J.R. Smith’s New Girlfriend Britanie Girard Has More Tattoos Than Him

Nuggets guard J.R. Smith is one of the most tattooed players in the NBA. We’ve shown you a picture of his neck tattoo and wondered if it meant he was a Yankees fan. For as many tattoos as he has, he’s got nothing on his teammate, the Birdman, who has the craziest neck tat in the League. But the strangest thing of all is that J.R. managed to find a girl who’s more ink-obsessed than he is.

Jocks and Stiletto Jill pointed out that J.R. is now dating Britanie Girard, a woman from LA who works at a tattoo and piercing shop in Queens, New York. She calls herself a “model, exotic body piercer, brand representative, and event hostess” on her facebook group. She has said in an interview that she has over 300 tattoos and her goal is to have a full body suit. Can you hang J.R.? Here are more pictures of Britanie Girard where you can see her fully tatted:

I knew J.R. had some gang-tendencies, but I didn’t realize he was this into ink. That’s crazy.

Pictures via Britanie’s twitter account

J.R. Smith Posterizes Gary Neal with Insane Dunk (Video)

Usually when I think J.R. Smith, I think of nothing but three pointers. J.R. can get hot from beyond the arc, but he also throws up a lot of crazy shots that just make you want to shake your head. After seeing the highlight of his dunk last night against the Spurs, maybe Smith can make a case that his NBA 2K11 rating should be higher.  Check out this video of J.R. Smith posterizing Gary Neal, as pointed out by SI Hot Clicks.

No way you can’t respect that.  Rather than throwing it up like most people do with under a second left in the quarter, J.R. realized he was on national television and decided to take flight.  The result was one of the best dunks of 2010.

J.R. Smith Unhappy with His NBA 2K11 Video Game Rating

NBA 2K11 is part of a popular video game series and its latest version for the upcoming season was just released. It might surprise you to find out that the actual players are just as interested in the video game as the fans and gamers are, but that’s the case. Particularly, players are really concerned with their ratings in the game. The ratings determine how good the player is in the game and it also is a reflection of what the programmers think of the players’ abilities. If you think this is a joke, I direct you to T.J. Houshmandzadeh and DeAngelo Hall, two NFL players who were upset with their ratings on the Madden NFL game and made their comments public.

Well, as I found out via the new basketball site HoopsJournal.com, Nuggets guard J.R. Smith was not happy with his rating when he heard about it Tuesday. He ranted on twitter:

man they got me ranked like 70 something wow guess who wont be playing 2k11

I could have got a better rating in madden!

No disrespect to anyone but I know they got people on there better then me that can’t guard my NIKE’S

It was brought to Smith’s attention that guys like Mike Miller and Jared Dudley had higher ratings than him. Smith’s a pretty good player, but maybe his streaky nature has him rated lower than he expected. As for a comparison amongst players, Smith is a much better shooter than Dudley, but I would give Jared the nod defensively. Miller is also a much better rebounder and probably as good of a shooter. Sorry J.R., you probably deserve better, but I’m not sure by how much.

Is J.R. Smith a Nick Swisher Fan?

Alright, I know J.R. Smith’s nickname is “J.R. Swish.”  I suppose it’s a little clever since he can rain three-pointers at times and it almost rhymes with his name.  We also know that he likes flashing gang signs after hitting threes and using gang writing to Tweet.  Aside from all that, does anyone see the irony when looking at the above picture of J.R. Smith’s new “Swish” neck tattoo?

Let’s just say if I were Nick Swisher, I’d be flattered.  The new ink is conveniently located directly above the Yankee symbol he already had over his Adam’s Apple.  Maybe he’s a fan of the Yankees’ “Swish?”  Doubtful, but it’s fun to pretend a grown, male athlete has a man crush on another grown, male athlete.  Maybe when J.R. makes his daily LBS visit he’ll decide to get it removed Kenyon Martin style.

Yes, J.R. Smith does have a new neck tattoo [ProBasketballTalk]

J.R. Smith Tweets Using Gang Writing Like He’s a Blood

jr-smith-gang-signsThe reason why this story caught my attention is because it’s a follow-up to something we covered during the playoffs. If you’ll remember correctly, we posted a video of J.R. Smith flashing the letter “B” after draining three-pointers against the Lakers in the playoffs. I thought J.R. Smith was flashing gang signs at the time but I didn’t jump to conclusions. Now, as the Denver Post points out (via the Orlando Sentinel), it appears as if J.R. Smith types in gang-writing:

Several recent posts by Smith on his page — twitter.com/jr_smith1 — are written in a way that is commonly associated with the Bloods street gang.
Words that would have a “C” in them are replaced with “K,” or if a word has both in them, the “C” is removed altogether.

On a post Sunday, Smith exclaimed “Vegas here I kome!” Last week he wrote that he “Kant wait to get bak in the swing of things.”

A post last week, upon his release from jail, caused an online debate among Denver Post readers about the topic. Smith, at the time, thanked his fans and wrote, “I just Kame home. . . . I kouldnt have done it with out yall.”

OK, the first time we saw it things were questionable. Now pairing the two items together and I think we’re looking at more than a coincidence. I’m not saying you have to kick the guy out of the league or suspend him, but you know this is the exact kind of article that will make David Stern crap his pants. It also seems like Twitter is getting athletes in trouble more than it’s actually helping them. How long before the leagues ban them all together? As for J.R., I’ve maintained for quite some time that he’s a flake. His actions (regardless of whether or not he’s a member) confirm that.

Video: J.R. Smith Flashing Gang Signs After Three Pointer?

J.R. Smith went off in Game 4 for the Nuggets draining 4 three-pointers including back-to-back threes that solidified the win with under two minutes to go. Already with a technical earlier in the game and one in Game 3 for taunting after making a three, Smith started acting out to celebrate his hot shooting streak. The result was the following video presented by Black Sports Online where it appears as if Smith may be flashing gang signs:

OK, so you’ve seen the video, now I leave it up to you: did he flash signs (perhaps a “b” for bloods) or the number three to indicate he just hit a three-pointer? After discussing it with a friend we both thought he was flashing something but several YouTube commenters disagree (maybe they’re just Nuggets homers). The reason why this is significant is because the League might actually want to take a look at the video and see if a fine is necessary. They docked Paul Pierce $25k last year for flashing “menacing” signs at Al Horford in the playoffs. Maybe this will be different because he was just celebrating, not acting out towards any particular individual.

For whatever it’s worth, even Smith acknowledges what a jackass he is:

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J.R. Smith’s Passenger Andre Bell Died

This is a horrible twist to the story of the car crash involving Nuggets guard J.R. Smith (pictured) over the weekend. As soon as I heard on Saturday that the passenger had to be airlifted to a hospital, I knew it wasn’t good. And just as I suspected, the news was fatal. 21-year-old Andre Bell died on Monday around 6pm ET from serious head injuries.

Physically, J.R. is said to be doing fine. I can’t imagine how he could be doing mentally, however. That has to be devastating. Most likely on par with what Dany Heatley of the Thrashers experienced, only difference being Heatley and Dan Snyder had been drinking. No word yet on Smith. But we do know that the death could result in more serious charges for Smith:

New Jersey State Police spokesman Sgt. Stephen Jones said Smith could face additional charges, but that would be determined after the state prosecutor gathered and analyzed all information in the case. Part of that information is from a toxicology test, which Jones said was done on Smith at the hospital this past weekend.

“If (Bell’s death) changes anything, it changes the way the prosecutor might look at it,” Jones said. “They are the ones we work with in terms of charges beyond any traffic charges.”

Man, how much does that suck? All the result we presume, of running a stop sign. And it changes your life forever. Another message and reminder to everyone out there to wear your seatbelt — it can change your life. And save it. Neither Smith nor Bell were wearing one, but the third passenger, Carroll Marshall, was buckled up and came away with just back pain. We may not be able to shake tragedies, but we certainly can learn from them. And I hope J.R. has.