T-Wolves Have Nothing to Show for Dealing Garnett

Don’t confuse this claim with one that would attempt to convince you that the Minnesota Timberwolves would be better off if they still had Kevin Garnett. What I would like to call to your attention is that after trading Al Jefferson to the Utah Jazz for two future first-round picks, the T-Wolves have now rid themselves of every piece they received from the Celtics in return for Kevin Garnett in 2007, excluding draft selections. After getting what looked like a ton in exchange for The Big Ticket at the time, this can’t be what Kevin McHale and the Minnesota front office envisioned.

When you deal the greatest player in your franchise’s history — one who, at the time, was still at the peak of his game — you intend to get something out of the players you dealt him for. If the T-Wolves had known that Sebastian Telfair, Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, and journeyman Theo Ratliff would all turn out to be duds and trade bait, they would have looked elsewhere to make a deal. Had they envisioned Al Jefferson becoming expendable at the age of 25, they wouldn’t have wasted their time even speaking to the Celtics’ brass. Obviously, Minnesota received something in the form of draft picks and other players when they dealt all of the former Celtics, but at this point it doesn’t appear they’ve gotten their hands on anything promising.

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Pau Gasol Comment on KG’s Changed Game Portrayed Poorly by Media

You didn’t really think that Lakers forward Pau Gasol would be dumb enough to rip Celtics forward Kevin Garnett unsolicited, did you? He’s much smarter than that, right? During one of the off days prior to Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Pau Gasol was asked how both he and Kevin Garnett have changed as players since they first played against each other. As Bob Ryan explained for The Boston Globe, Gasol’s comments were an honest and accurate assessment:

“And also on Kevin’s part he’s also lost some explosiveness. He’s more of a jump shooter now, you could say, comes off the lane. Before he had a really quick first step and was getting to the lane and was more aggressive then. Time passes and we all suffer it one way or the other, but he’s still a terrific player, a terrific competitor and he’s going to bring everything he’s got. You can count on that.”

Of course anytime you hear that comment from Pau, like in this piece by ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols, the question asked is left out so people don’t get to hear the entire exchange to judge for themselves. Then the quote gets brought to Garnett and pisses him off prior to Game 2, and people start throwing out cliches about “waking a sleeping giant” and “tugging on Superman’s cape.” Any wonder why players don’t like dealing with the media? Or maybe Gasol should be more guarded next time and feed us b.s. because we kill players who give us honesty.

Gasol wronged in Garnett comments [The Boston Globe]

Kevin Garnett Runs Into Stan Van Gundy

Looking at Magic coach Stan Van Gundy, you figure the guy probably had a background as a football player, specifically a lineman. I don’t know if Stan ever played football but I do know that he has enough size to body up Kevin Garnett — we actually have proof. In the third quarter of Orlando’s Game 3 debacle against the Celtics, Matt Barnes elbowed Kevin Garnett in what seemed to be an intentional foul. The result was this video of Kevin Garnett running into Stan Van Gundy who cushioned KG’s fall:

I don’t know if you caught it too, but it seemed to me like SVG tried to give KG a little forearm shiver. He slipped it in subtly so it’s hard to tell, but I think it was definitely there. The sad thing is that was the most uncomfortable the Magic were able to make the Celtics the entire game.

Kevin Garnett Elbows Quentin Richardson in Celtics/Heat Fight

The Boston Celtics were beating the Miami Heat in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference playoff series when a mini-skirmish broke out with about a minute left. Paul Pierce wound up down with a shoulder injury in front of the Miami Heat bench. Quentin Richardson came over to check Pierce out and may have said something to Kevin Garnett who was tending to Pierce. Obviously something didn’t sit well with Garnett because he let loose with an elbow on Richardson. Watch this video of the Celtics/Heat fight where Kevin Garnett elbowed Quentin Richardson:

Garnett wound up ejected from the game and now he must wait to hear what the NBA decides to do. There is precedent to fine and/or suspend Garnett for throwing the elbow. Last year in the playoffs, Dwight Howard was suspended a game for elbowing Samuel Dalembert but Kendrick Perkins avoided a suspension despite throwing an elbow himself. Both of those elbows were thrown in actual game conditions, not while time was out as it was in this case. I think that will contribute to the League looking at the play as more intentional than incidental.

Kevin Garnett Drops F-Bomb in Postgame News Conference

The Celtics lost to the Thunder at home Wednesday night 109-104. Thunder forward Kevin Durant shined in the game with 37 points thanks in large part to a 15-15 performance at the free throw line. Although they lost the game it’s not like the Celtics played poorly; they shot 60% from the field. With such a high number like that you have to wonder how they even lost the game. That’s exactly why Celtics forward Kevin Garnett was so pissed after the game. The free throw disparity between the squads was glaring — Oklahoma City got to the line 34 times while Boston made it there just 17 times. This difference led to Kevin Garnett dropping an f-bomb after the game. Here’s the video thanks to our friends at Reds Army (warning language NSFW):

I know Doc Rivers felt the same way as KG and essentially asked the media to blast the officiating so that he’d avoid a fine for criticizing the refs. Doc, love to help you out with this one but unfortunately I didn’t catch the game. Sorry.

KG drops an F-bomb on Comcast [Reds Army]

Kevin Garnett’s Trash Talk Claims Another Victim in Andray Blatche

Kevin Garnett’s a notorious trash-talker in the NBA and he has the game to back it up. It’s this mental edge that probably has helped him become such a ferocious rebounder and stellar defender throughout his career. Sometimes KG has used his edge to fire up teammates (or make them cry), while other times he has used it to get under the skin of opponents. On Sunday against the Wizards, The Big Ticket decided to get inside the head of Wizards youngster, Andray Blatche, who had been lighting up Boston’s front court most of the game:

Blatche was noticeably upset and appeared to hold back tears as he explained his encounter with Garnett, which nearly got heated when Garnett approached Blatche and tried to wrestle the ball away from him. Blatche appeared to throw an elbow as Garnett continued to taunt him. Blatche later flung Garnett into a cameraman and sent him to the foul line for two free throws. Garnett smiled as he was helped off the ground. Reserve forward James Singleton said Garnett used his “veteran senses” to needle Blatche and get under his skin.

Blatche has been killing it (24ppg, 10.6rpb last 10 games) ever since he started getting regular minutes after the Wizards disbanded their team. He and JaVale McGee were having their way with the Celtics and Garnett up until the end when they blew their 11-point lead with six minutes left in the game. Garnett was actually held field-goal less but he kept Blatche from scoring in the final six minutes as the Celtics pulled it out. The Wizards easily had that game in hand but gave it away. Blatche also learned the hard way that he can’t get sucked into veteran head games — it costs the Wizards this time.

Celtics run past Wizards at end, 86-83 [The Washington Post]
Garnett got way in Blatche’s head [Pro Basketball Talk]
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Now We Know Where Glen “Big Baby” Davis Gets His Nickname From

The Celtics were crushing the Blazers by 25 points on Friday night, so Doc Rivers decided to give his starters some rest and bring in the second line. That 25 point lead suddenly became just an 11 point lead with around six minutes left in the game, meaning the Celtics starters had to go back into the game. Kevin Garnett was none too pleased to have his replacements blow the lead and chewed them out for it. Glen “Big Baby” Davis is one of those second-teamers, and he didn’t take the tongue lashing too well. Check it out for yourself:

Man, I’ve seen athletes cry out of excitement when they’ve won, but I can’t remember the last time I saw one cry because he was verbally abused. I truly feel bad for Big Baby if he’s that sensitive. Who would’ve thought a beastly man standing 6’9″ and weighing nearly 300 pounds could have such thin skin? Video via You Been Blinded.

UPDATE: JS in the comments brings to our attention another crying incident — Manny Wright with the Dolphins thanks to Nick Saban.