Jets’ season fittingly ends on embarrassing fumble

mark-sanchez-fumbleThe New York Jets’ playoff hopes ended in the most fitting way possible. Immediately after a shanked punt gave New York a great chance to come back and beat the Titans on “Monday Night Football,” the Jets turned the ball over on an embarrassing fumble.

The Jets were down 14-10 and had the ball at the Tennesse 25 with 47 seconds left in the game. Quarterback Mark Sanchez was in the shotgun, and he was unable to field a low snap from center Nick Mangold. As Sanchez tried to recover the snap, running back Bilal Powell cut in front of him to try to help block. Unfortunately, Powell kicked the ball as he was moving across the field and the Titans recovered the loose ball.

“That’s the way this game should end!” announcer Mike Tirico pronounced. “That’s the way the Jets’ season should end! Ugly, and a loss!”

Tirico could not have said it better. The Jets were 6-7 entering the game and had no business making the playoffs. They proved that with an inept performance on Monday.

Sanchez went 13-for-28 with 131 yards, one touchdown, and four interceptions. Prior to the fumble that ended the Jets’ season, he had thrown interceptions on back-to-back possessions. But the thing is the Titans were doing everything possible to give away the game. Tennessee went three-and-out on its drive, and then kicked a 19-yard punt that gave the Jets incredible field position. But like they had all season, the Jets blew it with an embarrassing play.

In a season that featured 21 points allowed to the Patriots in 52 seconds, Bart Scott freaking out at the media, players anonymously ripping Tim Tebow, Fireman Ed quitting as a superfan, Braylon Edwards calling management idiots (and then getting signed by said management a week later), and a freaking butt fumble, seeing the Jets lose in such a clumsy way was about as fitting as possible.

The New York Post nailed it when they put the Jets in a clown car before the season began. This team is a joke.

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Rex Ryan names Mark Sanchez starting quarterback against the Jaguars

The New York Jets announced on Wednesday that Mark Sanchez will once again be the team’s starting quarterback against the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend. Rex Ryan’s decision to bench Sanchez after a three-interception performance in the first half against the Arizona Cardinals last weekend led to speculation that the Jets could move forward with Greg McElroy the rest of the way. Apparently Ryan and company do not feel McElroy gives them a better chance to win.

Ryan’s decision to not commit to a starting quarterback earlier this week marked the first time he has shown a lack of confidence in Sanchez when speaking to reporters. As Manish Mehta of the NY Daily News pointed out, Rex has a vested interest in Sanchez since the team traded up to draft him in 2009. However, the decisions the Jets coach makes over the next several weeks could determine whether he returns to New York next season.

On Tuesday, the NY Daily News reported that Jets owner Woody Johnson preferred McElroy to start against Jacksonville but that GM Mike Tannenbaum and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano were leaning toward Sanchez. At this point, it’s safe to say Ryan’s decision to start Sanchez is hardly a PR move. The Jets need to win out to have any shot at making the playoffs. If they don’t reach the postseason, Rex could very well lose his job. By naming Sanchez the starter, it’s clear he believes the former USC Trojan gives New York a better chance to win than McElroy would.

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Braylon Edwards: Don’t blame Mark Sanchez, blame ‘idiots calling the shots’

Playing wide receiver for the New York Jets has not been a glamorous job for quite some time. Braylon Edwards knows that as well as anyone. Following some of his most productive years as a pro with the Cleveland Browns, Edwards was traded to the Jets in 2009. He caught only 88 balls in a little less than two seasons with New York, but the former Pro Bowler had no problem with playing alongside Mark Sanchez.

The Jets coaches, however, are apparently a different story. Edwards tweeted the following on Monday:

Obviously Edwards meant “prove,” not “probe.” We all know how a certain Jets receiver felt about former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, but Schottenheimer has since moved on. You can blame it on Sanchez, the Jets receivers or incompetency from the coaching staff, but the team’s offense is no better without Schottenheimer than it was with him.

Blaming Sanchez for everything that has happened to the Jets this season would be unreasonable. Braylon has a point when he says a lot of their issues have been with play-calling and preparation, but I don’t think I would call Sanchez a “beast” based on anything we have seen from his NFL career. At this point there’s no reason to believe he’s even a capable NFL starter.

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Jets fan wears classic customized ‘Buttfumble’ jersey (Picture)

The New York Jets may still technically be in the playoff hunt, but that doesn’t mean their fans are happy with what they have seen. Some fans are calling it quits like Fireman Ed while others are taking this opportunity to bash their own team. The Jets could shock the world and run the table, but they will never stop hearing about their performance against the New England Patriots a little over a week ago. More specifically, the infamous “butt fumble” will live on forever.

As you can see from the photo above that Oakland A’s pitcher Brett Anderson shared on Twitter, one clever Jets fan has fully embraced that the butt fumble is now part of his team’s culture. A certain offensive lineman may want to forget about the play and pretend it never happened, but people like this gentleman are here to make sure that doesn’t happen. God bless Jets Nation.

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Mark Sanchez benched for Greg McElroy

Mark Sanchez played so poorly on Sunday against the Arizona Cardinals that the New York Jets decided to finally replace him at quarterback. They didn’t send in Tim Tebow to take his spot, but second-year quarterback Greg McElroy.

McElroy was a seventh-round pick by the team last year from Alabama where he won a national championship. He was activated on gameday Sunday for the first time in his NFL career and served as Sanchez’s backup with Tebow inactive to rest his fractured ribs.

McElroy entered the game with just under five minutes left in third quarter to a standing ovation from the fans. He handed the ball off for a big gain on his first NFL play, and completed his first career pass on a third-and-six to give the Jets a first down. A few plays later, he threw his first career touchdown pass, which gave the Jets the lead.

Sanchez was 10/21 for 97 yards and three interceptions at the time of his benching. The Jets were only trailing 3-0.

Many people were quick to note that head coach Rex Ryan finally decided to bench Sanchez on the week Tebow was inactive.

Prior to Sunday, the only time McElroy had really made headlines with the Jets was when he blasted the team for its selfish behavior.

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Mark Sanchez on 4-7 Jets: We love our playoff chances

The New York Jets all but eliminated themselves from the playoff picture with their most embarrassing loss of the season to the New England Patriots last Thursday. Currently sitting at 4-7, New York would have to win out and get some help in order to sneak in and grab one of the AFC’s wild card spots. Mark Sanchez sees no reason that can’t happen.

“We feel great. We love our chances,” Sanchez said this week according to the NY Post. “We’ve got a special group. We’ll keep fighting and trying to win some games here.”

For what it’s worth, the Jets have a very weak remaining schedule. They finish the season against the Cardinals, Jaguars, Titans, Chargers and Bills — four teams that are 4-7 and one that is 2-9. Running the table against such weak competition would not be unheard of, but the Jets are a weak team themselves. If the tables were turned, we’d be talking about how New York is a weak opponent remaining on some other team’s schedule.

“We will do our best,” Sanchez continued. “We’re just taking it one game at a time.”

The bottom line is it’s not impossible, so as the team’s starting quarterback Sanchez has no choice but to remain confident (or at least pretend to be). The positive news for New York fans? As offensive lineman Brandon Moore would tell you when talking about the infamous butt fumble, there’s no way it can get any worse than it was last week.

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Jets guard Brandon Moore upset about being part of Mark Sanchez butt fumble

New York Jets offensive guard Brandon Moore is a victim of circumstance. He happened to be in the right place at the wrong time last Thursday, and as a result he has become a part of what is sure to be the No. 1 blooper on the Jets’ loaded lowlight reel at the conclusion of the 2012 season.

During New York’s loss to the New England Patriots, Moore was a part of one of the most embarrassing plays of Mark Sanchez’s career. You know, the one where he slid directly into the rear end of one of his lineman, fumbled and gave the Patriots six points. That lineman was Moore, and he is not pleased about having been a part of it.

“I really don’t know what to say about it,” Moore said on Monday according to ESPNNewYork.com. “It’s the weirdest play I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of plays over my time in football. I’ve seen (the play) enough.The littlest things nowadays turn into Internet sensations.”

When asked if it bothers him that the play has been shown so many times, Moore gave a straight-forward response.

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