Michael Jordan ‘cool with’ LeBron James switching back to No. 23

LeBron James Cavs 23

LeBron James announced on Sunday that he has decided to wear No. 23 again in his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers. While it makes sense that LeBron would want to go back to his original number for the homecoming, the reason he cited for switching to No. 6 four years ago has kind of made him look bad for going back.

If you remember, LeBron said in this interview that he was no longer going to wear 23 out of respect for Michael Jordan. James said MJ has done so much for the game of basketball that no one should wear 23 again. Apparently he changed his mind, though Jordan says he is fine with it.

“I’m cool with it,” Jordan told ESPN’s Chris Broussard in a text message Monday. “I don’t own a number.”

Jordan probably didn’t have an issue with LeBron wearing No. 23 to begin with, so his reaction is not a surprise. The real surprise is that LeBron didn’t stick with No. 6 or choose a different number just because of what he said about Jordan. While the fans who didn’t burn their old Cavs jerseys are grateful, it makes what James said four years ago sound really lame now.

LeBron James chooses to wear jersey number 23 with Cavaliers

LeBron James Cavs 23

LeBron James indicated over Instagram recently that he was considering switching jersey numbers from six back to 23 after signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

On Sunday, the 4-time league MVP announced on Instagram that he decided to go with No. 23:

“23 it is! It’s only right I go back. 2·3=6 We still family 6. #HomeTeam #StriveForGreatness”

James wore jersey No. 23 during his entire first stint with the Cavs from 2004-2010, but he decided to switch out of respect to Michael Jordan. Remember when he said this?

I’m somewhat surprised LeBron chose to go back to 23. You figure he’d want to have a unique number rather than a ripoff of MJ, but since his whole theme this month has been about a homecoming, it makes sense that he went back to his original number. He also did a big favor to all the fans who didn’t burn his jersey after he left; now they get to break them out again.

LeBron James gives neighbors cupcakes for putting up with media frenzy

LeBron James cupcakes

Just four years ago, LeBron James was being crucified for holding “The Decision,” a 1-hour televised show where he announced he would be leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. Many considered the show to be a massive PR blunder, and James later admitted it was a mistake.

Four years later, LeBron is showing that he has become a master of public relations.

Not only did LeBron announce his decision to return home to Cleveland in a heartfelt essay published by Sports Illustrated, but he also gave cupcakes to his neighbors to apologize for the media frenzy in the neighborhood due to speculation over his announcement.

LeBron James cupcakes note

“Dear Friend. We know things have been hectic in our neighborhood these past few weeks and we are sorry for the chaos. We are so thankful to live in this wonderful community and we are so blessed to have understanding neighbors like you.”

The names of the cupcakes had a basketball theme, too: one was a “Just A Kid From Akron Cherry Cola” cupcake, and the other was “Homecourt Chocolate Chunk.”

Remember we told you all about that “just a kid from Akron” branding LeBron was doing? None of it is an accident. His new PR people are incredible.

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LeBron James reached out to Kevin Love about playing together

LeBron James Kevin LoveIf there were any doubt about who’s running the Cleveland Cavaliers, it’s been cleared up.

The same day a report emerged saying the Cavaliers were willing to include Andrew Wiggins in a trade for Kevin Love, we also learned that LeBron reached out to the Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star.

Yahoo! Sports reports that James reached out to Love to express a desire to play together on the Cavs.

Love is entering the final season of his contract and has told the T-Wolves he will not re-sign with them. He has tried to pressure the team into trading him, but Minnesota is holding out for the best possible offer.

Yahoo! also says the Cavs are now willing to include Wiggins in a trade for Love, but they say Cleveland would need an additional team to be involved in the deal.

So far James has gotten James Jones and Mike Miller to sign with the Cavs, and he’s working on bringing Ray Allen to Cleveland, too. If he’s able to get Love on the squad, the Cavs will definitely be a championship-quality team. As a great rebounder, passer and outside shooter, Love is a perfect complement to James.

Trading Wiggins would not be easy. I think he’s going to be an awesome player. But Love can help bring the Cavs a championship in the next couple of seasons, and that’s what the Cavs are going for.

Erik Spoelstra: LeBron ‘at peace’ with decision to leave Heat

LeBron-James-Erik-Spoelstra-MVPOne of the reasons LeBron James said he wanted to announce his decision to return to Cleveland with a Sports Illustrated essay was to avoid the media speculating that he and Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra did not get along. LeBron said that is “absolutely not true,” and Spoelstra echoed those sentiments on Tuesday.

While speaking to reporters after a Heat summer league game, Spoelstra had nothing but positive things to say about LeBron and his choice.

“He seemed at peace with the decision,” he said, via ESPN.com. “We don’t have any regrets. He shouldn’t have any regrets. It was a historic four-year run.”

As for the future of the Heat, Spoelstra said that part of his job is to expect change and be able to adapt.

“This league does teach you that it’s inevitable that there’s constant change, and you always have to continue to embrace change, adapt with change,” Spoelstra added. “This is a big, monumental change that we didn’t necessarily anticipate, but you have to respect it because when you’re a free agent in this league, you have the right to make a decision that’s best for you and your family. When he made that decision that was best for his family, where his heart is, all you can do from our side is respond with respect and love.”

There was talk about LeBron not wanting to play for Spoelstra from day one, and the two went on to win two championships and appear in four straight NBA Finals together. Overall, I’d say their four-year relationship was a success.

LeBron James Dumb and Dumber mashup is fantastic (Video)

You know what has been the best thing about LeBron James returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers? The hilarious memes and mashups the internet has pumped out. The “Dumb and Dumber” scooter scene is no exception.

If you have seen “Dumb and Dumber” — and if you haven’t I don’t know what’s wrong with you — this mashup really needs no explanation. It’s one of the best comedy movie scenes of all time and fits perfectly for LeBron’s decision. Absolute A+ work.

Which did you think was better — the “Dumb and Dumber” mashup or LeBron hitting Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade with a chair WWE style?


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Shabazz Napier on unfollowing LeBron: ‘I don’t know how to work Twitter’

Shabazz NapierShabazz Napier recently unfollowed LeBron James on Twitter. LeBron, who was Napier’s biggest fan while the former UConn star was leading the Huskies to a championship, was the first person Shabazz followed when he joined Twitter last month. We find it pretty funny that Napier no longer follows King James now that he has returned to Cleveland, but Napier insists he didn’t unfollow LeBron himself.

“The whole thing about that is I don’t know how to work Twitter yet and I’m not on my Twitter, so I don’t know where that came from,” Napier said after a Summer League game this week, via ESPN.com. I don’t pay attention to it. It gets brought to me by family members, but I don’t pay any attention to it. I just think it’s how it is. Media wants something to bite on.”

In Napier’s defense, he is new to Twitter. He has only sent five tweets, with his first one coming less than a month ago. And he even admitted in that first tweet that Twitter would take him some time to get used to.

It is very possible that Napier has someone run his account for him and that person chose to unfollow LeBron and delete a previous tweet Shabazz sent to him. That doesn’t mean the whole situation isn’t entertaining.