Lance Briggs: Nobody gets booed more at home than the Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears fans may be fed up with their team, but it sounds like the feeling is mutual. The Bears have tumbled this season since they started out looking like one of the best teams in the NFC. While they could still sneak into the postseason with a wild card berth, it’s looking less likely by the week.

Earlier this week, Brian Urlacher ripped Chicago fans for booing the team during their loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Fellow linebacker Lance Briggs said he understands the passion of Bears fans, but essentially agreed with what Urlacher had to say.

“I understand where he’s coming from,” Briggs said during his show on CSN Chicago. “I’ve been here a long time, too and I’ve (heard) a lot of boos. For a lot of the wrong reasons. Nobody, on any team I’ve seen, gets booed more at home than here in Chicago.

“That’s also a point to the passion of the Chicago fans. Everyone is passionate, but everyone in Chicago doesn’t know how to run a football team. Everyone doesn’t know how to play professional football. It’s our job to do that.”

While the Bears aren’t exactly the Jacksonville Jaguars, it has to be frustrating for fans to listen to their star players hype up games against division rivals only to fall flat on their faces. When you sign a contract to play in a place like Chicago, Boston or New York, you have to understand that the fans are going to love you when you’re winning and despise you when you’re losing. The fact that people like Urlacher and Briggs are acting surprised by that amid a stretch where they’ve lost five out of six games is getting pretty old.

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Lance Briggs: Players using Viagra would lead to a lot of ‘dangerous boners’

Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall added a hilarious dynamic to the discussion of Adderall use across the NFL on Wednesday when he told reporters it is not the only prescription drug he has heard of players abusing. According to Marshall, some players have used Viagra as a performance-enhancer on the field as well.

Marshall’s comments caused many of us to unwillingly picture what the gridiron would look like if players were hopped up on Viagra. Based on what we know about the little blue pill, I’m not sure how this would work. Neither is Marshall’s teammate, linebacker Lance Briggs.

My thoughts exactly. Even if there was some sort of benefit to popping a Viagra before a game, I would think the cons would outweigh the pros by a significant amount. But hey, you never know what the kids are doing these days.

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Lance Briggs on Tim Tebow: ‘We’re Going to Have to Stop that Crap’

The Chicago Bears know they are in trouble. With a record of 7-5, they are still very much in the thick of things for an NFC wild card spot. However, they are without Jay Cutler for possibly the rest of the season and Matt Forte for at least the next couple of weeks. Without their starting quarterback and a running back that accounts for nearly half of their offense, the Bears are going to need their defense to come up huge over the next few weeks. The first challenge will be stopping Tim Tebow and the Broncos, which Chicago doesn’t seem overly concerned about doing.

“No, I will be frickin’ pissed,” linebacker Lance Briggs said on Thursday when asked if he would be embarrassed to lose to Tebow. “(Tebow) is one heck of a football player and we’re going to have to stop that crap.

“Cam Newton’s a better athlete, faster.”

According to ESPNChicago.com, Briggs also said that stopping the option isn’t “rocket science.”  Brian Urlacher added that Tebow is “not Michael Vick.”

Seeing as how the Packers still remain on their schedule in Week 16, Chicago is in desperate need of a win.  With Caleb Hanie under center and the option offense on the other side, the Bears defense needs to turn Sunday’s game into a low-scoring affair.  Apparently they believe having success against the Broncos starts with giving Tebow about as much respect as Joe Theismann gave him on Wednesday.

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Lance Briggs: Bears Players and Management Not Seeing Eye-to-Eye

For a team that is 3-3 and coming off a 29-point win over a divisional opponent, the Bears do not seem all that happy.  Perhaps the fact that Brian Urlacher declared Chicago the team to beat in the NFC before the season started has taken its toll.  With the way the Packers and Lions have played thus far, the Bears will have their hands full trying to secure the second NFC wild card slot.  Whatever the reason may be, they seem on edge.

Offensively, Chicago is still shaky and Jay Cutler is obviously unhappy with some of the play calls that have been made.  As far as the defense is concerned, Urlacher believes the problem lies with trust issues among the players.  Fellow linebacker Lance Briggs thinks the problems stem from a divide between the players and management.

“In the past, things have just worked themselves out. I think there’s a big transition going on right now in Chicago,” Briggs told CSNChicago.com via Pro Football Talk on Tuesday. “The players and the management are not seeing eye-to-eye on a lot of different issues and a lot of different player’s situations. I don’t know where it’s going to go and how it’s going to pan out.”

There are a number of different “situations” Briggs could be referring to.  His contract situation, the recent Cutler-Martz issue and the Matt Forte contract situation are obvious ones.  Whatever the case, Chicago is a team that has won enough games to remain in the hunt but has enough unhappy superstars to fall out of it.  With a .500 record only six weeks in, it’s alarming that players are so quick to point out problems and seem so concerned with the distant future.  If the Bears don’t rediscover their winning mentality when facing tougher opponents than Minnesota, they could give themselves something more serious to complain about.

Lance Briggs Wearing 9/11 Tribute Gear Sunday, Fine from NFL or Not

Chicago linebacker Lance Briggs is in a defiant mood to start the season. Not only has he asked for a pay raise from the Bears, but he’s now subjecting himself to fines from the NFL.

Briggs plans to wear red, white, and blue gloves and cleats Sunday for his team’s season-opening game against the Falcons. The accessories are intended to pay tribute on the 10-year anniversary of 9-11. Briggs says Reebok advised him he could be fined for wearing that gear. The linebacker says he’s prepared to pay it.

Briggs also pointed out that fining players for paying tribute to 9/11 could be hypocritical given that the NFL allows players to wear pink gloves and cleats for Breast Cancer Awareness. Briggs is right on, and this is something for which the NFL should make an exception.

Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles likely will be wearing the duds, as will Matt Hasselbeck.

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UPDATE: The NFL won’t fine players for wearing 9/11 tribute gear

Lance Briggs: Women Should Not Be in Locker Rooms

There was much ado about Ines Sainz who caused a stir in the Jets locker room and at practice last week. I haven’t touched on things yet but I have a few thoughts on the matter. Both sides were wrong — Sainz for not being professional entering the locker room, and the Jets for not being more respectful. The Jets were more in the wrong, but both parties did not handle their roles properly.

The whole incident also had me wondering whether or not media members even belonged in the locker room. I always felt awkward being in there while guys were walking in and out of the shower — they should have some privacy. I have to figure it’s even more uncomfortable with women in there. Bears linebacker Lance Briggs agrees, as he told NBC Chicago in an interview via Pro Football Talk:

“I don’t think women should be in the locker room,” said Lance Briggs. “The locker room is the place where us guys, us football players, we dress, we shower, we’re naked, we’re walking around and we’re bombarded by media. A lot of times I’m asking the media to wait until I’m dressed.”

Allowing media members locker room access allows them to do their job better, so I wouldn’t want to wipe that out. Maybe the solution is to wait until players are decent before the media is allowed in. Or maybe if the players want privacy in the locker room, then they have to be accommodating outside of it to make up for it. Perhaps they should be taken to media rooms or in the hallway for interviews so that the media can do its job. I think there is a solution here that could help all parties because I don’t want anybody’s personal space to be invaded by something unwelcome.

Lance Briggs says women shouldn’t be in locker rooms [Pro Football Talk]
Women in the Locker Room? Naw, Baby. [NBC Chicago]

Lance Briggs Might Sign With Bears, Has Hell Frozen Over?

Yeah, this is the same guy who said he would never play for the Bears again, and that he would do everything in his power not to be with the organization another year. I mean seriously, I have never seen someone speak so adamantly about a topic before (except for maybe this). And then Tuesday, the report comes from the Chicago Tribune that Lance Briggs and the Bears are close to a deal, and that Briggs might report to training camp on Thursday.

Reached on his cell phone, Briggs said “no comment” when asked if he had agreed to sign the one-year contract tender worth a guaranteed $7.2 million and report on time Thursday to the start of training camp in Bourbonnais.

But earlier in the night a Bears teammate who had spoken with both Briggs and a league source said the linebacker had agreed to sign the deal and avoid a holdout the Bears had been dreading.

Among them were believed to be the possibility of paying Briggs a large portion of the $7.2 million up front, which would serve as a smaller signing bonus. The Bears also have offered to rescind the franchise tag on Briggs for 2008 if he agrees to end the impasse and begin what they believe can be a Super Bowl season.

Well, it’s almost like the Bears hold him hostage, because they could just franchise him again in ’08, so this part of the deal would make sense. But seriously Lance, you seemed so passionate, so persuasive. What happened? This is a disappointment for me, and probably a huge relief for Bears fans. Brian Urlacher may be the big name on the defense, but he’d be in big trouble without Briggs right next to him. Briggs is truly a star on defense.