Erin Andrews, Charissa Thompson and Larry David together at last


Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson watched the Los Angeles Kings cling to life on Thursday night with a 6-3 victory over the San Jose Sharks. Do I care that they got to watch an NHL playoff game for free because they work for a major sports network? No. Do I care that they got to hang out with Larry David? You better f—ing believe it.

Thompson posted the selfie you see above on Twitter along with another photo of her sitting in the front row next to our man LD.

The average 26-year-old male might be jealous that Larry David got to spend time with Erin and Charissa. If you know anything about me, you know that LD is my idol. I’d kill to watch one period of Kings-Sharks hockey with this dude:

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Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Jason Alexander filming at Tom’s Restaurant

Tom's Restaurant

Excuse me for a second while I try to contain my excitement, because I’m pretty stoked about this development.

Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander and Larry David were at Tom’s Restaurant in New York — the restaurant called Monk’s in “Seinfeld” — filming on Monday. Reports have said they were either filming a Super Bowl commercial or episode for Jerry’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” web show.

If they are filming for the Super Bowl, isn’t it a little late for that? I mean the Super Bowl is in less than three weeks.

I don’t know. There is a big part of me that secretly hopes Jerry and LD are working on a project that will blow everyone’s mind. Maybe a movie. Or even better — a TV show. Dammit I miss them. I need another “Clear History.” Or give me a season of Curb. For goodness sake, I just want a TV camera following Jerry and LD around for like five minutes showing me what they’re talking about. That’s all I ask for. Is that too much?

Larry David yawning is for some reason a hilarious GIF

Larry-David-yawnThose of you who are loyal LBS readers have probably picked up on the fact that LB and Del are two of the biggest fans Larry David has. We love “Seinfeld” and are borderline obsessed with his work in “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” If you’re not a huge LD fan, you might not get why the GIF of him yawning at the New York Knicks game on Monday night is so mesmerizing.

Cameras caught David at the perfect moment, with 2.5 seconds remaining in overtime and New York leading 98-96. Fortunately for Larry, the Knicks held onto the lead and the Suns were unable to force a second overtime. Our man LD clearly couldn’t have taken another five minutes of basketball. It looked like he was ready to call it a night. Either that or he had something stuck in his throat again.

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Larry David: I could be an NFL offensive coordinator or defensive coordinator

Larry-David“Seinfeld” creator Larry David is easily my favorite writer, comedian and actor in Hollywood. His work with shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is pure genius, but I had no idea he had such an extensive knowledge of the sport of football.

During a recent appearance on “The Rich Eisen Podcast,” David said that any NFL teams who are looking to turn their struggles around should consider giving him a call.

“If they gave me a chance, I could turn the fortunes of an NFL team around,” David said. “There’s no doubt in my mind. I write stories, so why couldn’t I draw up a play? What’s harder? I think a lot of writers could be offensive coordinators. I know I could do it.”

For starters, he said he wouldn’t do things like take a knee at the end of regulation to force overtime when there is still time on the clock. In particular, he thought the Denver Broncos were idiotic for doing so against the Baltimore Ravens last season.

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