruk to be Fat

I made the argument a few years ago that baseball players are meant to be fat. I wasn’t advocating for players to be out of shape so much as I was defending players who are good but fat; if it works for them, why change? Well I’m pleased to say that Jim Fregosi and I…Read More

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