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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Articles tagged: kissing incident

Handball player Ivan Stuffer goes nuts after opponent kisses him (Video)

Handball player Ivan Stuffer was fuming after his opponent, Pasquale Maione, kissed him during an Italian Serie A match between Brizen and Bolzano on Saturday. Stuffer reacted as calmly and orderly as one would expect immediately flipped out and pushed Maione to the floor. He began storming off the court, but decided to drop his…Read More

Chris Arreola Kisses Joey Abell (Video) Compassionate or Insulting?

Heavyweight Chris Arreola beat the crap out of Joey Abell on Friday Night Fights in Temecula Friday evening. The bout had to be stopped after Abell had taken too much punishment, only 2:18 into the first round. The Nightmare then consummated the beat down with an odd gesture; he decided to kiss Abell. Here’s the…Read More

Shaq Crawls into Stands, Hugs and Kisses Daniel Baldwin

Shaq must be quite comfortable with his sexuality because he has no problems doling out kisses to men. Last season he pulled a Rafer Alston and kissed Caron Butler during a game against the Wizards. This time he kissed someone during a game but it wasn’t a fellow player. It was actor Daniel Baldwin who…Read More

Rafer Alston Sure Likes Kissing Guys

The NBA point guard formerly known as Skip to My Lou may have to change the first word to match the name of a popular 70s rock band. For some reason, When Magic guard Rafer Alston wants to thank someone on the court, he doesn’t high five or chest bump. Oh no. Rafer (reefer?) has…Read More

Chad Johnson Seals Two Touchdown Day with Kiss to Marvin Lewis

Even though 2008 is a lost cause (and I knew it would be heading into the year), excuse me if I am slightly excited about the Bengals’ first win of the season. About effing time. Anyway, I won’t subject you to too much Bengalism, but I do insist that you watch the following video —…Read More

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