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Monday, March 2, 2015

Articles tagged: LeBron James

Rockets crown James Harden ‘King James’

James Harden out-dueled LeBron James down the stretch on Sunday as the Houston Rockets defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in an exciting overtime thriller. LeBron finished with a game-high 37 points, but his poor free throw shooting was the biggest storyline. After the game, the Rockets felt that Harden — who scored 33 points and added…Read More

James Harden kicks LeBron James in the nuts (Video)

James Harden went below the belt on LeBron James in the third quarter of Sunday’s Cavs-Rockets game and ended up being called for a flagrant foul as a result. LeBron and James Jones successfully trapped Harden on a possession, leading LeBron and Harden to go to the ground in a fight for the ball. Frustrated,…Read More

LeBron James’ 10-year-old son already has scholarship offers

Earlier this week, a highlight video of LeBron James’ 10-year-old son went viral. LeBron Jr., aka Bronny, has some pretty serious game for a kid who is still in fourth grade. Is that old enough to be thinking about college? The simple answer is no. There’s nothing wrong with having a bright future, but 10-year-old…Read More

LeBron James cries watching sad ‘Fresh Prince’ episode

LeBron James thought he would be spending his off day chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, watching Fresh Prince and Carlton act like fools. Instead, he stumbled upon the one “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” episode that touches all of our heartstrings. It’s the episode when we knew a young rapper from West Philadelphia had what it…Read More

LeBron James criticizes media for blowing up his Kevin Love tweet

LeBron James created quite the stir over the weekend when he subtweeted Kevin Love with a comment about fitting in with your surroundings. LeBron basically admitted after Sunday’s game that he was taking a swipe at his teammate, but he still thinks we are all overreacting to the tweet. Less than 24 hours after he…Read More

LeBron James admits tweet was about Kevin Love

After the Cleveland Cavaliers blew out the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday night, LeBron James admitted that a tweet he sent the previous day was directed toward Kevin Love. The tweet LeBron sent, which you can see here, used the exact same “fit in” and “fit out” language that Love used back in October while…Read More

Did LeBron James subtweet Kevin Love with ‘fit in’ comment?

LeBron James sent a curious tweet on Saturday night that many people think was directed at Kevin Love. James did what is called a “subtweet” (short for subliminal tweet), which is where you send a tweet that seems to be about a specific person without actually naming the person. This is almost like talking behind…Read More

LeBron James: Kevin Love is passing up shots, might lack confidence

The Cleveland Cavaliers have finally come alive with 11 consecutive victories, but Kevin Love is still struggling offensively. Love is shooting just 42 percent from the floor, which is the worst mark of his career aside from two seasons ago when he appeared in just 18 games. He is hitting just 33 percent of his…Read More

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