Matt Barnes Wants to Put a Used Diaper in Lamar Odom’s Mouth

Although Lamar Kardashian should have felt embarrassment for getting stuffed by the rim on a dunk attempt and watching his team lose to the Magic on Sunday, Lamar’s been doing a lot of talking. After the game, Odom mocked Matt Barnes’ defensive efforts, comparing Barnes to pro wrestler Ric Flair. Odom added onto that comment after the Lakers’ win Tuesday night, saying “That [expletive] that Matt Barnes pulled, that ain’t never going to happen again.” Barnes must have been alerted to that comment because he wrote the following response on his twitter (minor bad language):

Morning yall up early w/ the babies watchn Dora. Seems Lamar can’t keep my name out his mouth maby I need 2 put my sons shitty diaper n it

That tweet was definitely Vince McMahon approved. As much as the hype has built up over the Lakers and Cavs meeting in the finals, count me as someone who would love to see a Lakers/Magic rematch. Is there anything better than teams that dislike each other and players that seem to hate each other? That’s what I’m looking for!

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Lamar Odom: Matt Barnes Is Ric Flair

Kobe Bryant and Matt Barnes were all over each other the entire second half in Orlando Sunday. Barnes isn’t the first player to try and make a name for himself by attempting to psyche out Kobe, but he definitely was the latest. The two constantly elbowed, jostled, and talked trash to each other, to the point that they got a double technical. Although Matt Barnes and the Magic scored a victory on the scoreboard (96-94), it was the Lakers and Kobe who got the minor wins.

Lamar Odom got off this great line on Barnes: “(Barnes) got the crowd into it. Ric Flair does the same thing. He had all the wrestling regalia today. All he needed was a cape and some tights.” Odom was just bitter from getting hung at the rim on a missed dunk and the Lakers loss, but that was still pretty funny. The other small victory for the Lakers was Kobe’s ice cold reaction to Matt Barnes who faked throwing the ball in Kobe’s face on an inbounds pass. Here’s a video compilation of their skirmishes with the Kobe fake pass flinching part at 2:15. It’s priceless:

By the way, Pau Gasol is right on when he says the Lakers need to spread the ball around more and work it inside more frequently. Gasol is a multi-talented player who can pass out of the post as well as score. Not only should he get more opportunities at the expense of Kobe’s 30 shots, but also at Derek Fisher’s 13 shots and Ron Artest’s 3-19 performance the past two games.

Video: Rockets/Suns Fight, Matt Barnes and Rafer Alston Ejected

Whatever the Suns couldn’t accomplish on the court Wednesday night, they tried to make up for with non-sporting tactics. Being a UCLA guy, I’m familiar with Matt Barnes‘ background as a tight end on his high school football team. Seems like he was rekindling his football days when he laid into Rafer Alston of the Rockets who was trying to put a screen on him. Yao Ming came over to play peace-maker, Steve Nash tried to get in the middle, Tracy McGrady threw a shove in there, and pretty much once Shaq got into the picture all was quiet on the western front. Here’s a video that shows every aspect of the fight from start to finish:

Alright, so let’s break down all elements of this brawl. Matt Barnes was the dirty one with an uncool check on Alston to start everything. Nash comes skating in to get involved and gets tossed like a parking ticket by T-Mac. Then Shaq comes in the middle, pushes T-Mac who falls over with ease, and then he pushes Yao who tumbles over T-Mac in a 3 Stooges-like comedy bit. And that pretty much ended everything. With the teams fighting for playoff spots in the West, it’s not going to be easy for either of these squads to get by without their top players for a handful of games, which is where it looks like we’re heading. And the biggest kicker of all? Ron Artest wasn’t anywhere near the fight! Amazing.