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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Articles tagged: LeBron James

LeBron James: Bulls are much better than Cavs now

Is LeBron James trying to lower expectations for his team entering the new season? Prior to a preseason game on Monday between his Cleveland Cavaliers and the Chicago Bulls, James said the Bulls were better than the Cavs at the moment. “[The Bulls] are a team that’s much better than us right now just off…Read More

LeBron James says criticism of pick on teammate is ‘stupid’

LeBron James brought us our first viral video of the NBA season on Saturday when he seemingly set a screen on one of his own teammates during his first preseason game with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Ironically enough, the Cavs were playing the Miami Heat. This led to a bunch of jokes about LeBron forgetting what…Read More

LeBron James sets pick on teammate Matt Dellavedova (Video)

It may take LeBron James a few games to get used to not playing for the Miami Heat anymore. In LeBron’s first preseason game back with the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday (which was, of course, against the Heat), he set a textbook screen on one of his own teammates. The play happened in the first…Read More

LeBron James hair has gone missing again

Whatever is going on with LeBron James’ hair is incredibly bizarre. Earlier this month, speculation resurfaced that LeBron had gotten hair plugs. Photos that were taken at a Nike event where James was unveiling his new shoes showed him with a hairline that was fully intact. Yet suddenly, the receding hairline is back. A series…Read More

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