Knicks fan got the same neck tattoo that JR Smith has


New York Knicks guard JR Smith has one of the most recognizable tattoos in sports. On the front of his neck and under his chin, Smith has the New York Yankees symbol, the words “Young Money,” and his nickname “Swish” written with a bunch of stars scattered around. While that description nearly describes the image you see above, that is not a photo of Smith’s tattoo.

Instead, the ink belongs to a Knicks fan named Michael Cooper. Cooper, who goes by @cooperstar3 on Twitter, tweeted at Smith’s brother last month asking him if he thought JR would be mad if he copied his tattoo. Cooper essentially got the same design, only he had “Cooper Star” written in place of “Young Money.” Here’s a photo of Smith’s tattoo for comparison:


Creepy? Just a little bit. One day we have a guy hoping Dirk Nowtizki impregnated his wife and the next we have someone copying an NBA player’s custom tattoo. The man worship has been really weird this holiday season.

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Photo via @cooperstar3

JR Smith, Mike Woodson reportedly have heated exchange

JR Smith KnicksThe New York Knicks have not been able to completely turn things around, and tempers are beginning to flare. Even on the rare occasions that the team wins, there is still controversy. Not surprisingly, JR Smith has reportedly been at the center of it.

According to Frank Isola of the NY Daily News, Smith and head coach Mike Woodson “exchanged heated words” following a win over the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday. Woodson was apparently unhappy with Smith’s shot selection and was also upset with something Smith said on the bench. Smith was 2-for-8 from the field during the game, including 1-for-5 from 3-point range.

After the game, Woodson reportedly confronted Smith about his attitude.

“Mike said that after all I’ve done for you I can’t have you talking back to me like that,” a source told Isola.

During practice on Thursday, Woodson reportedly showed game film of the win over Chicago to point out instances where Smith could have passed up bad shots. Smith seemingly responded by attempting just one shot in 27 minutes during Friday’s loss to the Boston Celtics, and he found himself on the bench for the fourth quarter.

“I was going into the game trying to make opportunities for my teammates to excel,” Smith told reporters after the game. “We need playmakers, more than just scorers. My job is to get my teammates the easiest buckets we can and we’re not getting those, so I take it upon myself to sacrifice my shot to get the other guys going. And it might not be the right way, it might be the right way, I don’t know.”

We all know JR Smith is not an easy player to coach. His style of play matches his personality — he can be reckless at times. Woodson has done a fairly decent job of handling the swingman over the past couple of seasons, but losing can change that in a hurry. Add it to the growing list of problems the 2013-2014 Knicks have had.

Mike Woodson on JR Smith: Eventually no team will want to deal with him

JR Smith KnicksMike Woodson once again had harsh words for J.R. Smith, who was fined $25,000 on Friday for his tweets directed at Brandon Jennings this week.

The beef started when Jennings tweeted to say how he couldn’t believe JR’s little brother Chris was on an NBA roster while two other worthy players weren’t. JR responded to Jennings in a few tweets. You can read it all here.

This wasn’t the first time Smith got in trouble with the league for his Twitter actions; last year he was fined for posting a photo of a girl’s huge butt on Twitter. Smith did, however, manage to avoid punishment for asking a girl if she was “trying to get the pipe.”

“I’m always in trouble with Twitter,” Smith said. “I don’t know what it is. I’m trying to shake it.”

That’s only a small taste of the problems Smith has faced. Woodson, who reportedly became fed up with Smith last season, met with Smith and told the player that eventually no team will want to deal with him if he keeps it up.

Here’s what Woodson told ESPN New York 98.7 FM’s “The Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco Show” that he said to Smith.

“You can’t keep putting yourself in that position. It’s going to come a time when you keep doing it (and) eventually no team is going to want to deal with you. You got to learn from it. Those are the things where I’m trying to get this young man to do.”

Good thing the Knicks didn’t just sign Smith to a 4-year contract extension over the summer. Oh wait.

JR Smith and Brandon Jennings get into Twitter beef over JR’s brother Chris

JR Smith KnicksChris Smith, the younger brother of New York Knicks swingman JR Smith, has become somewhat of a punchline around the NBA this season. Knicks head coach Mike Woodson essentially admitted earlier this year that JR’s presence on the team’s roster influenced their decision to keep Chris around. Chris has been inactive for the first seven games of the seaosn and is expected to spend the majority of the season in the D-League.

On Wednesday night, Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings sent out a tweet asking why his buddies can’t be in the NBA if Chris Smith is. He later deleted it.

“Wait wait wait JR smith brother is in the NBA but @PoohJeter & @BBROWNLAU isn’t,” Jennings wrote, via Pro Basketball Talk. “Call me hater but not Rollin!!!”

As you might expect, JR did not find the comment humorous. He initially sent out a tweet threatening to “call some of my (sic) street homies and put a smash on Detroit,” but later deleted the threat. Smith then sent the following tweet.

After the internet began buzzing about how Smith and Jennings were in a classic Twitter beef, Jennings denied that any war was going on. Smith agreed — kind of, but not really.

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JR Smith suspended five games for drug violation

JR Smith KnicksNew York Knicks sharpshooter JR Smith will have to wait even longer than expected to return to action next season after he is fully recovered from offseason knee surgery. On Friday, the NBA announced that Smith has been suspended five games for violating the terms of the collective bargaining agreement’s Anti-Drug program.

Smith is expected to miss the start of the regular season with his knee injury, but that won’t allow him to skate around the suspension. The NBA also noted that the five-game ban will begin from the time he is declared healthy enough to play.

Back in May, Rihanna — who Smith was once rumored to have been dating — accused Smith of screwing up in the playoffs because he was hungover from going out partying every night. Last year, he even admitted that there was a time where he spent too much time partying and wasn’t focused enough on basketball.

We can only speculate as to what it was that got Smith busted, but it probably isn’t hard to figure out. Just as it isn’t exactly a surprise to hear that he has been suspended.

Reggie Evans tweets ‘lol’ in response to JR Smith’s championship guarantee

Reggie-Evans-NetsThe New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets are both poised for a deep run in the Eastern Conference playoffs next season. The Knicks added Andrea Bargnani to a team that already advanced to the second round of the playoffs last year and the Nets have added a group of veterans to their core of young talent. However, JR Smith has made it clear that he does not believe Brooklyn will be in contention.

Over the weekend, Smith guaranteed that the Knicks will win a title in 2014, while giving the following explanation when asked why he signed with New York instead of the Nets in February 2012.

“The Nets weren’t good,” Smith told Marc Berman of the NY Post. “Now they’re still not good.”

Later that day, Nets forward Reggie Evans caught wind of Smith’s quote on Twitter and had a very simple response (via ESPNNewYork.com):

Assuming all goes to plan for both franchises, it can only get more entertaining from here. The Nets certainly have the experience to make a title run with Paul Piece, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry now in the mix, but you have to wonder if they are too old. And the Knicks, well, they’ve still been the Knicks since trading for Carmelo Anthony. Smith really has no right to talk, but that’s what makes all of this so fun.

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Fashion icon Mike Woodson told JR Smith to get rid of blond hair

JR Smith blond red hair

New York Knicks guard JR Smith was seen rocking a blond hairdo earlier this week, but the color change was short lived. Why is that you ask? According to ESPN New York’s Ian Begley, Knicks head coach Mike Woodson told Smith to go back to his original hair.

In an interview with Knicksnow.com, Smith explained that he decided to dye his hair blond after watching the movie “Meteor Man.” His brother, as well as teammate Iman Shumpert, dared him to dye his hair, and he went out and did it the next day. As part of the challenge, Shumpert dyed his flat top gray.

But Woodson, whose fashion choices have been ridiculed by Smith in the past, apparently told Smith to change it back. So Smith dyed his hair red (seen at the top) and then back to black.

Here’s what it looks like now that it’s back to normal:

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