Kentucky fan offers his wife in exchange for Final Four tickets on Craigslist

Whether authentic or not, there’s just something that’s naturally funny about a dude offering up his wife on Craigslist in exchange for sports tickets. And let’s face it, none of us would be shocked if a member of Big Blue Nation actually created that type of listing. Below is a Craigslist entry that SI Hot Clicks shared with us. Click twice to enlarge the screenshot or jump below for a transcription of the listing.

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Kentucky fans change ‘Duke Road’ sign to ‘UK Road’ (Picture)

Typically, the type of antics that you see in the photo above are reserved for Tobacco Road. Between the big North Carolina basketball schools like UNC, NC State, Duke, and Wake Forest, fans and students are always pulling pranks on one another. However, the NCAA tournament has a way of bringing out the best in all fans. Now that Duke has fallen at the hands of a No. 15 seed and Kentucky’s road to a national championship just got that much easier, some Wildcat fans decided to change a “Duke Road” sign to read “UK Road” in Lexington.

The act of vandalism certainly isn’t on the same level as poisoning a 130-year-old tree or anything like that, but all I can say is it’s a good thing GPS devices have become so common. If you’re in the Lexington area some time in the near future, be sure to have an iPhone handy. Navigating can be difficult around tourney time.

Thanks to Kentucky Sports Radio for the picture

Kentucky fan shaves Anthony Davis unibrow into his chest (Picture)

We already know Anthony Davis‘ mother is down with her son’s unibrow, so now we know what his male relatives should be doing. That chest hair unibrow may be nasty, but we give the fan an A+ for his creativity. Well done, sir.

Here’s what the real Anthony Davis unibrow looks like in case you haven’t seen it.

Chest bump to Kentucky Sports Radio via Deadspin

Sen. Ernie Harris, a Kentucky graduate, wants UPS ad featuring Grant Hill pulled

For the past week or so, UPS has been taking advantage of March Madness by running the clever advertisement that you see above. As part of their “Game Changers” campaign, UPS is featuring Grant Hill’s pass to Christian Laettner in the 1992 NCAA tournament. Highlights of that play typically focus on the miraculous shot by Laettner that eliminated Kentucky, but UPS is showcasing the pass.

“Everybody remembers the shot. But what about the pass? No pass, no shot,” the ad says. “You need a special player to get the ball exactly where it needs to be, exactly when it needs to be there.”

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John Calipari’s Face Carved into Corn Maze by Kentucky Fans (Picture)

A Lexington, Ky. family has carved John Calipari’s face into a 10 acre field of corn. The maze is part of the Giants Corn Maze at Kelley Farms, a Halloween attraction that’s open from late September-October. In addition to the Calipari maze, they also will have a basketball-themed word puzzle.

So why did they do it? Duh, they’re like totally hardcore Kentucky fans!

“We think a lot of Coach Calipari,” said farm owner John Kelley. “He’s almost like part of the family. Kelley. Calipari. I think we might be related, somewhere way back,” he laughs. “Really, we just want to let Coach Cal know how much he means to Kentucky and how much Kentucky appreciates having him lead our basketball team.”

Calipari saw the maze and wondered if his nose was really that big. I’m wondering if they’re going to regret creating the maze after Calipari inevitably gets popped for an NCAA violation and has to leave the school. Until that point, they can celebrate him in their Field of Dreams. And between this and the Tim Thomas field, what’s up with all the corn maze tributes lately?

Thanks to Eye on College Basketball for the story