Suns Gorilla mascot got a bloody nose after being punched by Heat fan

The Phoenix Suns Gorilla ended up with a bloody nose after taking a punch to the face because of some playful antics gone wrong.

The Gorilla was at a Dave & Buster’s in Tempe, Arizona on Tuesday night for an event and tried high-fiving a fan. The fan didn’t participate because he’s a Heat fan, and the mascot responded with a playful kick. The Heat fan had a completely normal reaction: He punched the mascot in the face.

The Gorilla, played by someone different from the game-day mascot, ended up with a bloody nose. A police report was filed, though both parties agreed not to press charges.

Between the Suns Gorilla and the Cavaliers’ Moondog, we’re seeing way too many mascots on the DL these days. That’s why the mascots usually plan out their skits to ensure they’re dealing with someone who won’t deck them.

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David West accidentally put Cavs mascot ‘Moondog’ in hospital with a punch (Video)

Pacers forward David West accidentally put Cleveland Cavaliers mascot “Moondog” in the hospital with a playful pregame punch Wednesday night.

“He jumped at me, and I thought we were playing around. Next thing I know he went down,” West said after the game. “It was definitely an accident.”

“I felt terrible about that. I really do,” West said. “We were just having fun before the game, just messing around. I really hope he’s OK. Make sure he knows I’m sorry.”

The mascot suffered an eye injury but was later released from the hospital. As the Cavaliers said, there’s no word on Moondog’s status for Sunday’s home game against the Magic.

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Lightning Fans Campaigning to Save Mascot Thunderbug’s Job

I hate to say I told ya so, but I did.  People were blasting this Bruins fan last week for flipping out on the Tampa Bay Lightning Mascot, Thunderbug, after Thunderbug sprayed him directly in the face with silly string.  After the fan became enraged and tackled the mascot, Lightning security removed him from his seat and had a chat with him.  We’re not sure exactly what was said during the discussion, but we do know the person who plays Thunderbug at the games has since been fired.

According to WTSP in Tampa, a Lightning spokesman said the altercation with a Bruins fan played a role in the decision to let the person go but was not the only factor.  Was he late for work a few times or something?  I can’t imagine the mascot would be looking for a job right now if he had kept that can of silly string by his side.

As Off the Bench pointed out, Lightning fans have started a Facebook page in an attempt t0 save Thunderbug’s job.  Does anyone really care that much? The group was started on Monday and has racked up 253 likes, which is not that impressive considering the creator is trying to rally an entire fan base.  Maybe the page has yet to catch on.  Unfortunately for Lightning fans, this generation does not tolerate bullying and/or people being meanies.

Pacers Mascot Boomer Breaks Backboard on Dunk at New Palestine High (Video)

Pacers mascot Boomer took a break from entertaining NBA crowds to put on a show at the New Palestine vs. Triton Central high school basketball game in Indiana Friday night. I have no idea if Boomer was planning to shatter the backboard, but that’s what happened. The good news is at least Boomer didn’t injure himself like the Milwaukee Bucks mascot.

Bruins Fan Starts Fight with Lightning Mascot After Silly String Incident (Video)

All Boston bias aside, I can see both sides of the argument here. Yes, the fan overreacted. I have no idea what type of smack talk was going on between this Bruins fan and the Lightning’s mascot, Thunderbug, before the exchange. That being said, trash talk is part of the experience of being at a game. Getting silly string sprayed in your face is not.

Can you really throw someone out of the game for this? What do you say to that person? “Hey man, listen — I know you weren’t expecting it and mascots don’t usually spray silly string in fans’ faces, but that’s just the way it goes around here. You were supposed to just sit there and take it and do nothing, but now that you decided to tackle Thunderbug we have to throw you out. Sorry.” When mascots get run over by a player or take a foul ball to the neck, it’s usually undeserving and they don’t see it coming. Thunderbug’s biggest mistake was turning his back after he assaulted the guy.

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Orange Bowl Mascot Gets Run Over, Pretends to Puke in Trash Can (Video)

If you thought Clemson had it rough last night you should see what the Orange Bowl mascot had to go through. While West Virginia was piling up the points on their way to a 70-33 victory over the Tigers, the Orange Bowl mascot was taking a beating. On one particular play, a Mountaineer ran the poor guy over and practically slammed him into the stands. You think it doesn’t hurt just because he’s a big fat orange? Guess again. He ended up puking in the trash can after the collision. I don’t know if he was concussed or what, but it was pretty intense. Check out this brutal video:

And you thought the Auburn Eagle and the Phillie Fanatic got it bad those times? Here’s hoping the Orange has a full and speedy recovery.

Auburn’s Eagle Spirit Flies into Luxury Box Window Before Game (Video)

Apparently Auburn’s eagle “Spirit” had a few too many pops before the game, because the drunken baldy collided with a luxury box window during his pregame flight. Video:

Perhaps a metaphor for Auburn’s season through two games? They’re not earning style points, but they’re doing just enough to get the job done. Either way, it’s a nice addition to our “fail” category here at LBS.

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Video Credit: YouTube user 187MainStreet